Without looking at the results, he resolutely got up from fighting Schiller.

June 26, 2024

Go straight towards the opposite finance university.
"Lie trough! What is the captain of Fudan University going to do? "
"It’s not enough to humiliate your opponent in the battle? Do you want to humiliate another meal in reality? "
And see the party want to get up bare and others are going to pull a party want to but was caught by Han Xuanxuan.
"Let him go."
"This is a knot in his heart."
"Only by understanding this knot can he treat the dream trip better, which is also a good thing for him."
Han Xuanxuan looked at Fang Xiang’s back. This time, Fang Xiang’s back did not show weakness. On the contrary, Fang Xiang’s back was very strong.
He wants to have come out.
Come out of that gloomy relationship completely.
This time Fang thought it was just to draw a full stop.
Yuchang PK
Han Xuanxuan’s eyes glanced contemptuously at the opposite side of the brain screen with two residual blood characters and two summoners BB.
Unless the summoner BB on the other side is limited to God, this battle has already fallen into the coffin.
I also saw Fang Xiang coming towards her side. Fan Qi’s eyes became a little evasive. She forgot to fuck the PK battle in front of her eyes, and everyone hid behind the white shirt youth.
The young man with a white shirt didn’t love the fantasy westward journey so much because he heard that the game was very good. pick up hot chicks spent money on the game to find pleasure. This time, he could beat Fudan University and then complete the deal with Fan Qi. But because of the amazing strength shown by Fudan University, his hope was already desperate. When he saw Fang Xiang coming to his side at this time, he found that Fan Qi was hiding behind him, and his heart boiled.
A hero’s good play to save the United States is also instantly generated in his heart.
In the previous step, I wanted to talk to Fan Qizhong
"What are you doing?"
White shirt youth asked coldly.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Wait for me
Glanced at the young man with a white shirt
Fang wants to prepare a white shirt for young people to pass by without paying any attention.
Be … Be regarded?
There is a trace of cruelty in the eyes of young people with white shirts. Can’t you beat Fang Fang in the game? Can’t you beat him in reality? He was just about to grab Fang Xiang’s collar when he saw Fang Xiang with a big mouth in his face.
Indifferent words spit out from Fang Xiang’s mouth
"You you know who I am? Dare to hit me? "
The young man with a white shirt was slapped down by Fang Xiang, and the whole person was flustered. He jumped up from the ground and looked ferocious at Fang Xiang and asked.
Fang Xiang is preparing to pick up this white shirt again, and a few students from Fudan University came along after a meal.
The leader is Han Xuanxuan with his hands in his pockets.
Han Xuanxuan yawned.
I don’t know who you are, but if you beep again, I’ll break your leg.
Han Xuanxuan’s words are full of domineering and give people a sense of no doubt
The young man with a white shirt is pale and doesn’t know what he said. He has no doubt about what Han Xuanxuan said. He believes that if he really says anything at this time, Han Xuanxuan may really break his leg … and …
Fang thought he didn’t know.
Han Xuanxuan doesn’t know him either.
But …
When his eyes crossed the light, his eyelids could not help but beat violently.
At a previous banquet, the young father with a white shirt worked hard to get an invitation to the banquet, and then said that he would take the young man with a white shirt to learn more. It is said that the banquet department was the top people in Magic Capital, and that time …
They are guests.
Bare … is the master.
It was that banquet, if the young man with the white shirt remembers it correctly … it should have been held by him at home when he was naked and over ten years old …
It was also that time when the young man with a white shirt came home and warned him that there were several families in Magic Capital who must not be provoked.
The first thing that can’t be provoked is that the roots of the magic capital of the Korean family can be traced back to before liberation, and both black and white are delicious.
The second thing that can’t be provoked is that a banquet was held. The Guangguang family of their family has gone from black to black for generations, and the most frightening thing is that it seems that the former Guangguang family secretly unified the Mafia Department of Modu, but no one is sure about this source.
The third thing that can’t be provoked is that the focus of public opinion has gathered recently-Xiongfeng Group is said that not long ago Xiongfeng Group also ate a batch of goods from the Su family in H city, and also detained the excrement basin in the Su family’s head in H city, so that the chairman of the Su family group was taken to the police station for investigation. However, because this kind of thing is not a glorious thing, the news was blocked as soon as it happened. If it wasn’t deliberately learned, it was simply that I didn’t know about it.
The young people with white shirts know that Guangguang seems to obey Han Xuanxuan’s orders at a similar age, and they are also intimate …
Look at the situation again. The young man in the white shirt immediately surprised out with a cold sweat.
The whole person’s mouth is just like being zipped. Han Xuanxuan and others look at him from time to time, but his body is stiff and motionless.
I’m afraid I’ve done something to upset Han Xuanxuan and others. These people really hurt themselves.
Yu Fang thought that he didn’t care about things behind him over there.
Han Xuanxuan had already come to Fan Qi when he was talking to the young man with a white shirt.
"Fang … Fang wants to"
Fan Qi’s eyes are full of dodge like a frightened kitten.
It is also at this time that all the onlookers around know that there is something hidden in this matter! Maybe it will be a war that will trigger the tearing of the two schools, Cai and Fudan!
At this time, Fang Xiang didn’t say anything. He held out his hand and stirred a fan Qi’s hair.
Fan Qi’s whole body trembled violently.
It is also this time that Fang wants to take a step forward.
"What are you doing in the trough? What is this?"
"Is this a kiss in broad daylight?"
There was an uproar around them, but when they were touched by Han Xuanxuan and others, they chose to keep their mouths shut one by one.
That is, at this time, Fang Xiang has returned to the step face with a hint of indifferent smile, while Fan Qi is like being struck by lightning and motionless in situ.
"Senior, let’s go."
Fang wants to turn to Han Xuanxuan and say
"Ah ah? So soon? "
Han Xuanxuan leng one.
"Yeah, I’ll just have a word with her."
Fang Xiang nodded his head.
"that’s all right. it’s your business anyway."
Han Xuanxuan didn’t ask a group of people more, and once again walked away in front of all the students in the 9 college league matches in Chuangshi Internet Cafe.
It was also at this time …
"Ah lie trough! I was so busy at the theatre just now that I forgot to fuck. "
"Mom, I’m going out flat."