Now the imperial heaven is Di Chin’s territory, and now it is a possibility that the hibiscus tree rises in the imperial heaven.

June 30, 2024

It is enough for Yutian to understand the five elements, but it is also necessary to have five elements of inflammation to refine the five internal organs, so it takes a little wing to improve the quality of the five elements and then slowly refine the five internal organs to achieve the five emperors’ territory
It’s a pity that the quality of the success of Imperial Heaven’s cultivation of "longevity tactic" is still not enough. It is not so simple to achieve Di Chin’s territory by means of Leijie’s refinement skill for the first time.
Once the Imperial Heaven’s "Magic Mirror" has achieved great skill, it is naturally pure enough to break through the enemy’s territory at that time. Unfortunately, the "Magic Mirror" is a fusion of the catalogue of the God of War and the magic mirror achievement method of the Emperor, and it is also a fusion of what the Imperial Heaven has learned from the three worlds. This "Magic Mirror" is a magical work. Now the Imperial Heaven has only achieved the sixth and sixth, and it has restored the victory of the master to Di Chin by thunder.
It can be seen how powerful the’ Magic Mirror’ is. You should know that the Imperial Heaven’ Magic Mirror’ is the great master when it is completed …
Chapter 44 Fusang Tree
The fiery red light burns like a raging fire
Unlike that kind of hot flame, it’s just that kind of warm flame
The hibiscus wood contains exhausted fire energy, which is pure enough as a huge energy source. Generally, the whole hibiscus tree is like a huge treasure of heaven and earth. The goal of the hibiscus tree is that it has the characteristics of northern ghost magic and can devour power. Generally speaking, the hibiscus tree is an exception. The hibiscus tree is the place where the hibiscus tree is ready to break through!
If you practice step by step, it is estimated that the plot of Imperial Heaven has just achieved the tenth priority. After all, the cultivation of "Ghost Mirror" requires too much skill, so it is the limit to break through the tenth priority.
Thought of here, Imperial Heaven stared at the hibiscus tree in the distance with his hands behind his back.
Suddenly, a black shadow appeared and fell to Yu Tian’s side. "Now, I found several spies in Shu. These spies came from Yin Yang family and Qin State. It seems that Yin Yang family has taken refuge in Qin State!"
Dark said a secret letter to the royal day.
The letter was written by Cailin Fu. Cailin Fu lived in the capital of Qin and monitored Qin’s every move.
Now Ying Zheng exterminates Wei and digests Wei’s strength, which is a great increase in strength. Qin’s eyes are even more focused on Zhao, a country that was second only to Qin.
Ying Zheng’s ambition also attracted several people to be loyal to the famous legalists of Yin and Yang, the loser in China … Many hundreds of people are loyal to Ying Zheng.
Ying Zheng was also here, and he was not afraid to meet them in succession. Among these theories, Yin and Yang are the most believed. After all, Yin and Yang are the most mysterious and the most earth.
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven looks at the secret letter with a glimmer of light in her eyes. "Hum … Yin and Yang want to pick peaches, but they don’t know that they are planning to let you go for the time being. After all, you are still beneficial."
Imperial day sneer at the letter in his hand has turned to dust.
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven leaps and flies towards Shushan through the clouds.
Just come to kwai dark is followed by some surprise stare at the royal day "and think twice! It is not so simple to absorb the energy of the hibiscus tree and break through the’ Fire Emperor’! "
Kwai dark horror seems to know something incredible.
If we don’t break through as soon as possible, we will have the strength to face the mysterious East Emperor Taiyi in the plot.
Imperial sneer at the eyes with a crazy breakthrough crazy.
Be cruel to the enemy and be more cruel to yourself. What kind of emperor is an emperor if he is relegated for a long time?
At this moment, Kwai Daren repeatedly accused him that "Huokejin Gong is in the territory of Di Chin. If it becomes a fire emperor’s territory, the confrontation between China and China will make the public miserable!"
As Kwai Dark said, generally achieving the Five Emperors’ Realm first selects a breakthrough of five elements, and then becomes a perfect realm of five emperors step by step according to the rules of five elements. Now the breakthrough of Imperial Tiancheng’s Di Chin Realm is the Water Emperors’ Realm, but Imperial Heaven doesn’t do so. Now, I want to absorb the power of hibiscus trees and directly achieve the Fire Emperors’ Realm, Fire Emperors’ Realm and Di Chin Realm will definitely fight in the Imperial Heaven’s body!
It’s a pity that Imperial Heaven has decided that it is more legal to save it.
At this moment, the sky jumps like a fairy arrival.
"Ceng … Ceng …"
The figure crossed the sky and fell directly to a huge red Shenmu.
Shenmu is hibiscus, and this tree is hibiscus.
The huge ratio of hibiscus is just like weighing things in heaven.
Yutian hibiscus feels unparalleled strength.
The whole hibiscus is like a treasure of heaven and earth, which generally contains all the energy
Suddenly a small figure appeared, like a little doll.
The little doll is very cute. "Master, I want this big tree. I want this big tree. This is a five-element tree. If I put together four of them, I will evolve!" "
The little doll is the spirit jade, that is, the spirit of the Seven Treasures and Immortals.
Imperial Heaven looked at Lingyu and gently stroked Lingyu. "Okay, okay … sooner or later, this tree will enter the Seven Treasures Ring. Please help me see if there is anything strange here?"
It’s strange that the Imperial Heaven fell on the hibiscus tree and suddenly felt a little depressed around it.
The feeling of the Imperial Heaven may be a warning. This Imperial Heaven looks at Lingyu, and sometimes Lingyu is well informed.
Ling Yu looked around, and the hibiscus trees were lush and running around.
Suddenly, Lingyu covered her mouth with a look of shock. "Master, master, this big tree is so powerful that it has sealed something. This thing is so powerful that it needs a seal of this big tree."
Lingyu was shocked and pointed to Fang Shugen.
In the original work, Meng Tian took away the hibiscus tree. Before he died, Elder Liu told Shi Lan that he would make something not come out so early. Obviously, this seal is supported by the hibiscus tree. If you lose the hibiscus tree, this seal is cracked.
At the moment, Ling Yu’s return to the Imperial Heaven is just to cross his legs and sit in the dark, and also to protect the Imperial Heaven around him.
For the hibiscus tree seal, Yutian can also make a breakthrough first.
"Shout … shout …"
Imperial heaven enters the practice, and thick latosolic red flames slowly emerge. These are the energy of hibiscus trees.
The’ Magic Mirror’ can absorb a lot of energy and turn it into a magic skill, and so can the hibiscus tree. Now the majestic skill is slowly converging towards the imperial sky and turning it into a magic skill, and finally the magic skill is turned into a hot fire skill!
Suddenly, the royal sky turned red, even the silver hair turned red.
Kwai dark side don’t know so good at the moment.
Fire, gold, imperial heaven, Di Chin’s territory, and now it’s a breakthrough in the territory of the fire emperor. This is simply fooling around
But thick breath appear kwai dark is suddenly emerge joy.
A khaki flame emerges, which is soil inflammation.
Fire-induced soil inflammation appears instantly, and the energy of fire keeps coming towards the sky.
The whole hibiscus tree blooms with dazzling light, but also emerges with thick red flames, which are like igniting the whole hibiscus tree, but they are coming towards the sky.
Kwai Darkness has disappeared, because this flame also has harm to Kwai Darkness.
The present scene has attracted several people to come.
Less people from shushan are coming here.
"Grandpa Liu, what’s going on? Shi Lan just stays in the hibiscus tree. Does this happen to the hibiscus tree?"
Speaking is Shi Lan Shi Lan, who is very puzzled that he just thinks of delicious cakes and big brothers when praying for hibiscus trees, but this is the case now.
Elder Liu also shocked the scene at present, but he has never seen it in the classics …
Chapter 441 Five Emperors
Fire-induced soil inflammation absorbs the fire energy contained in hibiscus wood and slowly refines the spleen of Yutian.