Loud noise, cold rain, three people working together to block Yan Dihan, one punch, four people each retreated two steps, Yan Dihan protected the crystallization twice, and Xiao Yu and Dugu destroyed the gravity pulse, which was seriously injured. He was strong-willed and would never give in even if he was seriously injured.

May 28, 2024

Cold Xiao Yu’s three men failed to strike and then attacked again. Seeing that the three men cooperated perfectly in the offensive, they did not dare to block Qifeng’s people. They stepped back and suddenly turned and slid, and their hands were slammed all over. There was a flash around them. It was obvious that the "Nu Leigong" was covered with flashes.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six The cycle of heaven
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, I saw that Han Yu was lured by Dugu, and the demon fiend was going to be born again, which would endanger Xia Lan’s safety. Liu Refeng stopped Han Yu desperately and wouldn’t let him succeed. The resentment at the bottom of my heart broke out.
"Ah" on Sunday, the eyes suddenly turned red and the Baihui point emitted bursts of red light to burn with fire.
Dugu went out and felt that there was something different on Sunday. He looked back lightly and said, "Oh, it’s the power of the fire phoenix. In that case, hate me. Vent your anger and explode your power. Fire phoenix."
"Ow!" On Sunday, I finally couldn’t suppress the powerful evil force. My hands and feet slowly changed and I was burning with fire. Seven flame feathers suddenly appeared in the back of my head to fly like a fire phoenix, the overlord of an ancient god beast.
Dugu looked at the eye hole that had changed on Sunday and said coldly, "The powerful force of evil forces has finally awakened. Come on, let me learn the power of ancient beasts."
Lengao Frost said worriedly, "Is it too much to destroy the dugu? The fire phoenix is very powerful. I’m afraid you should not underestimate your enemy if something goes wrong."
Dugu said, "I’ve always wanted to learn the power of the fire phoenix to see if my reincarnation can stop its evil power."
Lengao frost said, "But girls’ literature is"
Dugu said, "Leng Ao Shuang, you talk too much. You haven’t finished transforming on Sunday. His power is at best a part of the fire phoenix. I am sure I can control him."
Lengao frost sighed silently on the side.
"Ow" was suspended in the middle of the week, and on Sunday, he shouted, "Suddenly, I bumped into Dugu and destroyed it." Come on, "he shouted, and his eyes expanded with reiki vortex. He slowly pushed out a thick gas wall and wrapped himself tightly.
"Bang" Dugu didn’t move. A girl’s literature on Sunday was shocked by the huge rebound.
The strength of this blow stops the momentum of Wan Jun, and then the strength of Qi is added to the body. Both of them are constantly superimposed until the final strength superposition has reached a horrible level.
But I still can’t stand the loneliness.
Han Yu’s body is getting stronger and stronger, and the will of the fiend occupies the heart of his mind. He can’t say how impatient he is to push back Liu Refeng and then turn around and rush toward Xia Lan in the Buddha’s light.
The dust master suddenly interrupted his eyes and whispered, "Amitabha Buddha’s benefactor turned back to the shore after suffering from the sea." The golden light wrapped around Han Yu’s palm and his fingers danced, and the sharp finger force forced Han Yu to retreat slightly, which solved Xia Lan’s danger.
"Ha ha, dead bald donkey, did you stop me?" Han Yu made a fiend sound, and his eyes suddenly became more enchanting and red, and the power of fuyin instantly broke out, which made his body smell more earth.
I jumped at the Buddha with a pedal, trying to destroy the Buddha and release the demon king for ten thousand years.
Liu Refeng recently saw that Han Yu was going to destroy the Golden Buddha. He didn’t think about it. His hands were full of magic, and his palms suddenly turned into a rocket to castrate. He heard the "shout" fire quickly behind Han Yu.
Han Yu sneered at the backhand of girls’ literature without turning around. It was a palm that gave birth to a series of fierce palm rockets and stopped halfway to "wow" the small fire falling all over the sky.
Liu ruofeng’s staying calm and waiting for the fire to hit the ground, waving his sleeves to hold off the scattered fire, and turning into a thousand rockets "hoo-hoo" to surround Han Yu. With such a delay, Liu ruofeng’s people have arrived at the gap between Han Yu and himself.
Han Yu’s heart can’t help but admire Liu Refeng’s wit and martial arts mind to change so quickly. If there is no fiend power, it’s really not his opponent. When your feet push, you can borrow Liu Refeng’s palm force to rise. Zhang Xu’s five fingers hook through Liu Refeng’s palm force and grab him. "I’ll cut you some slack today." The wrist fretted and threw Liu Refeng out.
Without Liu Refeng blocking Han Yu’s pressure, people turned and pounced on the palm of the golden Buddha. Halfway through, they suddenly felt that the bamboo house was shaking violently and cried. When the volume of the golden Buddha expanded for half a ring, Long Ming kept shooting golden light to surround Han Yu.
Han Yu’s heart was in a great hurry, and the strength from the Buddha restrained his strength. The golden light shot into his body and made him fidgety. It seems that the meridians are controlled by the golden light. If the golden light goes wrong, it will immediately break his meridians, nullify his martial arts and seal the power of the fire phoenix.
Han Yu didn’t dare to be careless. Girls’ literature updated their minds for the first time, and the rotating body gave birth to all kinds of underworld breath, reducing the disorderly string of golden light. Suddenly, he saw him with golden light and black gas floating around people, and he didn’t move.
Dugu out watching the fire phoenix burst into 70% power on Sunday and said simply, "Oh, the fire phoenix power is really strong enough, and only a small part of the power has been so powerful. If the Ministry releases it, I will wait for the powerful power."
Sunday’s reason has been lost. "Don’t you always want to know the power of my fire phoenix? Now I have released the power. How does it feel like?" The red light in my eyes is stronger, revealing a strong murderous look.
Dugu said indifferently, "It’s a pity that I’m still too weak compared with you. I’ve only achieved ten percent capability, which makes you so flustered." The hands of the light figure are scattered and layered, and the sharp palms are filled with hurricanes, blowing sand and stones on the ground.
On Sunday, the nostrils contracted and the cold road "Laihao" was full of flames, and a flame feather came out of the back of the head again.
The body shaking "shifting and transposition" posture is even faster at this time, and it is even faster to wear out the rule. When it comes to time, the rule seems to be static for a moment, and then the figure suddenly appears in the middle of the school, and the girl’s literature is raging and the sword is worn out, and the layers of palms and shadows are accompanied by Li Xiao’s thunder and thunder.
Dugu’s vitality circulates rapidly, and the aura of heaven and earth is stronger. The gas wall is superimposed layer by layer. When the fire sword touches the thick gas wall, it makes a "tinkling" sound. Fiona Fang’s three feet burn a crimson flame
Dugu out look lose way "good shock wave but a few means still can’t hurt me" suddenly strong breeze hit the body eyes flash "bang" Sunday suddenly appeared in front of his eyes and punched him on the cheek.
Dugu exterminated the old man and saw Sunday’s fist coming, but he chose not to avoid flashing girls’ literature. He wanted to taste what it was like to be beaten up.
"Shout" Dugu went back repeatedly, while her cheeks bulged and giggled. "Interesting, it seems that I was careless." The momentum suddenly rose, and the wind blew from the drum to the road, and the gas overflowed and wrapped itself in a cold way. "Just now, I made ten percent of my skills. Now I should make three successes and use my heavenly reincarnation."
On Sunday, I cried, "What’s the trick?"
Dugu looked dim and said, "Oh, my confidence has greatly increased. The reincarnation of heaven is the end of my three great stunts. Now your strength is also worthy of me to make the reincarnation of heaven."
On Sunday, I shouted, "I will let you know what is really powerful."
Dugu said, "I told you that if you don’t move, the power of the Fire Phoenix Department won’t be my opponent. I advise you to release the power of the Fire Phoenix and stop suppressing it. Let me see what the real power is and let me use the most powerful stunt."
Sunday cold way "you talk too much nonsense" figure a flash "shout" just fierce palm wind has crashed into the dugu out gas wall.
Dugu Xiao slowly raised his hands and shouted "Heaven’s Cycle". He saw a huge whirlpool in the blue sky. The divine power of heaven hung down from the whirlpool, and all the local creatures covered by the whirlpool of heaven vanished one by one.
On Sunday, I feel that it is extremely difficult to breathe. The pressure is like the whole world is on you, making you unable to move and produce any resistance. The flow of qi is getting slower and slower, and finally it is still. Everything seems to be back to the origin and reincarnation.
Is this the power of heaven’s reincarnation? The marginal power of heaven binds all things in heaven and earth, treating them like ants and trampling them at will, so that they can’t give birth to a silk of resistance, and they are thrown into reincarnation in this way.
Is this still the power that human beings can master? At this moment, he realized that he was small, and that heaven and earth were so vast, and heaven was so high, and everything was in it.
In the gods’ knowledge, the fire phoenix "ouch" shouted a red gas overflowing the cage and sighed, "Is this God’s will?"
Seeing the darkness in the depth of my eyes and a confused face, I cried in pain on Sunday, "There is no choice. The only way is to explode my power, but you can’t escape this robbery. It’s up to you to receive my power."
Round after round, flames went straight into the sky, and layers of flames wrapped around Sunday.
And in the abdomen, the evil fire phoenix heart laughed. "Finally, your strength broke out. Let’s get together."
Outside on Sunday, a flame feather suddenly grows next to it, and the momentum suddenly rises. "Ow!" The world is surrounded by crimson flames.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Net God curse
Girls’ literature
"Ow!" Zhou Tianying roared all over the world, and the echo of this howling earthquake kept breaking out. The strength of the Fire Phoenix Department finally made his whole momentum reach the realm of Wudao Dijun in the later period, and the rapid increase of the realm and repair made his body root unable to bear such great strength, and the whole body changed wonderfully.
Luxuriant flame burns from body meridians to burn his skin inch by inch, with crimson flame from the inside out.
Dugu put out the "reincarnation of heaven" and felt the oppressive feeling in the reincarnation. I had to raise my skill to suppress the sudden opening of my eyes on Sunday, and the leakage of spiritual power from my eyes became more violent. "It’s a bit of a means. The Fire Phoenix deserves to be the first female literature in ancient times."
The reincarnation of heaven is becoming more and more fierce in the extinction of the world, and it is necessary to suppress the Sunday that was just about to struggle out.
Yan Di Han Xiao Yu fought for dozens of moves, but the outcome was not yet decided. Yan Di Han protected the crystalline pulse, and the skill was slightly discounted, while Han Xiao Yu broke the crystalline master’s four brothers’ battle, and the strength was slightly depleted, but it did not affect the overall situation. Therefore, at that time, four people did not tell the outcome.
Four people fought for a dozen more strokes, but it was still undecided. Cold Xiaoyu was anxious to sell a flaw. After being caught, he moved to the left with one hand and drew a circle, and the palm came out of the circle.
The speed of this palm is extremely fast and the strength is extremely fierce. Yan Di’s cold dare not stop Qifeng’s people from stepping back and suddenly spinning and sliding. The palm of his hand is just fierce, and his hands are slamming all over. It is obvious that there are flashes around him, and the extreme body of "Nu Leigong" is covered with flashes.
Cold Xiao Yu’s move didn’t work. Li Zhantian and Long Xiang joined forces to surround Yan Dihan. Seeing Yan Dihan covered with flashes and awe, he said, "Yan Dihan’s anger Leigong is really serious. You can’t underestimate your enemy." You know perfectly well that when you touch his clothes, you will be covered with lightning strikes and control your behavior through your heart.
Li Zhantian and Long Xiang joined forces to update the girls’ literature for the first time. Three different styles of "Hoo Hoo" sounded, and many circles of different sizes were formed. Each circle contained shocking strength, which would break Yan Di’s "angry thunder" and take his life as soon as it bounced back.