Now Mulin is hard and cold from the outside. Dong Qing feels that Mulin has contacted her and can’t see through his heart.

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Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Heizhugou
Heizhugou all of us don’t want to go to another place. I didn’t expect that in the end, Dong Qing, all of us would like to set foot on Heizhugou Road again.
When the three of us were sure, we were ready to leave. It was the three of us who didn’t expect Haria to join us voluntarily. In Haria’s words, although three heads are better than Zhuge Liang, it would be more convenient to add her two Zhuge Liang.
I’m sure Haria, it will be much more convenient for us.
It is very simple for us to pack our things and pretend to be traveling to foreigners, but this time we can’t pretend to be casual. Later, Haria can say that we are remembering our old friends.
The day before I left, I sat alone in my room in a daze, holding a photo of Dong Qing in my hand. Looking at that photo, I was a little distracted. Dong Qing and I met a few years ago, but I was indifferent to her, especially when Dong Hu and his wife died. I didn’t have the courage to face Dong Qing, but when I saw her again, she smiled at me and held out her hand and said my name was Dong Qing.
The more I think about it, the more depressed I feel. I still want to go and pick up my wallet. I walked out of the house quietly. When the canteen was preparing to open the door, I bought a beer and then moved it to the top floor alone.
I am sitting on the roof alone, drinking beer and looking at the prosperity of the city. I suddenly feel bitter. Many people live in this busy world, and the pace of life in one city after another is too fast. When can we sometimes stop and look back at the road we have traveled?
Even if I can live forever, one day I think I will forget my heart and my own way.
"Damn Mulin, you drink here alone and don’t call us. You’re going to die!" When I finished the third can of beer, Zhao Feiyu’s swearing voice appeared.
I turned around and saw that not only Zhao Feiyu came, but also Haria went to the roof in pajamas. They sat beside me at all, and everyone except one skillfully opened a can of beer and drank it off.
"I bought one when I was old, and you saved me a drink!" I stared at Zhao Feiyu, wondering how much trouble it would be to go upstairs to buy beer if there was not enough later.
Fei-yu zhao was inadvertently opened a can of beer and handed it to Fei-yu zhao one by one. Fei-yu zhao is honestly withdrawing his hand. Fei-yu zhao muttered that it’s okay for his brother to break the precept once. Are you going to die?
"yes! Die! " A nature is heard Fei-Yu Zhao whisper a gather together Fei-Yu Zhao ear earth responded to a face there is a happy feeling of revenge.
I sat and looked at Zhao Feiyu with a weak smile, just like a crazy beating of Haria. I don’t know how long it took, but Haria suddenly asked, Will you three be separated?
I don’t know what Haria meant. I turned and frowned at Haria, hoping that she would make it clearer.
"I had friends as good as you three before, but once I was betrayed by them, they lost me and ran away. Fortunately, I survived. I found them and wanted to ask them what to do, but they didn’t even have the courage to see me. Not only that, they also tried to take everything away from me. What do you think this is?" Haria asked with a wry smile.
"It won’t happen to the three of us. I’m afraid Kobayashi can do it … hahaha, but in the end, he won’t let you go regardless of Haria. I promise you won’t happen again. What’s the saying? Don’t be born on the same day in the same year, but die on the same day in the same year." Zhao Feiyu raised his beer and said with great pride.
"I won’t accompany you when you go to die." I interrupted Zhao Feiyu’s forced road very uncooperative.
But I, Zhao Feiyu, tell the truth, if one day we are all in danger, surely we will leave our life to others? I might do it … To be honest, I don’t know what I would do.
That night, it can be said that we couldn’t sleep all night. When the sun came up the next day, the four of us just went back, took a shower and got ready to go.
Heizhugou, located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, is an original ecological forest, but few people can visit the hinterland of Heizhugou. First, due to the complex natural conditions. Second, the ancient saying of Jia Yi people and Yi compatriots worship this magical land, and there have been several mysterious disappearances of people and animals in the ditch, which has given them a sense of mystery and produced many puzzles that make people dumbfounded.
There were two workers who never came back after entering the canyon. Later, an expedition explored Heizhugou again. They put hounds about two kilometers in front of the Shimen, but they didn’t see the hounds coming back for a long time. The guide was in a hurry and shouted at the sky. Suddenly, thick fog rolled out, but the players were close at hand but couldn’t see each other, so that they could stop exploring.
There are six unsolved mysteries in Heizhugou, and once the ghost building let us enter Heizhugou, it was also to solve these mysteries, but in the end, we can be regarded as unsuccessful and the loss of personnel is heavy
People and animals often go missing and die when they enter Heizhugou. There are many reasons why people go missing after entering Heizhugou. According to endless statistics, several people have been in distress, injured and disappeared many times. What is more common? When I went there, the local Yi elders introduced that in 1995, more than three remnants of the Kuomintang (KMT) Hu Zongnan crossed Heizhugou with excellent weapons and entered the ditch, and one survived. Therefore, a "Death Valley of Terror" was left here.
I didn’t believe in evil at that time, but when a group of us went in, we really saw it.
There is also a saying that the Yi people’s ancestral home in Xiansihe Town, formerly known as Shihuo Yi language, means that the most dangerous part of the Death Valley where the local Yi compatriots spread widely-the open valley in Shimen is where their ancestors lived. "Zuxun" can’t enter or it will suffer. Shimen is the hinterland of Heizhugou. Many expeditions have gone through hardships and finally failed to go deep into Shimen, a dangerous area. There is a local saying that "a strong man who has been hunted will never look back"
When the five of us reappeared in the nearest village to Heizhugou, the Yi villagers no longer believed that we would appear alive.
Lu Feiyu asked me what I wanted to come to Heizhugou again this time. I was silent for a long time and didn’t say a word. Zhao Feiyu was a little worried, but he knew that the more I pressed me, the more I didn’t want to say it.
Feiyu stopped talking after asking once, but I don’t know what to say. At the beginning, we met some people in Heizhugou, and I accidentally killed Dong Hu and his wife because of my enemies.
But I always feel something is wrong. Five years ago, I was not an easy murderer.
At that time, we found out what was in Heizhugou, but unfortunately, we were forced to leave Heizhugou before we could find out those things.
Heizhugou is characterized by the unique topography of the valley, lush vegetation, and abundant rainfall and humidity. The mountain fog is often shrouded in fog, which makes the ditch gloomy and mysterious. The mountain fog here is varied in the morning and purple fog is rolling in the evening. According to the local Yi people, it is not allowed to make any noise when entering the ditch, otherwise it will disturb the mountain gods, and they will spit out green fog, which will take people and animals away. Investigators analyze the causes of people and animals entering the ditch, and it is very likely that people and animals will enter this mountain. The terrain in the wild valley fog is unfamiliar, so it is difficult to escape the trap of Death Valley. Locals and investigators have summed up such a jingle: "Shimen Shimen fog culvert is accompanied by Baotan; The ape is worried about climbing, and the hero is sad. "Yi compatriots proudly tell us that Heizhugou is a golden hill and silver land, and even the fog is reluctant to leave here." It is rich "and the fog is as strange as soft floating cloth, which will surround you and swallow you up once it goes deep.
We met this situation once.
When the fog appeared, all of us couldn’t find each other. When the fog cleared, we found that several members of our team had died. We really didn’t know what to do at that time.
Heizhugou said that Yi compatriots had found traces of savages in the 1950s. A giant bird with a wingspan of more than one meter was also found in the 1950 s. Some experts pointed out that it might be fortunate that pterosaurs and others had seen the "two-headed beast". In the 1950 s and 1960 s, there were a class of soldiers from the Surveying and Mapping Unit of the People’s Liberation Army and forest surveyors from the Southern Sichuan Forestry Bureau. There are still many unsolved mysteries in Heizhugou.
But Heizhugou in our circle also has his magic side.
There are many ancient magical sayings in Heizhugou area, among which the "Three Arrow Springs" is the most beautiful and moving. It is said that in ancient times, a man named Niu Pi, a Yi Hercules, led many people to hunt in the ditch. Three days later, they unconsciously drank the drinking water they brought with them, and one by one fainted because of hunger and thirst. In a faint way, a fairy came to Niu Pi and said to him, "Hero, please don’t worry, summon up courage. Water can be found." After dancing, she pointed to a place and woke up. Looking in the direction of the fairy Confused, but remembering the fairy’s words, he resolutely opened the bow and fired three arrows in succession. When three springs spewed out from the steep rock, the villagers survived. These three springs were called "Three Arrow Springs" from now on.
Those three arrows are the secrets of our circle.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Once again