Not only did the two full formations drive past, but even those teams and lone wolves who were holding the rule of law were eager to move closer in this direction, while the lone wolf who was almost about to collapse was still holding the machine gun and strafing the surrounding gas …

July 6, 2024

"Ah, this ….." Looking at the map, those red spots that are getting closer and closer can’t help but have some words-so it seems that they have fallen into the bat mouse cave but every cloud has a silver lining.
The melee broke out and ended faster … The lone wolves in front of the formation were all killed in seconds. Ke Lan jumped out when he saw that the number of people left in the right corner of the screen was declining.
Kelan, naturally, they can’t return to the ground to compete with the remaining contestants for the top three, but to be able to advance to the original goal is achieved-the three of them directly chose the original road to turn back and take the initiative to walk out of the security zone.
"Is this ok?" The hounds watching the game in the VIP area of Zulong have been incredibly pinching their ears. "Except for those rabbits who just landed and came to seek revenge, no one else has met all the way. Is this the top four?"
"It can be said that they are lucky," Chi feng han said. "In the second stage of the knockout, the organizers will definitely seal the underground bat rat nest with concrete or something else, or set up a vertical safety zone to limit it … This kind of thing can be done once, but it won’t work the second time."
"Anyway, we are now in the top 16, and you don’t think valentina has a headache." The hound reached out and patted feng han on the shoulder.
If there is no previous change, according to Chi Hanfeng’s original plan, valentina will drive the Raider Type III to compete with other teammates, and will recruit several amateur mecha players to make up the number-it is still easy to have an ace pilot as a signboard to recruit several M5 levels and bring his own body pilots, but in that case, if you want to qualify, you can really rely on valentina to play alone.
In front of him, valentina said that the goal is even more difficult.
"To tell the truth," Chi feng han sighed, "If we didn’t team up with you this time, but we competed alone, I’m afraid it would be difficult to qualify … The strength of this team is much stronger than in previous years."
"Yes, I heard that there are more than 30 new ace pilots who passed the one-on-three challenge this year alone, which is not necessarily a trump card like the year before …" Leighton interjected by leaning against the door. "But it seems to me that the strength of the newly born ace pilots is not as good as that of those old players who come out of the army."
"It seems that some changes have been made to the driver’s license assessment project, and the M9-level driver’s license will pass the one-on-three challenge better." Ye Yan said that "the gap between the three quasi-trump cards M9 and the three just got the license M9 should still be quite large."
"Very big" Chi feng han nodded his head. He is the M9 level license holder himself, but if he is allowed to play against three new M9 pilots who just got the license, he can’t say that he can win easily or he can do it. In a way, Chi feng han can be regarded as an ace pilot, but he doesn’t want to drive the mecha himself.
In another VIP box of Zulong, a middle-aged man wearing a long black trench coat and a hat of the same color looked at the promotion list displayed on the screen, and his face was covered by the shadow of the brim, showing a dignified look.
"valentina, a former reserve petty officer of the Stranger Squadron …" Experiment No.159 "Asano Akira … and that major Chi should also be with them … I didn’t expect these two groups to form the same team to participate in the competition … I didn’t expect that …"
He was silent for more than ten seconds before he waved to the attendant. The attendant stepped forward and bent down in a very respectful tone and asked, "Sir … What do you want?"
"Let Abede kill three people in this team in the final … I don’t want them to return to the Ark alive." The black dress person said, pointing to the words "hunting god hunting group" in the screen promotion list.
His tone is casual, as if telling his entourage to inform the kitchen how well the steak should be done tonight.
"Sir … doing so may lead to our team being eliminated and being banned …"
"I don’t want to repeat white? In addition, tell Abede that I will give them enough compensation. Even if they are banned for life, they can enjoy class life for the rest of their lives … Let them have scruples … But when they are investigated after the game, they must bite to death or manslaughter. If anyone dares to say more than half a word … "
He didn’t go on talking to his entourage, but he understood what he meant. "I know what to do. I’ll get them ready now …"
"Don’t worry, it’s three days after the second-stage knockout. Just tell the three of them ten minutes before the game." The black man raised his hand and swept the attendant out of the corner of his eye.
With a slight lag in his body, he knew that since "Sir" said so, it meant that not only three people of the hunting group of the hunting gods would die, but even Abede and them … I’m afraid they would not live long.
After all, the club players are not Mr. Wang’s cronies, but a group of "senior employees" who have signed the contract and paid for their work. Since they have the money to help Mr. Wang, they will naturally betray Mr. Wang.
The so-called compensation is just a flash.
Let them shut up forever afterwards, which is naturally the cleanest way to deal with it.
It’s not complicated to arrange it. Just arrange a paid vacation for them after the game, and then a car accident or an indigenous biological attack can erase all the clues. Even if someone suspects, there is no evidence at all.
"After that, do it yourself."
"I’ll take care of things, please rest assured."
At the same time, Kelan, who has just been pulled back to the ground by the rescue team’s rope, suddenly felt a chill for no reason-his "inspiration" has been greatly enhanced since he came into contact with the stone tablet in the glacier ruins, and he can often perceive something that others have detected. Although Kelan himself can’t verify this, it is always right to be careful when such omens appear.
"Strange … what will have this feeling? Is it because of the previous dream? Or … What’s wrong with this relic? "
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Change tactics
The second-stage knockout is that the final will be held in three days. During these three days, the organizers not only have to sort out the stadiums damaged by the fighting, reset the material supply points, but also have to fix "some unexpected loopholes that appeared in the first-stage knockout"-although the official did not say it, Ke Lan knew at a glance that this loophole naturally means that they entered the top four after fighting with people in the bat rat nest.
However, according to Ye Yan, the distribution of resource points in the final will be completely random-that is to say, the cursor brightness of all resource points is exactly the same. It depends on luck whether it is a super resource point with abundant materials and full of various advanced weapons and equipment or a combination of things that is not enough to arm an organism.
In addition, in addition to the resource points, a small amount of weapons, ammunition and energy crystals will be put in place to prevent unlucky teams from landing and searching several points but failing to get a gun.
However, it would be a big mistake if the excitement of the game would be reduced after this modification-although the fierce scene around the super resource point will not appear in the final, all the contestants’ maps will be unlocked as soon as possible, just like the first stage of the game, and all the reserved players’ positions will be marked and shared with everyone. It is almost impossible to score points.
Even the organizer of the event declared that it was "more random and more exciting for hunters and prey to compete for the game of killing and anti-killing … do everything in the 21st Ark Mecha Competition-the final!"
"There are still three days to have a good rest and design several sets of new tactical cooperation schemes." Bao Kelan, a distinguished guest, said to others, "Asano Akio’s ability in the first stage of the knockout has been exposed, and his team must have noticed this … Although it played a surprise effect against Angus Club, it was largely because of the carelessness of the other party that we replaced their trump card with a mecha."
"Kelan is right. The coup will get a good harvest for the first time, but the effect will get worse and worse the second time and the third time. Although I admit that Asano Akio does have extraordinary ability … but the frontal combatant still can’t compare with the mecha," Chi feng han said. "Actually, our team has two combatable bodies and his full formation encounters with each other. Our firepower is two-thirds, which is extremely inferior … The ace pilots will be able to expand their victory by grasping a little advantage in the battle … and these three.
Due to the restriction of rules, Asano Akio can carry melee weapons such as combat knives and daggers, not to mention rocket launchers and individual guided missiles. Even firearms and crossbows, which can’t do harm to the mecha, are forbidden.