The snake-shaped Grinch was really forced. It waved its claws continuously and then swept the water blade towards Xu Renfei.

July 7, 2024

Xu Ren dare not neglect and waved his Xinghai sword to meet them.
There was a crackling sound when the water blades met like stars.
Seeing that Xu Ran was so tenacious, the snake-shaped monster stepped up the offensive, not only the water blade became more, but also the water blade became bigger.
Xu Renxin is in a hurry. This snake-shaped Grinch seems to have exhausted power and sent out so many water blades at the same time. He is not tired at all. If he continues to fight like this, he will feel distressed, although he is not afraid, because he needs a lot of Lingshi to support his fight.
Xu Renxian has no better way to defeat the snake-shaped goblin in a short time, so he can absorb the lingshi while fighting.
Gao Tieshan has come to Chen Zhong’s side at the moment. Two people look at Xu Ren’s snake-like monster and his face becomes cloudy or rainy.
"Chen Zhong, do you follow the public for a long time and fight like this? I’m afraid even the Godsworn is so much. "Gao Tieshan was shocked. Although he played against Xu Ren, it was the first time that he really watched the battle. When he watched the battle, he could see the details of many opponents, such as Xu Ren’s attack. He often made several water blades through the snake-shaped monster. Not only that, Xu Renshen’s spirit force was flickering, but it seemed to be endless. The snake-shaped monster had been deadlocked for so long, and there was no sign of excessive consumption of spirit force. Friar Dao’s physical and mental strength is limited, which is a disadvantage when encountering monsters and goblins. Of course, human beings also have their own friars. For example, cultivation techniques are much better than the stupid methods of monsters. For example, humans can use weapons to enhance their lethality, which is more difficult for monsters and goblins to do.
"If you give me enough Lingshi, I think he should be able to concentrate on the peak of the First World War." Chen Zhong followed Xu Renshi for a long time and worshipped Xu Ren more than Gao Tieshan. Especially Xu Ren’s method of quickly absorbing Lingshi Reiki to transform his spiritual power is simply against the sky. You know that Lingshi has pure spiritual power, but the monk breathes out Lingshi Reiki, but when it is needed, Xu Renze absorbs Lingshi Reiki differently. It seems that those Lingshi Reiki can be brought over at any time when it is not needed, just as if Lingshi Reiki is his spiritual power.
"It’s really horrible that we don’t lose." Gao Tieshan made up his mind to talk about who said what he would follow Xu Ren. This guy is really horrible.
"Lao Gao, should we help the public?" Chen Zhong looked at Gao Tieshan, who had some doubts.
"That is bound to quickly restore spiritual power" was absorbed by Chen Zhong’s waking Gao Tieshan and immediately took out Lingshi.
Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong’s speed of absorbing Lingshi Reiki is far less than that of Xu Ren, but it is not too slow. More importantly, their spiritual consumption is not so serious, and it didn’t take long for them to recover.
Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan launched an attack on the snake-shaped monster. Although their attack power was not Xu Ren, there were two people who coordinated the snake-shaped monster. It also had to spare some energy to deal with Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong’s attack, especially Gao Tieshan. Although he was beaten by it before, it was because there was no Xu Ren to contain him. Now, if Xu Ren was accidentally hammered by Gao Tieshan’s sledgehammer, it would be enough for him.
As soon as the snake goblin was distracted, Xu Ren had a chance. When his sword came, it was tough and sharp. For the time being, it didn’t hurt the snake goblin again. The reason was that the snake goblin had more water blades. Now the snake goblin is distracted, and the natural method can control so many water blades at the same time. Xu Ren has a chance.
A sword gang passed through the crack of the water blade attack and finally fell on the snake-shaped monster body, and the snake-shaped monster body was torn open.
The snake-shaped monster kept swinging in pain and almost didn’t fall to the ground.
Gao Tieshan’s sledgehammer has smashed the snake-shaped monster while it was swinging.
The snake-shaped Grinch flew out of the tens of feet sideways and kept rolling his body. Obviously, Xu Ren and Gao Tieshan attacked it and hurt it.
And when the snake-shaped monster rolled in pain, Chen Zhong’s long-simmering attack came. His attack was definitely not sharp as Xu Ren’s attack, nor was it as strong as Gao Tieshan’s hammer. However, such an attack was even worse for the injured snake-shaped monster, and its breath became much weaker.
At this time, Xu Ren’s second sword Gang has arrived. With Xu Ren’s strong mental control, his sword Gang accurately fell to the position cut by the first sword Gang. The snake-shaped monster was eating the root of pain and failed to form an effective defense against Xu Ren’s sword Gang, so this sword Gang directly ran through the snake-shaped monster body and cut off the tail.
The snake-shaped monster screamed, but its mind was clear when it was born and died. Knowing that if Xu Ren and others continued to fight, they would die, so they used their magic to escape into a small lake.
Xu Ren was dumbfounded. He had heard that some gremlins had great magical powers, which were stronger than monster beasts, but he didn’t expect to see this gremlin incarnate water today.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Resentment is too heavy
Xu Ren didn’t expect the snake-shaped monster to be able to Hwa-Sung Do his body, but he could also see that the monster was not proficient in this kind of occult arts. If he mastered this avatar, I’m afraid it would be difficult to hurt the snake-shaped monster in a general attack. It is estimated that more people will suffer then.
"Hide in the water and do not have a thing? How can it be so easy? "Xu Ren said." The Xinghai sword in his hand jumped high and cut into the small lake.
Xu Ren this recruit is also very pay attention to those swords Gang immediately after entering the lake to explode a water column.
"I’m planted today, but don’t be too happy. One day I will take revenge on you. I advise you not to waste your energy now. I can incarnate water. Can you find me in this lake?" The snake-shaped strange sound from the small lake can accept its fate despite its unwillingness. It lost a lot in World War I today, not only keeping a ghost, but also being hit hard, but it is still confident that it can protect itself because it can’t be found even if its opponent is strong after it enters the small lake.
"Do you think so?" Xu Ren’s face showed a sneer and then scattered his spirit. Although he could tell which water in the lake was changed by the snake-shaped monster, he could feel the fluctuation of his spirit. Since the law attacked the snake-shaped monster, he could simply attack it.
Competition for spiritual strength is far from the Grinch. Xu Ren didn’t have much time to find the snake-shaped Grinch’s fluctuating position.
After finding the location where the spirit was fluctuating, Xu Ren became absorbed.
Although Xu Ren’s spirit is strong, it doesn’t have the attack power, but now it’s different. After he got the Vientiane Monument, he can control the Vientiane Monument and let his opponent fall into an illusion.
Xu Ren’s spirit hung over the whole small lake, and a spiritual barrier was formed around the small lake, just as when they met the spiritual barrier made by the little white fox monster.
However, the scope of this small lake is larger, about ten miles in Fiona Fang, and it is not a problem for Xu Ren’s spiritual strength and Fiona Fang’s ten miles to make a spiritual barrier.
"Don’t, don’t come."
After Xu Ren moved the magic method of illusion, the snake-shaped goblin frightened in the small lake. At the same time, a big splash appeared on the surface of the small lake, and the snake-shaped goblin showed his shape and ran around in horror.
In the sea of Xu Renzhi, there is a different picture. There is no snake-shaped monster in the picture, and there is a beautiful young woman.
The young woman ran desperately and there were several people chasing after her.
The young woman was very frightened, and the people behind her were all smiles.
"You animals, my men are kind enough to save you, but you bite the hand that feeds you. Animals are not as good as you." Where did the young woman catch up with the vigorous monks behind, and they were soon surrounded by these monks.
"I didn’t expect that there is such a beautiful woman in this place. Your man is just an ordinary man. What’s good about following him and then following me to ensure that you live a rich life?" One of the men looks good but shows some too much sex male ourtenant looking at the young woman.
"You bastards are not my men. You have been dying of thirst for a long time. He brought you here so that you can live. How can you kill him and my poor child?" The young woman was so emotional that she seemed to have forgotten her fear at the moment.
"Cut the crap. It’s much better to follow us after we see you as your blessing than to live in a dishonest place like you." A follower pointed at the young woman humanely.
"Bullshit, you people don’t die a natural death." The young woman is very angry, but he is already out of words at the moment. I don’t know if he can be more Japanese if he changes to scold a few people in front of him.
"If you don’t eat a toast, you will be punished. Today, the young master will treat this day as a bed. You will be happy and happy." It seems that too much sex male seems to have lost his patience and jumped on the woman with one step.
The young woman struggled to resist. Although she was not a monk, she scratched in a hurry and hurt the man who tried to invade him.
That man is still brave at all.
The young woman bit each other’s ears in a hurry.
The man screamed out in pain, but the woman wouldn’t let go. The man began to hit the young woman, but the young woman seemed to know no pain around him. The young woman was in unbearable pain, but she pulled off the man’s ear directly.
When the man got up in unbearable pain, he kicked the woman directly to the edge of a small lake. The young woman’s face was hit by a stone and she donated blood dripping wet.
The young woman is more desperate than herself. She doesn’t want to be defiled by the animals behind her. She ran a few steps and plunged into the lake.
Those people are especially unwilling to give up and cut the young woman in the water, leaving a piece of red blood at last.
The young woman’s resentment lingered after her death. It happened that there was a practicing water snake in the water, and then there was a monster in the lake who was half man and half snake.
After that, the genie stayed in a small lake, and the water in this small lake has not dried up for a hundred years, but anyone who passes by here will see a young woman asking for help. Those people are either sympathetic or eager to see the color. Anyway, no one has escaped the fate of being killed. Hundreds of people have died here in the past hundred years.
Among these hundreds of people, some monks with good physique have been turned into ghosts by snake-shaped goblins.
High-ranking monks have been here for more than a hundred years, and this snake-shaped goblin is also very skilled, but it will immediately turn into water to hide if it is not strong enough to find its trace.
Xu Ren opened his eyes again, and the snake-shaped monkey was ferocious. His hands clasped his body and he was greatly frightened.
"Although you have suffered misfortune, you shouldn’t have killed so many people, and there are so many ordinary people. They are also the aborigines of this plateau. They want to save you because of your pity, but you are carried away by your own resentment." Xu Ren shook his head and sighed. Is this world right or wrong? Maybe there is, but is that absolutely right or wrong? I’m afraid it’s not necessarily like the fact that the goblin suffered great harm before he died, and then the pain and resentment turned into the goblin and then he tried to hurt other lives. It seems to be the cause and effect, but it was aimed at people, but it did not really hurt others. People are still at large. Who should blame those ordinary people who were killed by it?
Xu Ren’s eyes became firm, pitiful or hateful. If the monster is unrepentant and hurts others, then he can also kill the monster.
Xu Ren’s eyes are wide open, and his surroundings are full of spirit matrix operators. These spirit matrix operators are distributed instantaneously to form a spirit matrix around the goblin.
After arranging the spirit array, Xu Ren’s mind moved. When the snake-shaped monster saw the illusion, it vanished instantly, but its body still stayed on the water.
"What did you do to me?" The snake monster growled angrily. It knew that what it had just experienced was an illusion, but these illusions made it seem that it had experienced the pain again.
"I ask you again, are you willing to let go of your resentment and never hurt anyone again?" Xu Ren ignored the snake-like monster’s anger. He didn’t want to kill the snake-like monster by mistake, but he had to make one last effort.
"What did you say? Why should I let you monks do this to me? I’m going to kill all the monks in the sky. "The snake monster screamed hysterically.
"If you are willing to let go of your resentment, I can promise to let you live and take you with me. One day, if you meet your real enemy, I can avenge you, but only if you sincerely repent and never hurt Koo again." Xu Ren gave his last condition, which is his bottom line.
"If you and I show up, you can threaten me. I’m not afraid to tell you that if you want this lake, you’ll never kill me." The snake-shaped landscape is ferocious and ready to sneak into the lake and escape
Xu Ren shook his head slightly and shouted "array" in his mouth.
With Xu Ren yelling snake monkey appeared around a red light.