A series of figures shot out, and Mo Jiafeng, a master in the mountain city, leaped to the northeast.

July 3, 2024

At the same time, Mo brothers flocked out to defend, lit torches to maintain order in the mountain city and prevent thieves from taking the opportunity to destroy everything in order.
It is known that the devil peeks at nature and has a plan.
Mo Guanchao and his wife also arrived at the same time to see Mo Qing’s soft body and strange black smoke suddenly showing horror.
Wang Xuan gu didn’t explain sink a way, "this is the devil’s secret technique. Take care of Rou Er and the ugly Buddha and leave it to the little husband."
Say toe a little swish a broken away.
Mo Qing looked at Wang Xuan’s leaving figure with a full face of worry, but he knew that he couldn’t make trouble at this time. He hurriedly called a face of Meng and forced him to throw himself about in black smoke and ugly Buddha, and all the guards hid in the secret room.
At this time, many Jianghu people in various wineries and inns in the mountain city have been awakened. Looking out the window, the torches are blazing, and the Mo brothers are all holding swords and murderous, and suddenly they are worried.
"What happened to the Moshan brothers?"
"But the devil’s fork?"
"It’s not that the military camp will attack the mountain city?"
"Let me wait for refuge out of the city!"
Looking at the noisy Jianghu guests, Mojia led the team and led the sullen "curfew in the mountain city. Everyone stay where they are. Don’t let it be difficult for you."
"What do you mean by Mojia? That’s the devil’s fork. Do you want to drag us to death together?"
Someone was immediately dissatisfied and questioned.
Look at these people who call each other brothers on weekdays. Mojia leads the sneer in the heart. It was as if Jianghu people were as light as water.
He will hold the hilt in his hand and scan a circle coldly. "Mo’s family in your mountain city will be responsible for safety, but if it is messed up at this time, it will be our enemy Yong ‘an."
"Don’t worry, Wang Daren has gone to meet the enemy. Nothing can be cherished forever!"
What big talk!
Although the Jianghu guests are secretly cursing in their hearts, they are calm and sullen to stay in the inn.
On the other side, the city wall of Shancheng East.
This place was built after the discovery of a giant copper mine, in order to defend against the evil spirits of wild animals in the eastern mountainous areas.
At this time, the Mojia brothers in rows have already been torched and set up a statue of the crossbow, nervously looking at the dark night outside the city.
These bed crossbows are not military instruments, but are driven by Chen Mo knife design array. After all, the bed crossbows of the samurai army cannot be separated from the army array.
In the city, experts in refining and transforming gods have arrived to remove several famous people from Jinxiu Pavilion, as well as the old demon Huang Yuan and the black-haired wolf demon of Yongan Fujun Liu Xuan.
The black-haired wolf demon is also amazing. At this time, he has been staring at the dark night with fear.
Huang Yuan, the old demon, kept silent and cast a secret bronze tripod, which soon filled the air with light and shadow.
With the small white night soaring in the eastern mountains, the scene suddenly appeared in everyone’s sight
Seeing a rolling white fog coming from the northeast, the dense forest surged with amazing momentum.
The original round mirror can see through the maze, so everyone can clearly see that there are some ghosts and ghosts in the cloudy fog, and the ghosts and ghosts are faint everywhere.
And in front of it is a man with a white-skinned lantern who walks on the leaves very fast.
"Is it him?"
Old demon Huang Yuan suddenly startled.
Wang Xuan frowned slightly. "Do you know Huang Lao?"
Huang Yuan’s eyes are dignified and he hands over. "My Lord, this man’s surname is Bai, but he comes from Huangquanling. It seems that Huangquanling is also ready to intervene in this matter."
Mo Huai is idle and thoughtful. "Huang Lao is right. Although Huangquanling is located in Zhangzhou, there is a branch of Kun Yuanshan Mountain on the east side of Bing, which spans so far …"
He didn’t say much, but the meaning is clear. It’s definitely not that simple that the Ten Species of Soul involves Baal.
"We’ll talk about it later."
Wang Xuan’s eyes sank. "May I find the trace of the female fork?"
Huang Yuan, the old demon, shook his head slightly after careful inspection. "Adults can’t find it."
Wang Xuan also unawares picked up Mo Yubao’s bow and stared at the night mountains. Candle dragon’s eyes flashed with golden light.
I don’t know how to escape, but even Ah Fu can hear the specific location, but no matter how high the escape, the soul can’t hide.
Wang Xuan first had a cloudy eye.
In the distant valley of the moon, wisps of faint white mountain suddenly flashed and swayed with the wind.
Wang Xuan doesn’t care. These are the residual souls of small and medium-sized animals in the mountains that are sent in the cracks of wood and stone after death, or they have become enchanting over time or dissipated due to the fierce sun exposure and thunder shock.
And the female fork soul appears
Hulu …
Next to Alfred, he was still staring at the distance and showing his fangs.
Wang Xuan eyebrows a wrinkly again.
Yang eyes can observe the spirit of heaven and earth, and suddenly a magnificent scene appears in front of you.