Xiao Yu face a heavy.

July 4, 2024

The magic shadow raised its hand and pointed at the light flashing in front of it, and instantly outlined the image of a rare young man, dressed in fine clothes and with double horns. In each eye, there were two pupils with both hands and a cool face.
"It’s him!"
The fat monk’s face changed slightly and lost his way. "Swallow the immortal emperor!"
Xiao Yu swept to the fat monk.
The fat monk hurriedly explained, "Swallowing the Immortal Emperor is the ninety-nine emperors in the Yang celestial realm, and his magical powers are unfathomable. His magical powers are very strange, claiming to devour all things in heaven and earth, especially for the monks’ souls and Yuan gods. It is said that swallowing the Immortal Emperor is an extremely ancient soul-devouring monarch, and he is the only one who can compete with the soul-devouring monarch. This male name, Yang Feng, I met the Immortal King seventh heaven when I was in the Yang celestial realm, and he was almost not even his opponent. But I don’t know what realm he is now,
It is incredible that the fat monk’s face flashes.
Xiao Yu’s face turned cold and said, "He wants to die!"
The demon soul said, "He’s obsessed with me, and he’s hurt the source!" "
"I see."
Xiao yuhua a streamer directly foaming at the mouth.
The fat monk’s face was even more amazing. He looked at the magic soul, the magic soul and the fat monk were directly rushed towards Xiao Yuchong by a wave of his hand.
The edge of the white sea of bones is covered with a layer of gray fog, and the remains of human skeleton giant birds, dead bones and fierce beasts and inferno bones are filled with this area like white snow.
A thrilling breath permeates this sea of bones, which makes people feel a thrill from the soul, as if there is a terrible death world inside qR1.
Once you step in, you will be forever dead!
Even at this moment, it is noon, and this sea of bones is still cold, which is even more eerie than the pale sunshine that falls on it.
There was silence all around, not a sound!
It’s so weird!
Click, click!
Xiao Yu walked into this sea of bones. Xiao Yu’s face was cold. Gujingbo had no roots for everything here.
The fat monk, on the other hand, looked very uneasy with caution. Not to mention that this area is full of such bones, he felt uneasy at the thought that Yang Feng might be hiding here.
The soul-taking technique of swallowing the immortal emperor is unpredictable, and once it is encountered, it is almost fatal!
He will have no resistance!
"Master, are we really going in?"
The fat monk turned pale and asked
"You can stay."
Xiao Yu cold way continue to walk forward.
The fat monk shivered and said, "I’d better follow you."
He followed Xiao Yu closely behind him.
Suddenly, a few ghosts flashed in front, and the horror was unpredictable, and there was a yin qi.
Xiao Yu suddenly stopped his body and his face was cold, and the eyes of heaven looked forward and said, "I don’t know if I live or die!"
He strode past.
All of a sudden, a raven thunderbolt rushed directly towards Xiao Yu’s body.
The fat monk’s face changed and he was just about to drink that raven light when he rushed into Xiao Yu’s body.
"Hee hee “`"
Xiao Yu gave a creepy laugh, and Wu Guang rushed directly to his mind to occupy his purple mansion and kill his yuan god.
Xiao Yu sneer at a motionless body directly broke out in a fire, and instantly the raven package suddenly came to a sharp scream and poof was burned to pieces.
Not far away, a figure in the sea of bones was shocked and vomited one mouthful blood. "If someone breaks in, they will inform the public!"
The words sound just fell and Xiao Yu’s body appeared behind him. A palm fell on his head and shattered his body.
"So is the mastermind technique!"
Xiao Yu cold way
Chapter one thousand and forty-six Shadow
Xiao Yu’s sudden appearance speed is faster than the terrible face indifference. A slap on the man’s head will directly smash the man’s flesh and blood to pieces.
The man’s body burst into pieces, and Yuan deified a light spot, exclaiming and hurriedly fled to the distance.
But Xiao Yugen didn’t give him this chance. After a slap in the face, the big hand clasped and grasped to condense the light spots, and all the light spots converged towards his palm. All the light spots were condensed into a palm-sized villain with a frightened face and shouted, "Who are you?"
Xiao Yuli didn’t pay attention to a pinch. The little man suddenly screamed and broke to be slightly ashes by a fire.
In the distance, several of his monks were shocked, and their companions were already wiped out without coming to help.
"Kill him!"