While talking, we have entered the house pool. The farmer asked the door of the house to Cheng Ge, "What’s the matter with you?"

June 20, 2024

Cheng Ge didn’t speak and gave me a look. I nodded, took off my clothes, turned my back to Chi Nong and pointed to my back and said, "Look at this black spot."
Chi Nong stared at my dark spot for a long time before he gasped and said, "This is a malice invading the blood vessels for a long time and then the skin is displayed."
Brother Cheng said, "You can say that."
Chi Nong asked, "How?"
Brother Cheng said, "It was a ghost old woman who did it when my father died."
Chi Nong was a little puzzled. I told Chi Nong the situation in detail again. After listening to it, he hesitated and became a brother. After a long time, he couldn’t help but ask, "Can you cure it or not?"
Chi Nong said slowly, "Since ancient times, the five techniques of Xuanmen, including mountain, medicine, life, physiognomy and divination, have all come from the same origin. For this strange disease, if it can’t be cured by pure medical methods, I think you must have a mutual memory."
I finished my clothes and nodded and said, "According to the physiognomy, I will find the evil spirit in nine months and get rid of it, and my dark spots will be gone."
Chi Nong said, "This is it."
Cheng Ge caught a glimpse of Chi Nong and said, "Let me admire you and fart! You will also cure minor pains and itching, and you will not be able to do it as soon as I find you a real patient. "
Chi Nong smiled and didn’t annoy me. I said, "Brother Cheng didn’t say that there are specialties in the industry. It’s still that we don’t have medical skills."
Chi Nong laughed. "It’s still that this little brother is not as unreasonable as you are."
Cheng Ge glared at Chi Nong and said to me, "Then let’s go and leave the imperial doctor alone!"
Just pull me. I’m leaving
Chi Nong asked quickly, "Where are you going?"
Brother Cheng said grumpily, "Go find evil spirits!"
Chi Nong said, "Now?"
Brother Cheng said, "Of course, the sooner the better!"
Chinong said, "Is there an eyebrow?"
Brother Cheng said, "Go to the Zheng family to explore, and you will have a clue."
Chi Nong hesitated for a moment and then said, "I’ll go with you."
Brother Cheng said, "You’re not going to see a doctor?"
Chi Nong said, "I have to take a rest after sitting for 36 days in a row."
Brother Cheng said, "That’s like a human sentence. Then come with us."
Chi Nong said, "I can’t do it today. I have to at least finish today’s consultation so that you can wait for me at my villa and I’ll go back later."
Brother Cheng pretended to be reluctant to say, "All right, give me the room key and the car key!"
Chi Nong said with a wry smile, "How can I get back if you take the car away?"
But it is said that Chi Nong has taken out two keys and gave them to Cheng Ge, saying that "the old place has not changed rooms"
Brother Cheng took the key and pulled me away.
In the evening, the moonlight outside the window is like washing, and the mountains are rolling like phantom in the dark.
During the summer, it was hot and dry, but in this mountain villa of Chinong, Lin Feng couldn’t stop blowing and sitting on rattan chairs, and Cheng Ge and I were very comfortable.
There is such a villa in this mountain, which is said by Brother Cheng that Chi Nong bought it at a large price and didn’t hire any security guards, but it is unspeakable that it is quiet and peaceful, which is exactly what Brother Cheng and I want.
Now there is a pile of peanuts, a piece of cooked beef, two roasted squabs and a basket of fresh fruit on the table in front of us. Brother Cheng and I have a mouthful of small wine and a side dish, while eating it, muttering and cursing, "Chi Nong, a little bastard, really enjoys it …"
Scolding and scolding, suddenly a cat called "meowing" came outside the house, which made my heart very uncomfortable. Brother Cheng saw and laughed, "Are you afraid that the bobcat is in estrus?"
I said, "I was thinking about the situation in which Chinong treated patients during the day."
Brother Cheng’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said to me, "Let me tell you a story."
I glanced at Cheng Ge and asked, "Another horror story?"
We’ve been here all afternoon, and we’ll talk when we get back. We emptied all the food in Chinong’s refrigerator and ate it while Hu Kan Cheng Ge told me stories that were disgusting and scary. I guess he was influenced by Chinong’s emphasis on treating diseases, but I’m already a little overwhelmed.
Brother Cheng smiled and said mysteriously, "The cat is very nice this time."
I said warily, "Is it true or fiction? Don’t always make up disgusting stories to scare me! "
Brother Cheng smiled slightly. "It’s true and the protagonist of the story has a beautiful young woman. Do you want to hear it?"
"All right, go ahead," I said.
Brother Cheng ate a peanut and gently coughed. He told a story in a flat tone.
Chapter 17 fortune teller line night civet cat ghost cry
Chapter 17 fortune teller line night civet cat ghost cry
There is a young couple whose husband is handsome and whose wife is mature and beautiful. They have a good relationship.
My wife has a hobby, especially like pine trees. Not only is there a pine tree in front of the house, but there is also a welcoming pine in the house. My wife takes care of the welcoming pine very carefully, like taking care of a child. "
That husband also has a hobby, like keeping cats. He keeps a big civet cat and washes it clean every day, just like taking care of children.
One day, my wife was on a business trip, and her husband was left alone at home. When he slept, he took the civet cat to bed.
At night, the husband fell asleep and dreamed of his wife’s dream of touching and loving her husband. That thing crawled under the bed, and the big civet cat woke up. It was a mouse that took a bite and bit off half of it.
The husband woke up screaming and understood why he hated civet cats after the incident. He called first aid, but he saved his life, although he didn’t save his life.
When he got home from the hospital, he found a kitchen knife to kill civet cats.
Civet cats seem to know the owner’s mind and flee back and forth in the house, but in the end, they let the owner catch the civet cats. In the scream, the owner chopped its head with a knife, and the blood in the cat’s neck burst out and the welcoming pine was bloody and green, showing a miserable red.