"Are you thinking the same thing as me?"

June 29, 2024

"This whole thing can’t be!"
"Xia … Mr. Xia!" Even the policeman cried.
"You’d better … still … or put this thing away … away."
The police officer suddenly felt that he might have seen the most money with his own eyes when he saw this thing.
This thing … How much is it!
Just set the table?
"It’s too … too easy for someone to steal your table!"
To be honest, even the police officer himself tried to steal this thing!
If you steal it without being discovered, it’s not the peak of your life.
"Alas, this is what the landlord gave me. I never thought it was so valuable before …" Daqiang shook his head with a wry smile.
Where shall I put this thing for a while?
"It’s all the news …" He couldn’t help complaining that the former rusty gold was not widely known, but the former news was known to everyone.
"I’ll send some colleagues to help you protect this statue for the time being, but you’d better find a way to put it away in the bank safe or somewhere else …" The policeman said.
He called several colleagues to come over and stayed outside Daqiang’s house.
And this police officer is eyeing it and seems to be planning to stay here today.
It’s hard to be strong … Where is this thing going …
You have to think about what to do.
The villagers are all around and unwilling to leave.
I’ve seen everything before, especially after the shadow.
At that time, they all said that this thing should be old and valuable. After all, it was not far from Zhuang, and it was still a story. The original auction would definitely be worth a lot of money.
But now … they really refreshed what is "valuable".
"Such a big thing will not be the richest man in Xiajia Village!" A villager had a sudden idea of a problem.
"The richest man in Xiajia Village?" Another villager shook his head. "It is the richest man in Xiajia Village! I am afraid it is the richest man in our township! "
"The richest man in the county?"
"The richest man in the city may have it!"
"Can you eat one and lose one when you eat fried dough sticks on a strong day?"
"I lost both of them!"
Or the old people in the village can’t stand it and drive these braggadocio away. "Okay, let’s go! Go, go, go! What are you pushing? Go home and hug your daughter-in-law to sleep! "
"The richest man, let’s go!"
"Goodbye, the richest man in Xiajia Village!"
A group of young people walked away laughing and laughing.
If the money were less, I might be jealous.
But this number … is beyond the scope of jealousy.
As they walked along, everyone chatted cheerfully about another question.
"You said that Daqiang is so rich, how rich will Zhuang be not far away?"
This problem immediately aroused the imagination of the villagers, and it was still discussed in a unconstrained way until it reached the street corner.
Everyone’s gone. Daqiang has a headache when he looks at this statue …
What should I do with this thing
Sometimes Daqiang expects it to be less valuable.
Its significance to Daqiang is not because it is valuable, but because it was given to him by Lolo as a testimony that he fought.
Too much has become more complicated.
But it is also false to say that it suddenly becomes expensive and too strong to care.
Even renting this thing out for people to visit the exhibition can make their families have less food and clothing and make their parents live a good life for half a generation.
This is also the best thing that one can do for parents.
But what should we do with this thing?
Da Qiang didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night, so he finally fell asleep. When he got up the next morning, he heard the noise outside the door.
When I got out of the door, I saw that the police officer was still occupying several aunts and aunts outside the door.
"Let’s give you a big kiss!"
Daqiang …
Chapter 1144 I’m going to save the earth
"… dear?" Daqiang looks stupid.
To tell the truth, Daqiang never thought about getting married again.