At that time, several clubs vying for Ronaldinho also knew that Paris Saint-Germain needed to sell Ronaldinho to cope with the economic crisis, so they were not in a hurry and refused to pay a high price.

May 27, 2024

What if Valencia always wins at this time and is strongly involved?
Changsheng has never played anything big since he became head coach. The biggest introduction is 15 million to buy Brazilian midfielder Deco from Porto.
Usually, the transfer is millions, and even the exchange of players costs nothing at all.
He made a lot of money for the club when he sold people, saying, this season, sell mendieta 30 million euros, aimar 30 million euros and Kalou 7 million euros, which is almost 70 million euros.
Plus the original club gave itself a transfer budget of 25 million euros.
He spent 20 million euros on Deco and mista last summer.
There are actually 72 million euros left.
This money is enough to bring Ronaldinho to Valencia.
Money is not the problem, the problem is the time.
It’s the end of April now, and the horse has entered May.
Manchester United have made contact with Paris Saint-Germain, but it’s just a contact, and they haven’t even asked for a price yet.
Barcelona, on the other hand, won’t ask Paris Saint-Germain to buy Ronaldinho until after the club’s president, laporta. When laporta campaigned, Ronaldinho promised to the voters that if he was elected as the president of Barcelona, he would bring Ronaldinho to Camp Nou.
But apart from Ronaldinho, he has another star, Beckham, who is having trouble with Manchester United.
He announced that Ronaldinho and Beckham would come to Camp Nou if he was elected president of the club.
It was because of this that so many Barcelona members voted for him at that time.
At this time, laporta should be in private contact with Beckham to discuss his influence. Beckham is obviously bigger than Ronaldinho and easier to win the favor of members.
It can be said that this time is the best time for Valencia to grab Ronaldinho!
Just after the plane won, I called the club president Oti.
I told Oti about my intention and really said to Oti, "If we want to make further progress in the Champions League, we must invest more money in the transfer market!"
The team just failed, and Oti felt that the team was a little too civilian.
He hit it off with Chang Sheng’s idea.
It shouldn’t be a problem to dominate the league with the current squad, but Jaime Oti’s president will naturally not be satisfied with the team winning the league title. His former Pedro Cortez can make the team reach the Champions League final for two consecutive seasons. Why not?
He was also somewhat disappointed that the team lost in the European War for two years in a row.
At this time, Changsheng took the initiative to buy someone to enhance his strength, but he was very happy.
He has just been stimulated by AC Milan, and he is also generous once.
He told Changsheng that he could pay the transfer budget for the rest of the season.
This is what Chang Sheng want to hear most.
Can’t 72 million euros hit a Ronaldinho?
He firmly believes that Valencia is definitely more attractive than Barcelona at present.
Winning the championship undefeated in the season made Valencia famous far and wide. In the European season, it surpassed AC Milan to become the longest unbeaten team in the five major leagues in Europe, which pushed Valencia’s reputation to the peak.
Moreover, Valencia is now playing "the best football in Europe", which is a great temptation for Brazilians who advocate artistic football. Because of his constant victory, he can prove to Ronaldinho that his team can quickly integrate into the team’s tactics without discomfort.
Compared with Barcelona, which is caught in the crossfire of foreign troubles, its image has plummeted. At one time, its lowest ranking in the season fell to 16 places. At that time, Real Madrid fans ridiculed that Barcelona might become the first team in Europe’s history to reach the Champions League final.
Even now, Barcelona’s ranking is not so good. After playing 30 rounds in the league, it is only ranked 12 th with 37 points. It makes people feel pity that the giants have fallen to this point.
There are various discordant sounds from time to time in the team department.
What’s Gaspard fooling around again? What’s Kluivert clamoring for a raise …
What does this divided team compare with Valencia, the United dressing room?
Unlike the previous transfer, Changsheng was handed over to llorente to deal with it. This time Changsheng intends to do it himself.
On the one hand, I fully show my sincerity, on the other hand, I also satisfy the wishes of a fan-Ronaldinho, but I brought it myself!
In the third aspect, Ronaldinho’s important success in the transfer is really that he does not trust others.
Anyway, now that he is suspended, he can’t even play in the Champions League and he has been eliminated. There is nothing to do, so he might as well go to Paris for a trip.
On April 27th, the 31st match day of the league, Valencia played against Aravis, the third last in the league.
While Guardiola was still directing the game in front of the coach, Changsheng had already appeared in the stands of the King’s Park Stadium, the home of Paris Saint-Germain.
He didn’t choose VIP box but ordinary stands, just hoping to hide himself.
In this way, he also dressed up in disguise, wearing a cap and sunglasses, and his collar stood up high to cover half of his face.