"Is this cause and effect?" The frost said faintly, "I didn’t expect you to be so strong after only a few years!" "

June 22, 2024

"I will become stronger!" Xiao Fan hesitated and asked malaria in his heart, "Can she be cured of the poison of Huanxi Zen?"
"I don’t know. I’ve heard of this strange poison. I don’t know anything about it in detail. Happy Zen has always been mysterious. I can’t help it!"
"I’m all right. Thank you for your help. I can take care of myself if you leave me alone …" Frost seemed to think something. She was silent for a moment and suddenly waved her hand and said.
"This ….." Xiao Fangang was about to speak when he suddenly saw a flash of cold light in the eyes of the frost. The whole person bounced up a wisp of force from the ground and condensed his fingertips. Xiao Fanmei was shocked!
This sudden change made Xiao Fan unprepared and unprepared. When he was pointed out, he suddenly felt limp and numb, and then his whole mind became blurred and his feet shook, so he fell down!
Even malaria didn’t react at all. What happened!
"I’m sorry you saved my life. I shouldn’t have done this, but … I know the root of this happy Zen poison, and there is no antidote …" Frost bit her lips and said slowly, "Master once said that I was destined to have this robbery, but I should rob you …"
Said Xiao Fan hazy eyes before his hands trembling to waist spun silk belt that a lavender gauze robe slowly slipped …
Like coagulated fat, the skin is white and red, the towering chest is amazing, and the lines suddenly fall like a zigzag river, and the flat abdomen and plump and towering buttocks are perfectly displayed, and the air is slightly trembling.
Her face is redder now.
Xiao Fan saw the frosted face carefully for the first time, although his consciousness was hazy.
This woman is so beautiful
Her eyes are picturesque, with two curved arch eyebrows and a pair of beautiful almond eyes. Her facial contour is very beautiful, like a great painter’s life-long effort to carefully outline the most perfect arc. The face of a pointed melon is not plump, and the cherry mouth is the finishing touch, which embellishes the beauty of a woman!
"I’m sorry, this kind of poison must have sex with men to relieve you of your grievances!" Frost bent over and grabbed Xiao Fan’s hand and put him on his towering chest. Her throat gave out a sound of joy and crying, groaning like a thin tube.
As soon as Xiao Fan’s hand touched the soft chest of frost, it was like touching the hard bud in his palm, and it kept blooming like a growing cliff. saussurea involucrata was noble and proudly waiting for him to bend down and wait for his gentle picking.
This moment Xiao Fan consciousness suddenly recovered somewhat, but I don’t know he can’t refuse to continue to cater to the frost …
A pair of lips slowly touched together, followed by frost, a wrinkly eyebrows and a groan of pain. Snow-white legs slowly left a ray of bright red …
Xiao Fan-ti’s "Happy Zen Sutra", which had just been robbed, immediately started to operate independently, combining all the yuan yang forces of the other body to form a pure yang storm, and all the pure yin forces transmitted from the frost body were merged and turned into a unique force to be input into his abdomen.
After slowly rotating Yuan Dan to absorb this special force, a wonderful change has taken place, from the original pale white appearance to the black-and-white half-sample, and a vague Tai Chi yin-yang shape suddenly appeared!
And Xiao Fan’s realm suddenly broke through the original shackles at this moment and then rose to the late stage of solidification. The force kept rising and the blink of an eye tripled from the original 150 to 450!
This change fundamentally changed the characteristics of Xiao Fan’s Yuan Qi!
"Shit, there is such a thing. Although I’m not interested in their intercourse, this Huanxi Zen Sutra is too abnormal, isn’t it? It’s definitely not ordinary. day order’s skill is even better than the Seven Magical Scriptures! " Malaria Xiao Fanti kept saying
"And I didn’t expect that the girl of Frost turned out to be born with pure yin and pure yin, so majestic and pure. This is really cheap. Xiao Fan saved him years of penance!"
"Yuan force four hundred and fifty! It’s only 500 that the setting period of Brother day order’s Kung Fu can reach its acme. He has already reached 450 as soon as he stepped into the late setting period. If he wants to break through the setting period and enter the Dan-changing period … it’s hard to imagine! "
After half an hour, the frost color recovered from Xiao Fan’s arms and silently wore clothes.
Xiao Fan’s consciousness was also early, and the two of them recovered in an instant, and then fell into the ocean of lust. When it was all over, he also looked embarrassed, and the atmosphere solidified.
"I … I will be responsible!" For a long time Xiao Fan finally say such a word.
"I don’t need you to be responsible for anything. This is my decision and I forced you to count me as one!" Frost expression coldly replied
"Even so, as a man, since we have a husband and wife, I will do my duty as a man!" Xiao Fan eyes firmly shook his head.
"I know I didn’t see the wrong person!" Frost vomited a sigh and turned to leave. "I have something important to do. I hope I can see you again in the future!" "
Xiao Fan opened his mouth and was about to say something when his eyes suddenly turned to look at the dark sky in the distance.
The frost also looked down at Xiao Fan’s eyes with a change. "Yannan is coming!"
"He came at the right time!" Xiao Fan’s eyes flashed a ray of revenge.
However, before his voice fell, a figure appeared not far away, wrapped in a faint golden light, which made a very rare spell "flying symbol"
The Godsworn Method of Solidification Realm can fly the Royal Sword. However, this’ flying charm’ seems to be tailor-made by them. When the charm is activated, it can wrap the flying in the low-order Godsworn. Although the speed is far less than that of the Royal Sword, he has the ability to fly for an hour!
That man is Yannan!
He was dressed in a white robe, with long hair hanging down his shoulders and eyes like wolves, and his cold light flashed with cruelty.
"Sister, it turns out that you made me easy to find here!" Yan Na said to the frost, and then her eyes fell on Xiao Fan.
This look made him feel shocked!
"Is it you?"
"The road to the enemy is narrow! Meet again!" Xiao Fan will waist often tight leisurely said
"Why are you such a garbage here? School sister … What are you doing here? " Yannan eyes shrink to see Xiao Fan disheveled and then see the messy appearance of frosted hair. I have guessed a little in my heart.
"This has nothing to do with you!" Frost said coldly
"Mom, sister, you shouldn’t have something to do with this garbage, should you?" Yannan sounds a little shaky.