See three two-year-old girls come to the mountain spring with a pot of clothes in their hands. These three girls are wearing short long skirts, but they all have a simple meaning. They are obviously village women who come here to do pulp laundry. When they suddenly see themselves, their faces are all smeared with a little shame and their heads are low. It is difficult to advance and retreat for a while.

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Li Chongjiu laughed and threw a fist at several girls, and the three girls saw Li Chongjiu laughing magnanimously and tall and straight, and they were also shy to reciprocate.
A young girl’s cheeks are red, and Li Chongjiu seems to have a good impression and boldly asks, "Where has this big brother never been seen?"
Li Chongjiu replied, "People nearby went into the mountains to shoot and hunt."
Each other gently, oh, when Li Chongjiu said goodbye to them and began to return, the girls behind him looked at Li Chongjiu’s back and whispered a bell-like smile. The girl who asked Li Chongjiu was obviously pushed by two female companions.
It’s much easier to come back in a hurry, but Li Chongjiu’s road collar is still good. Don’t carve trees along the way and mark them. He can learn some knowledge of field survival to identify the direction and return along the way, and he will continue to practice archery.
Lee Chong-jiu fired more than ten arrows at rabbits, pheasants and birds one after another, so he missed sight shooting, so he touched wild boar Li Chong halfway, or left him alone for the time being.
Walking through the mountains, Li Chongjiu suddenly remembered that he had seen that all ancestors were hunters, and hunters played the first role and the longest role in the world. Hunting was not only the ancient people’s exploration of their own life process, but also the struggle to survive. Li Chongjiu, a man who could inherit the eternal life, ran hunting in the mountains with a bow and arrow in his hand, and suddenly found the target just now. He chased and lost the goats.
Now this 56 goat is eating grass quickly in a valley after playing with Li Chongjiu for a while.
Goat is a kind of vigilant and suspicious animal. Li Chongjiu has learned a long time ago. Now he is ten steps away from the goat, which is half the height of the hillside. Goats crave this tender grass and don’t look up, so Li Chongjiu approached and didn’t notice it.
Ten steps is the killing range of two stone bows.
At this moment, when the wind and Li Chong-jiu breathe well, they put the two stone bows in their hands on the top of their heads and slowly fall flat. Gradually, they hold the arrows with their fingers in front of the bow to locate their prey, while the arrows are on the right side of the bow and their eyes are on the left side of the bow. This is exactly what the clouds do not mean in shooting, but the arrows mean that the clusters are the same as the eyes.
This time, Li Chongjiu mustered all his strength, and the bow collapsed like a full moon arrow leaving the string and swished away.
The goat who eats grass on the ground seems to be aware of it. It has long ears and wide eyes with tender grass in its mouth. It raises its head warily and the arrow rushes in like lightning.
There is almost no more than a snowy white arrow feather than a bloody arrow penetrating the sheepskin. When the blood splashes out for a moment, the goats explode and flee for their lives without loyalty, while the goat with an arrow in its back croakes a hind leg and rushes blindly.
Li Chongjiu refused to let his prey sell. When he took up his bow and drew a short knife, he quickly chased the running goat.
Note 1 is different from the cylindrical finger-pulling slope finger-pulling in the Qing palace drama, but we Han people have been along
Due to different fingering, the Han Manchu’s manipulation of strings is also different.
Note 2: It is said in Shooting Sutra that there are two methods to control strings, namely, the China method of folding the middle finger and pressing the big finger when the string is straight and vertical; Bend your fingers and press your fingers to point at this Hu method.
China method is the modern Mongolian shooting method, while Hu method is the Mediterranean shooting method.
China and Faliu’s law of strong shooting ability is beneficial to weak riding and shooting ability.
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The first chapter sheep beauty
Whoo! Whoo!
Ben line traced less than half a mile. Li Chongjiu’s breath was a little breathless. The injured goat had already jumped out of nowhere, but the blood in the grass and Woods was dripping all the way. This gave him the best signpost to quickly cross a mountain stream. Li Chongjiu finally found his goal.
In a tree, the arrow goat lies down and its limbs curl violently. With the fluctuation of breathing, it sticks out its tongue and shakes its short tail, while the blood on its neck comes out and struggles. Li Chongjiu shared the goat’s eyes and bled at the throat. I didn’t expect to hit such a big prey for the first time.
From the fact that Li Chongjiu also felt that his archery had improved, it seems that hunting is really an effective method of martial arts. No wonder grassland tribes practice the art of war by hunting.
Look down at this goat. Boy! Li Chongjiu estimated that at least 70 kilograms of this goat is a bumper harvest, but it will definitely take energy to drag it all the way back to the cottage, so Li Chongjiu took out the waist knife and killed the sheep on the spot to get meat.
The short knife acted as a butcher’s knife. Li Chongjiu first unloaded a few legs of lamb and then removed the meat from the bones of the sheep. He had eaten mutton cooked by local herders, so Li Chongjiu also knew that the goat was fresh and fat, and there were still a lot of edible pieces left behind.
"The sheep are beautiful (Note 1)" Li Chongjiu said to himself with a smile while cutting meat. "The ancients must have harvested delicious food like me in hunting, so joy has the meaning of beautiful words." Li Chongjiu said as he plunged his head into the knife and boned.
At the moment, it’s getting dark, and the sunset is slanting in the mountains. The crow is blowing to promote the young birds to return to their nests. Li Chongjiu shows a figure on the hillside with a short knife, while cutting meat one by one and wiping blood from his hands.
It’s bloody and full of beauty at the same time. It’s a flow of life and death. Just as the hunter said when he slaughtered his prey in that American blockbuster, your soul will be with God, and your body will become a part of us. But Li Chongjiu didn’t talk so much nonsense.
After the goats were almost packed, Li Chongjiu took out the straw bag to wrap the mutton and peeled the remaining sheepskin. After that, he tied the two sheep’s hind legs with a few vines and hung them on their back shoulders. They began to return to the mountain. These 7,000 villages were haunted by wolves at night, even if the tigers and leopards were fierce during the day, they could occasionally see that this was the mountain west more than 1,300 years ago. It seems that Li Guang didn’t kill all the tigers in those years, so Li Chongjiu refused to take the risk of staying and leaving some remnants to carry their prey straight to the cottage.
Mo Yue arrived at nightfall, and it was already dark. Li Chongjiu finally grabbed this step and touched back to the gate of the 7,000-village cottage. He lit two hoods to grieve the wind. Although he could not see the lantern in the dark, he secreted a faint light. Li Chongjiu’s eyes were bright and shining, and he swam home warmly.
Just like leaving a lamp for you in the parents’ metropolitan hall when you go home, Li Chongjiu saw a dim lamp and a figure pacing back and forth. The other person’s hair turned white and his body was somewhat rickety.
"Aye (Dad)!"
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but feel a warmth. This affection involuntarily called out, and Li Huwen, the head of the 7,000-strong village, turned around and saw that Li Chongjiu’s face was worried and turned into a smile. Li Hu nodded to Li Chongjiu and remained silent for a while without any reprimand. He said gently and calmly, "Remember to come back early later." Li Chongjiu knew that his father had been waiting for a long time. When he bowed his head, his heart was warm and somewhat guilty, he said, "Yes, Dad said yes." Li Huxiao shook his head and Li Chongjiu returned to his home
As the cradle slowly rose, Li Hu glanced at the leg of lamb behind Li Chongjiu and said with a smile, "Did you catch it today?"
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "It is just fresh mutton that can get rid of cold and cough."
Li Hu often coughed in the middle of the night in recent years after that self-injury to his lung. The mutton from Li Chongjiu was just a piece of filial piety. When I heard that Li Hu nodded, he was more gratified and stopped talking.
After returning to the cottage that night, Li Chongjiu first carried a leg of lamb to Uncle Zhang’s house, and then according to the cottage rules, Li Chongjiu sent a good piece of meat to those families who were not strong or had meritorious deeds in the cottage, and all the people in the village sent a smile all the way, feeling that they were less in charge and less generous in giving back some preserved fish, preserved meat and mushrooms. Li Chongjiu could not refuse when he took Li Chongjiu with a small amount of mutton and another pile of ingredients to Wang Mahan’s house and asked Wang Mahan to clean up Li Chongjiu and Wang Mahan. Broad beans and peanuts have been drinking for a while, and Wang Mahan has been drunk in bed. Li Chongjiu was slightly drunk. Wang Mahan’s family has set out a big crock of mutton soup, and Li Chongjiu left some preserved fish and bacon after taking it, and then went home.
However, an uninvited guest, Li Chongjiu, came to the house and saw Li Huzheng sitting with a man holding a tiger support.
Tiger support, also known as string bell, is a bronze ring carried by a traveling doctor. It is filled with iron bullets. When a traveling doctor practices medicine in all directions, his index finger and middle finger are inserted into the center of the copper ring and shake, so that people everywhere know that there are traveling doctors who can find patients at home.
This man holding a tiger support doesn’t think much. Li Chongjiu knows that the other person is the third master of the cottage, Xue Shenfu, who is handsome and handsome, and his three beards are like fairies. Of course, he looks good. Xue Shenfu is not a golden treasure. It is said that he got a semi-immortal doctor.
Who is this semi-immortal doctor? It is far-fetched to know his surname is Sun. It is said that the semi-immortal doctor named Sun Xue is so skilled that he must be Sun Simiao, the drug king, but actually Li Hu knows his background. Xue Shen is a family doctor with high medical skills, but his father once unfortunately misdiagnosed the life of the sheriff’s wife, so his father was beaten to death and Xue Shen’s father was sentenced to exile in Lingnan although he was an adult and had not yet practiced medicine.
Xue imperial doctor didn’t want to die in Lingnan, so he escaped from the 7,000-village shelter along the way. This stay was in the 7,000-village shelter in 15 years. Xue imperial doctor also had deep feelings for Li Hu’s saving his life. Because his father was misdiagnosed that time, he didn’t dare to call it home even though his medical skills were superb, so he made an excuse that Sun Simiao was really here to convince others. Of course, Xue imperial doctor’s medical skills were very good, which saved many lives in the cottage. Therefore, everyone called him Xue imperial doctor, but forgot his name.
This time, Li Chongjiu and Li Sanniang were badly injured in the hematemesis bed. Of course, Xue Shenfu didn’t call back from outside, but Li Hu took out a life-saving pill that Xue Shenfu gave him to Li Chongjiu, which saved Li Chongjiu’s life.
Li Chongjiu saw that Xue Imperial Doctor was taking Li Hu’s pulse and saw that he frowned and kept holding his jaw beard.
After half a ring of meditation, Xue imperial doctor let go of his hand and said, "When you are in charge, your illness is that people hurt their lungs when they start work. Don’t say that years of aftercare are unfavorable, so it is difficult to eradicate it. I left you these three life-saving pills at the beginning, but they are temporary and incurable."
Speaking of which, Xue imperial doctor took a glance at Li Chongjiu and continued, "This pill is not easy to make, so it needs to be adopted. Although it doesn’t say that it can live and die, it can also keep three souls and seven souls for a while."
"When I was poor for three years, I made ten pills at the same time, and the last three pills I left were given to everyone for your illness. You gave all three pills to Xiao Jiu, so I could suffer on my own and greatly shorten my life when I was ill." Li Hu also saw Li Chongjiu and quickly said, "Xue Shenji, my body is not yet at this point. In recent years, I have not been close to women, and it is also much better."
Xue imperial doctor kept shaking his head and said, "I have the ability to become a monk in addition to my temple … I’m afraid I can … Well, I’ll try my best."
Li Chongjiu heard that his heart was white. He was badly beaten and saved his life.
Li Hu gave Li Chongjiu three pills that should prolong his life.
Li Chongjiu didn’t say anything when he first asked the two people to say "Father Xue is a wonderful doctor"
Li Huxiao nodded and Xue imperial doctor is gently hum a turned away.
When Li Hu saw this situation, he quickly said, "Third brother hasn’t eaten on the mountain road all day. Come and eat mutton together."
Li Chongjiu went to fetch two pairs of bowls and chopsticks, and put a big crock on the table for himself by Wang Mahan Hun’s family. Suddenly, Dangshen ginger slices mixed with mutton taste four elegant and came out. Wang Mahan Hun’s family was indeed a good cook, with a layer of golden ointment on the noodle soup, and the mutton stew was delicious but not bad.
Cried Xue imperial doctor couldn’t help but also forgot to give Li Chongjiu a look and said with a smile, "Not bad, not bad, Codonopsis pilosula belongs to the spleen, and lung meridian tonifies the middle energizer. Although it is not very helpful for your father’s illness, it is beneficial to eat."
When Li Chongjiu brought two bowls of Xue imperial doctor to Li Huxue respectively, he was full of praise. After eating a bowl of mutton soup upside down, his face was slightly rosy, and Li Hu was also very happy. The main reason was that Li Chongjiu was more happy because of his filial piety.
Li Chongjiu looked at Li Hu’s face. He didn’t know that Li Hu’s illness had been deposited for several years. In addition to Xue Imperial Physician, he also’ invited’ many nearby famous doctors to treat him, but he was helpless. Li Chongjiu was angry with Xue Imperial Physician for himself. In recent years, Xue Imperial Physician has been traveling through Mobei Liaodong to find some medicines to help Li Hu cure his ills. However, this matter has not been done, but it has given Li Chongjiu a first step to ruin life-saving drugs.
Li Chongjiu said, "Dr. Xue, did you just say that a monk in the Buddhist temple might be able to cure my father’s stubborn illness?" Note 1: The word’ beauty’ is interpreted as "the big sheep makes the beauty".
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Chapter 9 windfall
Xue imperial doctor took a look at Li Chongjiu and touched the forehead goat and said, "You have a sharp ear."
"It’s true that my father’s medical skill is that he became a monk after he was granted it, and there may be other famous doctors who can cure the ills of the big family, but there is only one person I know."