When Cai Shaochu came, the four ancient seal characters of the layout industry and the Oracle Bone Inscriptions big character Sigh layout industry were at least 100,000 times per word.

June 25, 2024

Xu tui didn’t even look at it.
It’s not long before I turn around.
No, we have to hurry when we’re done
Xu retreat fool who also dare not fool a star-rated strong face to face?
Besides, it’s better to return it thinking that it will be completed. Then I’ll have the cheek to rush Cai Shaochu for some rewards.
That letter-sealing source crystal ability seal card is a real abuse!
Cai Shaochu suddenly sneezed several times in succession and then looked suspiciously at the window. "Who is this bastard who misses me behind his back?"
Although the triangular flying saucer has pushed things to Cai Shaochu, Yan Lie, Luo Mu and Cui Xi have already understood a lot of things.
It’s not that he is attractive, and it’s not that he has mechanical spirits. He likes to mutate genes. It’s that the head of the team, Xu retired, hypnotized those mechanical spirits first in preparation.
The mystery of decoy tactics is finally solved.
"Do you want to keep this secret, Colonel?" Rough appearance but delicate mind Cui Xi suddenly asked
Before Xu retired, he never said and never showed the radiation influence ability in front of them. Before that, he even said that it was a card, which was obviously confidential.
There may be some taboo.
"If you can keep it a secret, try to keep it a secret. It’s best not to tell others that outsiders of our special warfare group must never say it," Xu stressed.
Three people nodded at the same time.
After four hours of high-speed flight, a group of five flying saucers lowered their flying height when they approached the main base No.1 for 100 kilometers.
When approaching the No.1 main base for 40 kilometers, people will approach quickly on foot.
At a hillside two kilometers away from the No.1 main base, Xu retreated and looked at Li Shihua Ruanda. "We will attack you first and then kill you."
Li Shihua blinked and nodded his head. "It’s good that we also learn this bait tactic on the spot."
"Old Cui Chong!"
In an instant, Cui Xi took the lead in setting up the sole jet propeller and rushed to the No.1 main base.
Five seconds later, the alarm at main base one is loud.
Ten seconds later, Cui Xi was the first to rush outside the energy defense cover of No.1 main base.
Li Shihua, Ruanda, Jianqi and others stare big eyes to see for themselves whether Cui Xi is like a seducer!
Cui Xi fell to the ground in an instant and went straight into the energy defense cover of No.1 main base with a dash.
Followed by Zhao Hailong, Yang Huai, Xu retreated for a few seconds, and the members of the special warfare group rushed into the energy protection cover of No.1 main base to kill!
Li Shihua, Ruanda and others were dumbfounded for a long time before they jumped out with a horrible word!
Chapter five hundred and fifty Huge captured destruction