Step on the stars

June 27, 2024

So that’s it! Wu Ming suddenly realized that his jade emperor’s merits and demerits were less than offset, but he didn’t expect to be raised.
"I hereby order you to show the nine deep and remote emperors of Wei De Ling, guarding The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and commanding the nether world outside the underworld."
Wu Ming immediately thanked him, commanded the ghost country and took charge of the demon world, but now it is justified. Is it that the Jade Emperor seems to deliberately separate the handle of the underworld?
"Haha, congratulations to the Emperor."
"It’s very, very important to be called the emperor now."
A bunch of marshals, such as Ma Lingyao, said with a smile that Wu Ming immediately waved his hand again and again. This title of emperor and emperor is not worth much. Which of the four marshals has no title of emperor?
However, it is Wu Ming who has been underestimated by himself. Most fairy gods in heaven have titles of emperor and emperor, but that’s not the jade emperor’s seal of their own Ministry. It’s a brand, but Wu Ming’s name is a real fairy.
After sealing the jade emperor Wu Ming, he asked about the current progress of the Yaoshen Palace, such as
"The two emperors, Lu Ban and Mo, have gone to break the temple of the four ancestors in a few days."
"So it’s good for all your families to go away."
Immediately, all the immortals left. Wu Ming wanted to entertain several marshals of Ma Lingyao, but now most of the gods in heaven are no longer there, so they can invite them again if they can’t leave.
Then he congratulated Zhenyuan before.
"Being original has also touched your light." Zhenyuan shook his head and said, "His immortal ancestors, but his immortal way, are not alone, but many people secretly spy on the Three Realms. Who has few adversaries?
It is this time that the great magical powers in the three realms have paid attention to Wu Mingshen, but he has been successfully promoted to the fairy without interference, so it is considered to be followed.
After a short exchange, the two left each other and made several appointments.
"Emperor Jun stays, Emperor Jun stays!"
Walking out of the hall, Wu Ming suddenly heard someone shouting, turning to himself and saying, "Fairy boy called me?"
This should be the fairy boy Wu Ming, the attendant around the jade emperor. He is curious about what he is doing. Is there anything else that is inconvenient for the immortals to say?
The fairy boy said, "Go slow, Emperor. You haven’t received your ceremonial duties yet. He told me to take you to get them."
Wu Ming immediately followed the little fairy boy all the way to Xiankusi.
See a black, a white, a cat and a dog guarding the door.
The fairy boy said, "We want to get all things ready, a static gong, two golden umbrellas, four wind and fire fans, twelve four spirits, and nine Wu holding a chariot. We can’t delay it."
The black cat and white dog immediately dared not neglect to enter, and reported that the master of Xianku Temple was busy for a while.
"PSST, this is the true gentleman with many eyes, right? It doesn’t look like a murderer. "
"What true gentleman is going to be called the emperor? But I can’t believe that the true gentleman is so fierce and fierce. It’s really worthy that Erlang true gentleman is tied for the arrogance of heaven."
"Is there? Why didn’t I know? "
"Oh, I just commented."
Wu Ming’s waiting outside the Fairy Boy Fairy Library Temple is a shame that many fairy collectors say that he naturally won’t care about others and didn’t scold him
In a short time, the front door of Xianku Temple was filled with many objects, but Wu Ming stared at the dark body of the nine-Wu-holding chariot, which depicts the sun and the gods. It is like a big day when two people have a canopy.
"Thank you for your kindness!"
Wu Yao Yao a worship way
"The emperor’s position gave him a ceremonial ceremony, but Yu wanted the emperor to recruit people himself," Fairchild said.
"This is a natural fairy child."
Wu Ming put away the ceremonial ceremony with a wave of his sleeve and thanked the immortals and went to the world.
yellow view
Sanzang, the first Yuan God, is really carefree when he sits and talks about Taoism, walking and abstinence, and so on.
"Brother Dao is now free from robbery and even at large, which makes the poor monk envious." Sanzang praised.
Wu Ming shook his head and said, "It’s hard to be at large."
Then he gave a general account of all the things in Lingxiao Hall.
After hearing this, Sanzang suddenly frowned. "There are some accidents in this matter. Although there is a guarantee from Zhenyuan Daoyou, the tree was left by the Buddha. How could it be so easily let go? “
"It is said that there are more important things than this" Wu Mingdao.