Just one wick of incense kung fu, Li Shan bodhi old zu Xu Mo, returned to Li Shan bodhi old zu with a small Tianshi medicine basket behind Xu Mo, followed by a small Taoist, Little Sword Fairy. The four people were obviously injured and had a fierce battle.

June 19, 2024

"Brother Lu-"The little monk wanted to have a mouth but was interrupted by Lu Li.
Lu Li interrupted the little Taoist’s words and said directly, "If I guess it’s true that you met an evil spirit who returned to this ancient path in Yangzhou and the other side took a sneak attack, two of the four of you were seriously injured and fought back, but the number of the enemy and the enemy was not enough, and you were finally trapped in a dangerous place. How much do I say?"
Four small smell speech surprised small sword fairy replied, "Brother Liu is really a man of god. We met what you said, the base is close."
Even the bodhi old zu Xu Mo in Lishan was surprised. They found four people by feedback and didn’t say the specific situation. Obviously, it was through speculation that the situation encountered by all people was analyzed, or Xuanli Shengbi deduced what had happened.
But Lu Li didn’t rely on Xuanli. He nodded, "It’s only this time that thanks to the arrival of Li Shan’s bodhi old zu Xu Mo, you were avoided from further injury. It was my personal inference that I didn’t practice any deduction of secrets, but it seems that this ancient Yangzhou trail is no longer safe to return with a large number of evil things. Even if we take this place in World War I, it will eventually consume a lot of money. Don’t try what I said. Do you finally consider it?"
"We would like to follow Brother Lu around the world!" said the four young men.
Lu Li also nodded unequivocally, "Well, then we can take a look at each other together. I have already set a goal. You should adjust your breath first. This time it is also a rare experience opportunity for you."
Chapter ninety-seven Exhibition counterattack
Lu Li inspired Sixiao and told them the existing goals, which made Sixiao a little excited. They quickly went to heal, and then they were ready to leave.
Kong Xuan, Kong Xiu, Shen Hua, etc. were all around waiting for his instructions.
In this, Kong Xuan’s brother and sister are sincerely attached to each other. It is impossible to manipulate them in Xu Mo. He has been refined into a spiritual slave, but he has gradually seen the alienation along the way. At this time, it is difficult to have a betrayal.
Leng Yan, Li Shan’s bodhi old zu and Shen Hua are controlled by the mastermind symbol, and they can only escape unless the alliance is completely cut off. However, the magic of the mastermind symbol is that they can control the master without disturbing the memory consciousness, so they are willing to serve.
There is nothing special about Lu Li that shows majesty. It is a serious tunnel "Xu Mo listens to orders"
Xu Mo knelt down and waited for instructions from Lu Li, and then Lu Li said, "Since you are my designated ghost patriarch, you will naturally not be alone. At the same time, since Shen Hua is my designated ghost patriarch, I will also assign my brother to you. This is the purpose of our expedition this time."
Everyone knelt on one knee and said, "Please order from the master!"
Lu Li waved everyone to get up and said at the same time, "After that, Taikoo Gate on Mount Tai and all factions experienced a fierce battle, which was almost a narrow escape. Taikoo Gate is worthy of being the leader of three factions. It would be doubtful if two core elders were dispatched to kill me. We need to recharge our batteries, first of all, we should upgrade and then expand our power."
Kong Xuan agrees with the tunnel, "The master is right. Even if it’s amazing, it’s hard to fight against one hundred enemies. Even if tens of thousands of monks come together, even the Johnson should retreat and wonder what the master plans?"
Lu Likou said, "First of all, if we build an array, the location of the array will be relatively secret. I intend to arrange the intersection of the westernmost waters of Yangzhou, so it will be easy for us to come and go through the array. Many times, we need a lot of resources, whether it is Dan medicine, magic weapon or refining weapon, raw materials, medicinal stone, etc. We almost don’t have much, even it is not enough to maintain the array stone. Finally, we will recruit people. This is the goal of our trip. Everyone will know later."
Everyone nodded and said, "Kong Xuan and Kong Xiu, you two, the bodhi old zu Li Shan, went to Yangzhou offshore together to find a hidden place. We went back and forth from the abode of fairies and immortals to the bodhi old zu Li Shan. You should converge your breath and avoid his monk meetings."
"Yes" three fuels followed by royal gas teng directly leave.
"Shen Hua, Xu Mo, you two cold flames go here to spy on the news and observe the enemy’s actions. When I have four minor injuries, I will restore one or two percent, and you will meet." Lu Liyan directly flickered to the four healing places, and five people were encouraged to absorb aura and continue to adjust their breath.
Shen Hua three people also set out at once without any delay.
A few hours later, the slow recovery of the retreat was due to the fact that Zhenyuan added some, but the four small Dan medicines helped each other to recover a lot, that is, they left directly with the four of them.
The five people scurried all the way, and the three-color lotus force exhibition concealed the shape of all the people. There was no royal sword flying, and several people tried their best to hide their breath and get close to that destination.
Small and medium-sized sword fairy is very curious and asks, "Brother, are we going to fight this time?"
Lu Li said briefly, "Destroy the ghost clan and collect all the people."
Four hours and one leng, they know that the ghost clan and the ghost clan patriarch Lei Heng are dead in their hands.
However, although the ghost clan is a leader, after all, there are some foundations that dare not break into it with four minor repairs. It will be a dead body yard, but the situation will be completely different when it is far away from you.
Gallop all the way until they arrived at the ghost house. The news reported by Shen Hua, Xu Mo and Leng Yan was very different from what they knew.
It is obvious that most of the dense forest of Shadow Mountain Ghost Sect was razed by the master of the right path. At the same time, there are also many bones of the master of the right path here, some of which were directly blown up, and many monks were eroded by the occult arts of the ghost Sect. Their flesh was corroded and their bones were broken and their death was very tragic.
Broken multiplier, broken lance is also a lot of obviously fairy magic war has arrived here.
Leng Yan Kou said, "Master, there are almost no monks walking around here. I have been waiting here but I haven’t seen a soul. It is very likely that the ghost clan suffered heavy losses in the right way and finally dormant."