The silver liquid resin body skin flowed and the bust actually began to turn black. As the black area gradually expanded, the neck part had made a slight click at first. The naked eye saw that the skin with muscles seemed to harden and burst like a fold!

June 23, 2024

It seems painful for the corpse to shake from side to side, and the mouth begins to mutter involuntarily and foam.
One shot? Damn it, it’s not so sad, is it? It seems a little too easy?
"Blare … bang!
This guy squeezed out of the door before I decided whether I needed to be deployed or not!
As soon as I turn around and flash!
A fat body appeared in front of us in a rage, and I don’t know how many organs were crushed. The whole stone platform was like rain, and all kinds of meat pieces, rotten liquid, corpse worms … were all kinds of colorful. I was shocked when I stopped to look at it halfway!
Fortunately, they ran away, and now the two goods are shaking their worms!
Then another thing came out!
Look at the clothes, it’s obvious that the salt sand fell. Now the soldier is walking with his eyes out, his face is tattered, and he seems to have been fished out of the toilet-the corpse turned around and caught him!
Then I buried my head in the soldier’s abdomen and seemed to suck or bite something … "Damn, that’s what it turned out to be. I immediately understood what the corpse had done and quickly changed my mind and shouted," What are you two doing? Run!
At this time, the two goods found that I had run away, and I rushed over without getting dirty things. To tell the truth, the corpse did not attack them at this time, but this sense of terror instantly made them panic!
Joseph squeezed the soldier and fell to the salt sand with one foot.
"Nima! Idiot, it’s a pity that this guy is fucking dead, but can you stop looking for trouble for me?
I rushed to the stone stage and sprayed Joseph with "Nima, is that your father?" Do you think that the goods came out and sent vegetables in the past, afraid that we won’t die or what? "
Joseph didn’t dare to speak at this time. He was staring nervously at the footstone and clicking fiercely. At this time, it was tragic that the slate began to flee. There were slabs running off the road all the time to make the road many-hued!
That guy’s heart is about to jump out of his throat. He’s running like hell, jumping and tumbling, and moving forward rapidly … Finally, a stone slab suddenly leaps several meters away and flies towards the stone slab in front of the stone platform-er, it’s sudden change!
The slate suddenly moved when it jumped and then rushed into the distance like an arrow!
"Ah, the hope in his face suddenly turned into despair, and the whole face of this cargo was distorted by ferocious and terror!
He’s desperate-he’s about to fall!
In just a few seconds, this guy will become a dead man!
But he can’t fucking die like this! I cursed in my heart and threw the rope out. I grabbed the goods and pulled them hard … With this pull, the guy rushed over several meters and fell heavily on the stone platform.
After a few seconds.
"Ah," he groaned and turned around slowly, and his face had been marked with several blood stains. "Liu Pi Cloud, thank you for looking at me. There is no violence and hatred in my eyes, but it is an unspeakable feeling." No, I didn’t expect … you … will save me. "I can’t stop panting.
"Don’t talk nonsense and look at that monster.
After just a few minutes, the corpse began to change. After the putrid gas entered its body, it began to gush out a lot of water like sweating, and the hardened skin clicked and began to fall off. The whole person quickly became smaller!
That’s just like the feeling of the three transformations of the nemesis Felisaz in Dragon Ball comics.
That’s right. Nima’s corpse is a rotting corpse, but it’s definitely not this rotten appearance!
That guy didn’t come. I have to catch this guy!
I quickly turned to him and asked him, "Did you prepare anything to catch this guy?" Look at what they have prepared now!
Joseph also calmed down when I asked him. He stammered, "We, we have prepared the net guns and the fishnail guns, but they are all specially made outside the department." He said that this guy turned around and looked at me while staring at the corpse opposite-the goods were too concerned to leave me.
I had an idea when I turned my head. "Well, you can call the professor now and send a few people to my face to stare at it-it is estimated that the goods may not dare to come over, so go back quickly."
This is simply the sound of nature, and the goods immediately rushed out.
I stared at the corpse’s every move, and my heart kept turning. I don’t know if the corpse can come from here, but I know that there is another corpse that has just attacked that guy twice. Don’t say that this intelligent creature will definitely wait until it recovers its normal posture before attacking us. Although I don’t know how long it will take, it is more than enough to wait for them to bring something.
And one more thing, if there is a reduction in combat, then people who come again will not be two soldiers, or at least more than half of them. Sang Yu and Thirteen are more sure to break free and then annihilate these guys.
The footsteps in the tunnel are less than ten minutes away from Joseph’s departure. I didn’t see the second soldier appear in this period, but the corpse clearly knows this-it is waiting on the stone stage to look at me from time to time.
In this issue, it has shrunk by one third again, but it is still not normal. I guess he should wait for more bodies to be absorbed by him and then make a further transformation before attacking me.
My piece of paper, the blade in my hand, and my dizziness made him not make a move.
After all, it is a monster with ordinary people’s IQ.
People are not only soldiers, but also professors and that woman. A series of people emerged from the cave. I counted sixteen. So it seems that there are thirteen less people in Sang Yu and six others.
The person in front immediately picked up the weapon in his hand and pointed it at the corpse. He did not dare to be careless.
Professor Liu first looked at the corpse and didn’t come over, so he didn’t feel relieved to say hello to me. "I’m understaffed. I already know what’s going on. I’m deeply sorry for their wanton jump. I’ll personally direct the personnel to cooperate with your action." The attitude is quite polite. It seems that Joseph went to say that the deaths of the two goods were natural attrition.
But the better news is that this guy actually fooled Professor Pig Waist out of fear.
Six people. That’s not a problem!
"It’s best if you come naturally," I coughed. "You’re not afraid of God, but you’re afraid of pig teammates."
"That is, haha, please ask Mr. Liu to be oversensitive." The professor said with a smile, "It must be taken alive."
"If you want to take it alive, it depends on your equipment." I pointed to the corpse opposite. "My spell has been tried, which can cause damage-but it’s a pity that everything I have killed it without taking it alive. If you want to take it alive, you may have to look at your equipment."