Just as she was holding Zhizhu’s hand, she looked intently at Lin Qing’s place, leaving only a blue ghosting image.

July 2, 2024

Man …?
Where are people?
The winker has appeared in front of her!
How come?
How come!
Liu Yingying stood upright with horror!
Want to recall the magic weapon, but the other party is too fast!
Not only that! Almost at the same time, she saw a leg kicking at her with green light!
"Boom!" A muffled sound, surging power, like the tide.
The indescribable pain Liu Yingying felt as if a mountain was pressing on her, which instantly disintegrated all her spiritual strength. She didn’t expect Lin Qing to ignore her magic weapon attack and avoid it to give her such a strong blow!
The cohesive spirit is torn apart like tissue paper.
"Poof!" A mouthful of blood came out like a flower, spraying a long arc as she fell …
"Crash", a magic weapon that originally wanted to attack Lin Qing, lost its goal and fell behind because there was no follow-up spiritual blessing.
Liu Yingying’s heavy fall was more unbearable than a pit on the platform. She fainted in pain …
The whole platform was silent, and the younger brothers were dumbfounded!
What a powerful force …
Are they wrong? Just one move to beat the challenger of Chonglun in the same level?
Or killed?
How violent!
Chonglun has nothing in his face! Say it’s easy … It’s simply not easy!
My brothers looked at the Taiwanese dully, and saw that the golden sunlight sprinkled her slender neck and bare white skin seemed to glow. In the breeze, the wide robe fluttered slightly, and her short hair fluttered, which set off people’s picturesque eyes. She said "concession" to Liu Yingying, who had fainted, and then jumped back to the viewing platform like a flap of clouds.
The younger brothers came to their senses and burst into cheers.
"Uncle Lin is mighty and magnificent!"
"Uncle Lin is the most beautiful!"
"Good luck goddess!"
Zhuge Rourou braved the stars in the crowd. "It turns out that Lin Qing is more handsome than Uncle Song!" He touched his heart with great annoyance. "I was blamed for not grasping it well!"
"Master ACTS son came back" Lin Qing smile eyes curved to salute and dust.
And the dust nodded slightly and smiled as soft as silk.
Because most of the brothers Taihua in this rolling victory stand are as comfortable as eating cold melons in summer, except for a few people, such as Su Lu.
She was jealous and hated the flash of malice in her eyes. "This person who worships Lun is really out of the limelight by Lin Qing again!" She turned to look at the teacher and saw that the fix true man was looking at Lin Qing’s position with appreciation. She held her fist tightly. No matter what method, she needed to be strong as soon as possible and must be better than Lin Qing!
On the other hand, there are dark clouds on Chonglun’s side.
Fu Fang Zhen Jun looks pale and Liu Yu Zhen Jun’s heart is as painful as being stabbed.
He holds the palm of his hand, and the younger generation is actually beaten like a rag! He kept down his chest and burst out with anger, indicating that his younger brother took Liu Yingying to look sharply at Zhengmei Rao’s chatting. Lin Qing finally couldn’t help laughing. "Friends with dust are really a good brother!"
And dust look gentle and light "if she is not good, how can she beat the killing?" How can you let the young players live? "A word not only admits Lin Qing’s strength but also affirms her humanity.
He smiled and looked at Liu Yuzhen’s eyes with a slightly sharp voice and a cold ice. "Liu Yujun is such a good disciple. If something happened to her, I am not a decoration! You should be good at yourself! "
Naked threat!
Liu yuzhen’s pupils are dramatically constricted!
This oncoming momentum stunned his mind, and he grasped the handle of the bluestone chair tightly and barely moved his lips according to the chill in his heart.
As soon as the momentum of Zhenjun and the dust were closed, it seemed that nothing had happened and turned away from him.
Unconsciously, Liu Yuzhen’s back is dripping with sweat.
In the afternoon, Taihua won two games in a row and lost one after fighting against Chonglun Jindan because of the amazing warm-up.
On the first day of the moon, the stars are sparse, and the curtain falls.
Lin Qing sat in the courtyard and pondered over three fights today.
In the first game, Elder Tian Gang played against Brother Chong Lun. Elder Tian Gang’s sword was just fierce and arrogant, and he ran like a raging river. Although his opponent was defeated, his beautiful swordsmanship was like a dragon moving out to sea, and the wind and cloud changed color and moved forward sharply.
No matter the meaning of the sword or the meaning of the knife, some people have vast rivers and some people have torrential rains, which are different from each other.
Compared with the first game and the second game, the means of fighting is very shocking.
Taihuajin, the real god, knows how to attack and change his mind. He often knows how to let things out. After reading it, Lin Qing knows that his forging skills are far from being ready, but he is good at fighting against Brother Chonglun. He is an illusion, a qualitative illusion, a fascinating fascination, a small illusion, and a poor change.
Godsworn fighting skills emerge one after another. If you can’t be general, you need to be refined. Lin Qing secretly ponders his own swordsmanship and techniques, and you need to practice more in the future.
In the third game, the strength and combat power of the two men were very close to each other. In the end, it was almost a competition of willpower and tenacity. Lin Qing saw that there was always someone or something in the cultivation environment that made people overcome the good or the bad for a while, no matter whether it was smooth or bumpy, they had to persevere and make progress, so that they could overcome difficulties and gain enlightenment all the way.
After she carefully digested these realization months, she remembered that she had been trying in the test tower for more than two months. Although there was dust removal, she didn’t take a shower for more than two months. She couldn’t help but feel a little hairy and bought new clothes today. When she thought of a place, she got up and pushed the door out.
At night, the cool breeze moved Lin Qing to leave red dates and May 4th in the courtyard, which made her feel more interesting. She divided the flowers and brushed the willows and flew leisurely to a small peak.
Taihua’s night scene is faint, with mountains like Moyu and lakes like mirrors.
She came across a remote small peak with a hot spring waterfall in the middle of several mountains.
It’s nice to soak in a hot spring at this time
When she arrived at Xiaofeng, she was deeply disturbed and found walking slowly to the hot spring waterfall.
Chapter 24 Hot Springs
She didn’t know until she gradually approached the hot spring waterfall that some people had come here before her at some inappropriate time today.
It seems that she is not the only one who found this good place. Lin Qing paused and then smiled and moved on.
Hot spring waterfall slowly flows back with smoke-like mist and falls into a corner of a wide deep pool, splashing like pearls and jade.
The water vapor around the deep pool at night in late summer and early autumn is like a fairyland.
In the middle of the misty water, there is a person whose skin is as beautiful as a jelly and as beautiful as a sneak fairy.
The female Lin Qing, who is alert, called "Sister Song" at the same time.
Song Qi saw that Lin Qing’s eyes flashed a little surprised and then put on the alert and smiled gently. "What a coincidence! It turned out to be Lin Shimei."
Lin Qing approached the pool slowly. "It was by chance that I found the warm pool here. I wanted to come and bathe today and I happened to meet my senior sister."
The water waves gently move the body, and the wonderful chess moves slowly. Finally, she leans against the amazing arc of the charming body by the pool. If there is a shadow in the water, she blinks. "If not together?"
Lin Qing looked up and smiled, "That’s the intention."
She squatted down and dipped into the water with one hand, and the greasy spring water flowed through her palm. "It’s nice to take a bath in the hot spring in the autumn wind." She got up and put her hand on the belt.
Yun Yun Wu Fa Piao Shui Song Qi looked at Lin Qing who was about to undress. "Lin Shimei’s World War I today is really amazing."