Xiao Yu’s eyes are sharp. Suddenly, a terrible murderous look attacks this piece of robbery cloud, which makes Xiao Yu’s face move out quickly.

June 28, 2024

See a shining golden man of God holding a square painting halberd and suddenly chopping away a terrible light towards his original body, accompanied by several thunder robberies.
"Who are you?"
Xiao yukou drink a way
The shining golden man of God can’t strike and dance. The painting halberd once again turned to Xiao Yu and killed a series of halberd mans sharp and never said a word.
Xiao Yu had a big drink and waved his fist. In the same period of the Golden Armor-Man War, Leijie constantly hit a series of purple thunder and hit Xiao Yu’s bloody bones.
The strength of this shining golden man of God is also inscrutable. The painting Ji waved several times and swept Xiao Yu out, dripping with blood.
Xiao Yuqiang’s big flesh is like a dummy in front of the square painting halberd. The root can’t resist being scratched by the halberd blade and blood flows.
Xiao Yu fell in the distance and looked at the shining golden man of god with a dignified face. He took out a pole to subdue the evil spirit.
This shining golden man of god is really weird. He is different from the monk’s roots everywhere. He is not white. How can there be such a creature in the thunder cloud?
Chapter four hundred and thirty-one Nine golden wheels of merit
Once again, the shining golden man of God killed and danced, and the painting of Ji Mang filled the air and tore like a peerless god of war, splitting at Xiao Yuli.
Xiao Yu drank a magic pestle and the shining golden man of God fought together.
In the middle of the day, the tenor is dull, and the thick thunderbolts are constantly running through from all sides and chopping at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu is under double pressure. On the one hand, he is the shining golden man of God, on the other hand, he is doing his best to thunderbolt.
Even if Xiao Yu is holding an artifact at the moment, he can’t move mana. Once this artifact is activated, the great power will be emitted. Then Lei Yun will immediately appear against the gods when it is interfered.
Xiao Yu can rely on the magic pestle to be tough. After blocking the opponent’s party’s day painting Ji, he waved his fist and ran wild and burst his fist at the chest of the shining golden man of God.
Shining armor, the man of God seems to have spiritual wisdom. When he saw Xiao Yu hit with one punch, he immediately punched the past.
The fists of the two men slammed together and made waves. The clouds around them were scattered by the earthquake, and many appeared in Lang Lang Qing.
The arm of the shining golden man of God suddenly burst and snorted, and then he retreated wildly, and then his whole body kept exploding and banging, but after his body was blown up, it was not blood, but a series of lights rushed away in all directions.
Suddenly, the arm of the shining golden man of God shook, and the painting halberd came out to sell. A Lei Guang suddenly ran through Xiao Yu’s body to crucify him directly.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly running wheel eyes quickly folded, twisted, like a few ghosting appeared, and the square painting halberd directly deviated from the direction and flew to the left.
Xiao Yu drank a lot.
Gone with the wind robbed the golden knife light in the cloud and rushed over quickly, for example, like a golden flash to cut across the neck of the shining golden man of God.
A good head flew up and a bright light rushed to collapse in all directions.
Xiao Yu gasped at the front of his head and looked dignified and whispered, "What kind of creature is this?"
At this moment, several Lei Guang converged toward the central government and split the statue of Jin Jiashen, drowning him. Suddenly, a huge breath of terror emanated from the shining golden man of God, which quickly soared and turned into a ten-foot-tall head reborn. The hand of the agent once again appeared with a bite of the square painting halberd, and waved the halberd directly at Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu’s face turned big and disappeared in a flash, avoiding this terrible halberd.
"How did this happen?"
He can’t believe it.
This shining golden man of God has been killed by him. He has absorbed several thunder and then reborn again. The breath or strength are several times stronger than before. What is this creature?
"LeiJie his strength source is LeiJie to constantly absorb LeiJie, then he will never die. The Vietnam War is getting stronger." Suddenly Xiao Yubai came over and his eyes flashed to himself.
He looked around and saw that Lei Yun was finally rolling and surging, purple and colorful, and there was no trace of decline. When he observed it, the thunder kept chopping and hitting him, and his blood splashed and banged.
At this time, the shining golden man of God waved the painting Ji on the square day and killed him again. The murderous Ji Mang rained down on Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu had a big drink, and the golden wheel buzzed and spun behind his head, and there were six positive wheels and three negative wheels. The figure of evil Buddha emerged and opened his mouth to chant and bless Xiao Yu’s flesh, which made his flesh blood roll and his strength soared more than nine times. He waved the magic pestle and the two men fought in an instant to become hot.
It’s dark, Lei Guang. Shoot!
This is definitely the most terrible battle Xiao Yu encountered when he debuted. Apart from being absolutely crushed by the gods, has he ever been so embarrassed?