"Love each other! Why are you here? " She hurriedly wiped the tears in her eyes and looked at him awkwardly.

July 5, 2024

Li Xiangkang ran a few steps and reached her. He stretched out his right hand to help her gently wipe her tears and hugged her directly.
His arms are very warm and very secure.
Lin Mo seems to have returned to her childhood. When she is sad, her mother always gives her a hug to comfort her.
"I almost never see you again …"
Li Xiangkun tried to suppress his emotional voice, which was very low and stuffy.
However, it is this sentence that finally creates a warm atmosphere and collapses.
Lin Mo pushed him hard and cried discontentedly, "Well, you dare to curse me!"
"Oh no no!" Li xianglian hurriedly waved his hand for mercy. He didn’t expect Lin Mo to misunderstand.
"Also said no! Why can’t I see you? You say it! " Lin Mo is aggressive and does not lose to her boyfriend.
Li Xiangkui took two deep breaths and tried to explain things clearly, but Lin Mo actually blocked his mouth.
"I don’t listen, I don’t listen!"
In the end, Li Xiangkun told Lin Mo the whole story, and the latter’s face was flushed. She knew that she had misjudged her boyfriend and there was still some warmth in her heart.
"It’s all my fault that I lent my mobile phone to my colleague at that time, otherwise I wouldn’t have made such a big goal." Lin Mo embarrassedly grabbed her hand and looked guilty.
Li Xiangkang smiled a few times and gently rubbed her head.
"Little fool wants you to be okay, which is more important than anything else."
"I don’t know what happened to your colleague. Let’s go to the hospital to see her."
When they talked before, the ambulance had taken the injured person to the city hospital for rescue, but it didn’t seem that the injury was serious.
When they arrived at the hospital, the injured were still being rescued, and the injured family and the store staff were waiting anxiously outside the door.
The injured mother cried her eyes out, and several female employees around her constantly comforted her.
"You said I this by what sin? My daughter is such a good girl, why should she be treated like this! "
The father of the injured man smoked silently, although he didn’t express his position, but his eyes showed sadness or exposed his heart.
A well-dressed salesgirl showed disdain in her eyes, but her mouth was still insincere and said, "Aunt Xiaoling, she is so kind to our colleagues at ordinary times. What an eye!"
"Is! Xiaoling, where can I find such a good girl? "
Xiaoling’s mother doesn’t know what these people are worried about, and her daughter really has a group of good sisters looking at them gratefully.
"I’m relieved that Lingling has your good friends!"
The enchanting salesgirl turned around, covered her mouth and smiled, then changed her sad face. Judo "Aunt Xiaoling, I want to say something from my heart, is she hurt?"
"This … what is this?" Xiaoling’s mother looked at her with some confusion.
"Oh … aunt, Xiaoling borrowed a mobile phone from a colleague named Lin Mo today, but I don’t know what two people suddenly had an argument. That Lin Mo seemed to push Xiaoling, and a car just came and ran into it."
Xiaoling’s mother got up directly from her seat after listening to her words.
"Where is that Lin Mo? I want to find her to pay for my daughter! This bad-hearted woman! "
The enchanting woman gave a smug smile when she saw that the old woman was so credulous.
"Aunt! That Lin Mo knew that she had committed a crime. Of course, she fled in fear of sin, but she can’t be blamed. Maybe there is some misunderstanding in it! "
"What misunderstanding? Don’t you feel a little guilty that my daughter is lying in such a cold emergency room and she is outside? Won’t her conscience be condemned? "
Xiaoling’s father saw that his wife was so excited that he put out his cigarette and coughed lightly. "Haining, Xiaoling is now saving people. The doctor said that the injury is not so serious. What are you doing?"
Xiaoling’s mother immediately transferred the target to her husband when she heard the news.
"Xiao Qiang, if you are still a father, you should ask your daughter to say that you can’t be bullied so freely!"
Xiaoling’s father wanted to say something, but he was put in such a high-level position that everything he said was wrong so that he could be silent again.
And one side two people will see all this in the eye.
Lin Mo’s eyes were a little red. She didn’t expect this group of people who talked and laughed with her every day to be this pair of faces.
"zhangyan, you have gone too far! Who told you to spread rumors about me everywhere? " She angrily walked beside the enchanting woman, pointing at her and folded to drink a way.
Zhangyan didn’t expect Lin Mo to listen to her words nearby. At that time, she was a little flustered, but experience made her calm down quickly.
"Hey, this is not our perpetrators? Have the courage to visit Xiaoling in the hospital? "
"That is, you should repent at the police station now!"
"A vicious woman like you should be arrested!"
One by one, the salesgirls put a sharper knife in her heart.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Hospital farce (2)
Lin Mo-hsin is getting colder and colder. She can’t imagine that she is insulting her own people and climbing sisters with herself a few hours ago.
Just as she was trying to explain, she was severely slapped in the face.
Everyone was shocked, even Lin Mo didn’t react.
Li Xiangrui’s cold face wanted to find the field for Lin Mo before, but she hugged him tightly and wouldn’t let him approach half a point.
Xiaoling’s mother dumped them without any guilt, but she felt particularly enjoyable.
"What are you doing? Want to hit someone! Why don’t you call? Believe it or not, everyone will accuse you of beating the old man! "
A burst of words in Li Xiangkui’s heart.
No wonder it’s always said that it’s not the old people who are getting worse, but the bad people who are getting older. This old lady is really bad!
"Why do you want to foam before there is no evidence? With this group of bitches? "
Several people in zhangyan were not happy at that time.
"How do you speak? Is it amazing to be a professional player? I still rent a house! A poor man! "
Xiaoling’s mother heard that Li Xiangkun was a professional player and suddenly came back to strength.