Slowly and deeply

July 8, 2024

Twenty meters
Suddenly, at the corner of the passage, the mutant fire ape appeared in Xu tui’s telepathy
Xu back continue to slow down telepathy carefully induced the variation of fire ape reaction continues to approach.
The maximum war radius is 42 meters, but the most suitable war radius is 35 meters!
Slowly approaching, suddenly the mutant fire ape’s nose twitched.
It seems to smell a strange smell.
This strange smell makes it very uneasy. At the moment, it smells the strange smell getting deeper and deeper, and at the same time it wants to scream and warn.
A flash of silver
Only when it is broken will it ring.
This alert mutation fire ape face upwards and fell down.
Almost at the same time, two fire apes in the rear cave rushed over rapidly.
Before they find the enemy.
Two silvery lights roared and exploded.
A silver pill blasted into the brain directly from the eye of a slightly smaller fire ape on the other side.
But what shocked Xu tui was that the ape with the biggest fire actually evaded the silver pill on one side of his head at a critical moment, and then the fire exploded and the ape arm stretched out and directly grasped Xu tui’s silver pill.
Let Xu retreat and attack the silver pill directly!
In an instant, the biggest variation fire ape let out a piercing roar and rushed directly to the passage. Everything was in flames!
But it was only a moment of prestige.
Xu retreat spirit flay let variation fire ape roar impact pace so slightly a lag.
Silver flying sword with lotus flower flew out from the back of the head of this mutant fire ape!
Out of control!
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Pit They also lied to them
There is no network signal in the personal communication equipment deep in the cave, but the modified personal communication equipment is equipped with short-distance line intercom function.
"Black, you come in and let Gong Ling and Zuo Qingqing be alert and ready to take blood equipment and devices at the same time."
Xu back to switch to intercom frequency shouted a.
Then Xu retreated and dragged a fire ape’s body directly to go outside.
Even before the fire dissipated because the fire ape was beheaded, the mountain wall of the nearby passage was still boiling hot.
But wait for it to cool naturally when it’s gone
Blood must be taken as soon as possible.
Otherwise, we won’t get the most valuable blood if we delay for a long time.
Of course, relatively speaking, a living mutant fire ape is the most valuable
If you get a single living mutant fire ape, the purchase price will be tens of millions, and the market can sell for twenty million.
If you get two or two pairs of hermaphroditic monkeys, the value will multiply.
But it’s very clear that it’s too difficult to retreat!
It’s hard to get a mutant fire ape alive, and then it’s even harder to get it back safely.
It is impossible without strong strength and professional equipment support.
It is a good choice for them to kill and take blood in their current situation.
When the time comes, I will give it to Zhuang Ziqiang for batch processing, and there will be many gains.
"There are two mutant fire apes in it that have been killed by me. You drag them out and I’ll deal with this first."
The two people who met in the tunnel of Cheng Mo Cave almost clung to the cave wall to let the line pass.
"Hey, you’ve already killed it?"
Looking at Xu tui dragging a mutant fire ape out of GongLing is a surprise Zuo Qingqing is a surprise.
The retreat along the way has surprised her more and more!
The combat effectiveness of the team that suddenly attacked and killed Karamov before was amazing enough.
Although they don’t know the specific strength level of Karamov, gene mutants can’t run away.
Mutants of E or D genes are possible.
But it was allowed to retreat to kill!
And now directly let the two removal teams die, and two teammates mutated fire apes were allowed to retreat and easily took them.
It hasn’t been more than five minutes, has it?
"You hurry up and take blood. When I am alert, I won’t get much blood from the mutant fire ape." Xu retreated and urged.
The four people of Jinsong and his party in the grass nest at the mouth of the valley have been stunned.
"Lying trough this just a few minutes this variation fire ape was done? Isn’t this Huaxia team too powerful? " Looking at the receiver screen, a member of the Jinsong team was shocked.
With the receiver in the picture, Jin Song saw that Cheng Mo had dragged out two mutant fire ape corpses and extracted a large number of mutant fire ape blood. Jin Song’s eyes were full of greed.