There are times of surprise, but they can all keep calm and control their minds. But at the moment, Lin Dong is really dumbfounded and completely shocked. Looking at those children floating on the ground, they are wrapped in special energy balls.

June 24, 2024

They have fallen asleep in that special energy ball package and seem to have no weight. A gust of wind blew through them and they actually wanted to move with it. When Lin Dong saw it, he quickly raised his hand and instantly controlled the body power to control these energy balls in succession. At this time, Lin Dong’s heart had counted a full 160 children. Lin Dong’s eyes couldn’t help looking again at the dumpling emperor’s stomach, which had shriveled up. How could they hide in it?
Before, I felt that these demon handsome men were a little strange. Now I see that these children are completely white. This dumpling emperor obviously went out to bring these children in, but they are demon families. This is not to eat children. Is this?
Lin Dong is really a bit big now, even if it is very dangerous to fight with the dumpling emperor, he is not afraid at all, but now there are suddenly more than 100 children, which makes Lin Dong bigger than himself and not a kindergarten. It’s not like you can find someone to take care of them and put them in place without worrying. This is a holy place and they are obviously outsiders.
More importantly, it was obviously premeditated, and I touched a very troublesome thing.
However, it is still a headache to solve the problem of wrapping these children. The energy balls are as weightless as balloons. Lin Dong walks to the holy land next to the people and is completely blind. It is always better to cure this little guy first with her help.
If I hadn’t met this thing, I wouldn’t be afraid to kill the golden scale python myself. After the backstage, I can leave and do what I like to hone myself, improve my strength and find drugs that can help my sister recover, and at the same time find more drugs, because the Lins need more external forces to develop.
The Lin family was so self-defensive that they could even own the original ammunition and did a lot of work. He finally arranged the world’s crown ammunition, the largest arms family in Wang Shijie, and they could talk with other countries on an equal footing by strength.
But now that I have offended the reclusive Taoist clan with huge power, if things really become serious, then the Lins can’t be slaughtered. Lin Dong has now pondered that the Lins’ Road, since the Lins have the fate of blood, can’t wave for hundreds of years, and now they finally wake up, so let this blood come back to the world to play the strongest force.
People angry injuries have recovered a lot. She has many life-saving magic weapons herself, and Lin Dong re-examined and found that this people angry potential is so huge that she can imagine that Lin Dongzhen not only made her injuries recover quickly, but also made her strength soar rapidly. At this time, the people angry in the Central Plains had the initial strength of demon handsome, but she was able to incarnate herself. She didn’t know Lin Dong or ask about these things.
However, at this time, with the help of all kinds of treasures and Lin Dong’s silver needle, her strength has reached the peak of demon handsome directly, and there is also an impact potential. Lin Dong quickly controls the rapid increase of strength, and sometimes it may not be a good thing, but it must be controlled and completely absorbed.
"Are we dead? But this time I saved you once. It’s a pity that we are all finished together." The angry people saw Lin Dong stare big eyes first, but then they were disappointed.
"What are you talking about? You saved me, and then I took the opportunity to kill the dumpling emperor. This time, you are a great hero." Lin Dong said softly and pointed to the more than 100 children. "You’d better take a look at this first."
"It’s true that I’m not dead …" People are angry to hear that there is still some confusion. Listen to Lin Dong’s saying that she is not dead. She can’t help touching her little face and can clearly feel that it seems to be different from the dead. Listen to Lin Dong’s saying that let her see people angry and turn to look at the past and then stare big eyes.
"Child, baby Lin Dong, where did you get so many?" The people are also dumbfounded, and the situation around them is terrible. Why do so many children suddenly appear?
Lin Dong called the people angry and pulled her past, pointing to the dumpling emperor’s stomach that had not been melted.
"I just killed the golden scale python and finally had this thing, but I didn’t expect it to be a child inside. I’m also confused about it now." Lin Dong was very headache and rubbed his head.
The people were angry and squatted down to look at it. Suddenly, they were overjoyed. "It’s a pity that the evolution of blood swallowed the sky and awakened good things. It’s a pity that it hasn’t reached the lich King, otherwise it would be a treasure."
Seeing Min Huoer squatting alone, he was more interested in studying Lin Dong. He woke up and said, "Don’t just study hard alone. What’s going on?"
"I don’t know what this dumpling emperor wants to bring these children in, but this golden scale python is an unusual estimate. It is the lineal blood of their clan, and even the lineal blood has a very small number of opportunities to gain the ability to mutate. Remember what I said before? The ancestors of this golden scale python clan are known as the demon gods who swallowed the sky. It is said that when their ancestors were the most powerful, mountains and rivers, Rivers can handle the sun, the moon and the stars, and their bodies are self-contained, but that is to say, once they reach the dragon swallowing day, they will occasionally mutate, and their size will be self-contained, depending on the opportunity and strength. It would be great if they can be used to refine magic weapons from their own parts. "People are angry and have a sense of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when explaining.
Maybe she also knows that this sense of accomplishment will be less and less, and she will cherish it more at this time.
It’s a good thing again, but Lin Dong is not happy at this time. So many children are a big trouble, and Lin Dong can’t turn a blind eye.
"Although this golden scale python has not officially become the lich king, it has obviously been changed. If it can become the lich king, this thing is really a treasure. You know, if anyone dares to take their bodies to refine a magic weapon, they will be endlessly pursued by them. Although it’s a pity that if you find a better way, some people will refine a magic weapon, even if it’s not as good as mine, it’s hundreds of times stronger than yours." People are angry but suddenly find that Lin Dong didn’t look at Lin Dong.
People angry fine eyes a round of the "hey ….. are you worried about this is not simple, such as the placement of these children"
"Do you have any good ideas?" Look at the people angry, a pair of everything is easy to solve, and deliberately finish looking at themselves. Lin Dong is also very famous for asking her questions.
Indeed as expected a listen to Lin Dong asked people angry smiling face is very heart "it seems that this should be the dumpling emperor brought in from the outside to see if he doesn’t want to eat, or it’s too chatty. Besides, it’s said that monsters eat human beings, so monsters will eat people unless they fight, so-called cannibalism is beyond words. However, since these children are here, it is unlikely that they want to go out, even if you really want to take them out, you have to wait for an enchantment energy riot."
"These are all nonsense to get to the point. What can you do?" Lin Dong was a little excited when he saw the people angry. It was a small blow to her. It’s not like asking her to talk about the holy land. Lin Dong would listen to whatever she said. This analysis is worthless.
"What’s the hurry? My method is absolutely the best. You find a place to find a big family to adopt them. Then you leave something for them. If you don’t have me, it would be so simple." People are angry. You can’t think of this. It’s very smug
"Ha ha ….." Lin Dong smiled and shook his head slightly. "It’s not that simple. Let’s get out of here first to avoid trouble."
"I can’t? You have a better idea? You don’t want to take these more than 100 children to travel to the holy land, especially there are so many babies. "People are angry and pointed to those chubby babies who are the sweetest and cutest.
"This dumpling emperor had so much trouble in the past and brought these children here. As you said, it certainly didn’t want to eat people. It’s not that simple. Let’s leave first, so as not to cause more trouble now. I think this matter is probably more troublesome than killing dumpling emperor." Lin Dong said, and he didn’t explain to the people that the complexity of things was not considered with some things that people were angry about.
Lin Dong said, his hands moved slightly, and his body’s huge power instantly controlled these energy balls. It took a little power and then inspired the soil fertility to form a huge power. However, he could accurately divide the power into 100 shares and control it. Even people who were at the peak of Qitian realm and flew to the ground could not easily do it.
"Isn’t it just a group of children? How complicated can it be? Maybe that guy is really abnormal and has the habit of eating children?" People are angry with themselves, but when they see cute children in the energy ball, there are so many chubby babies. At the thought of dumpling emperor really wanting to eat children, she also feels a chill in her body
Lin Dong took hundreds of children on a fast road. At the same time, he tried his best to hide his whereabouts. After about 300 miles, he saw some roads and even some cities. However, Lin Dong continued to travel far away along the edge and could not be too close to the battlefield just now. After running for a whole day and a night, the people were angry. Although they were sitting on a gourd, they kept complaining that they didn’t know what Lin Dong was doing.
Finally, I felt a place of safety. Lin Dongcai stopped near a small town near the mountain forest. First, he got a huge cave in the mountain. This kind of thing is very easy for Lin Dong to fix the hole and extend it all the way into the middle of this hill. Only then will these children be released.
When the people were angry and couldn’t help asking questions, Lin Dong suddenly raised his hand. "Bang …" The energy ball of a 13-year-old boy was immediately broken. This energy ball is a special energy body, which contains a weak force of heaven and earth. However, this force of heaven and earth is not the kind of five families, but just like Lin Dong’s practice of fetal interest is a pure force of heaven and earth, which is also called Reiki by the Fix True Alliance.
As soon as the energy ball broke, the boy suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up. He stepped back a few steps, pulling away from Lin Dong and making a defensive posture at the same time.
People are at their peak. How old are they? But it’s strange to look at the child’s eyes, Lin Dong.
"Are you here to pick us up?" Although the boy showed vigilance, there was a confusion in his eyes. He looked at Lin Dong and the people who were floating in the gourd. He suddenly said,
Clear eyes without a trace of impurities, pure and absolutely pure, just like the kind of person who has never been exposed to the world, without any other things. His vigilance is also a kind of ability
"What’s your name? Let’s talk about your situation first? " Lin Dong didn’t answer the question casually and naturally.
In this way, Lin Dong seems to be a kind of acquiescence, and his hostility is much less immediately. Seeing his performance, Lin Dong is very surprised that this child has reached the limit of people at such a young age, but this performance is very strange.
"My name is Bayun Road. I was informed that I was taken to the back of the Chamber of Secrets. Things are not very clear." Bayun Road answered Lin Dong, but his eyes were attracted by the people’s angry gourd floating about one and a half meters from the ground, sitting there eating something, which surprised his eyes.
"Where did you come here?" Lin Dong asked the heart more and more curious again.
"Before …" Bayun Road suddenly wanted to look up, only to find that this was a cave, but he was a little disappointed. "I used to be an island where the scenery was very good and the people there were very good. They let me lay the foundation, feel natural and get close to him. I don’t know."
"Do they know each other?" Lin Dong pointed to the kid in his energy ball.
Bayun Road shook his head directly. "I am usually self-sufficient, and then the island is with some small animals or feels the beauty of nature and beauty of the world without touching too many others."
Monk? Taoist priest? Friar? How can this be unreasonable? When you are in your teens, some people have extreme strength, but they are like a fully enlightened person, and they don’t even talk like normal people.
Chapter DiErSiQi Even angry is not worth it.
"He’s not out of his mind, is he?" People angry listening to also uncomfortable than finally can’t help but cut in.
This Bayun Road is really worthy of what he said, observing the scenery, realizing nature, and the wind is light and the clouds are light. Even if people are angry with him, he is slightly strange and has no reaction. If a normal child of this age is said to be so angry, it would have been annoyed.
Lindong raised his hand to signal that the people were angry. Lindong continued to look at Bayun Road. "Do you know what you are doing here?"
"Wind shadows and cloud roots can be used" seems to be more sober, but the words are even more irrelevant.
Lin Dong couldn’t help shaking his head slightly when he heard this. This man is obviously deliberately cultivated like this. Although he is very old and martial arts has reached the peak of human limit, his mind is like a blank sheet of paper. Obviously, there is no good or bad understanding. It seems that someone wants to write something on this blank sheet of paper, but he got them by accident.
"You all came here together. This is a holy place, not the outside world. I want to check your body first." Lin Dong said that his body movement has reached Bayun Road. He now needs to feel the pulse and directly point out the eyebrows of Bayun Road.
A powerful mental idea instantly enveloped Bayun Road’s body, and with Lin Dongti’s fetal breathing technique, it instantly explored Bayun Road’s body.