The smell of blood and gunpowder filled this fragile shelter. He endured intense tinnitus, dragged the mechanical arm and dragged the fire monster pterosaur to the door.

July 9, 2024

The flame instantly ignited the dead bodies of several monsters pterosaurs at the door and made them burn violently.
Lin Yue jerked the Shimen outward to completely break the top stone, and they came into the passage.
But that didn’t stop the monster pterosaurs, who violently hit and impacted the stone shelter, making it crumbling.
Lin Yue took out a lot of steel.
Different materials embedded in the wall of the refuge in different worlds can make a refuge similar to "mixed materials"
Just like the earthquake disaster, when his iron blocks merged with stone shelters, he successfully raised the disaster resistance level of shelters by more than one level!
A lot of steel was pushed into the wall edge by Lin Yue, and soon Lin Yue found that they had been integrated into the wall!
And the impact noise outside becomes smaller and lower as he embeds more steel into the wall.
Lin Yue knew that it was impossible for these monster pterosaurs to break through this almost "steel refuge"!
However, Lin Yue did not take it lightly.
At present, it’s time to ensure that Shao will not be broken through simply.
He beat the hand barrel from the object, and took out all his things that had just been treated for Xiaobai’s injury.
The towel dipped in water continued to wipe the wound with dust and mud. After scrubbing Xiaobai again, Lin Yue found that it seemed to be breathing a little faster than before.
He took out disinfectant alcohol and a new towel to wipe Xiao Bai, and in the process, the alcohol stimulation made Xiao Bai tremble more than once.
"Endure a little white. Although your injury is not serious, you still have to disinfect it. Are you okay? Are you okay?"
Lin Yue saw Xiao Bai’s eyelids still open and didn’t make a sound despite his body’s reaction.
He fell into a deep sleep and knew about the serious injury.
After disinfecting the right bruise of Xiaobai, Lin Yue also found that it seemed that the heavy impact also made it red, swollen and bruised in many places, which also made him feel distressed.
I’m afraid Xiaobai flew to the middle of the flight and knew that he was dying. He tried his best to get here, and he had to be sent here anyway. Otherwise, he might have fallen directly and caused serious injuries when he flew to Gao.
Took out iodophor and Lin Yue continued to give Xiaobai medicine.
A bottle of iodophor is not enough for Lin Yue to patiently wipe it, ignoring the increasingly dense tapping outside.
Iodophor finally bought four bottles of Lin Yue and carefully checked Xiaobai’s other places to confirm that there was no wound before he took out the gauze package.
The closed shelter smells of alcohol and iodophor, but he has no intention of continuing to help Xiaobai bind the wound.
At one time, Xiao Bai did his best to protect him and finally rescued him from the secret world with a high fever at that time.
This time it’s his turn to save Xiaobai.
Lin Yue finally tied all the wounds of Xiaobai completely, and he was relieved.
But it’s not a good idea to let Xiaobai lie on this cold ground.
Lin Yue took out two sheepskins.
This thing, it has always been kept in case it is not needed. After all, sometimes it can be used as a hidden prop, and now it can just be used as a rest pad for Xiaobai.
Paving two pieces of sheepskin on the ground, Lin Yue wears a manipulator again, which can help him easily lift something several times his weight, but one hand is really a lot worse, which also makes him have to be very careful when handling Xiaobai.
It took some time for Lin Yue to finally get Xiaobai to lie prone with two layers of thick sheepskin, which made him a little tired, but it was worth it to make Xiaobai comfortable.
The knocking and collision outside continues. It seems that there are several monster pterosaurs outside. Lin Yue doesn’t want to know how many they are and how long they need to stay here.
He knows that he must be here with Xiaobai and wait for it to wake up.
What will it wake up?
Late or early? Or later?
Lin Yue has lost his heart.
In that what Leveque really attacked the shelter, then it can also make Xiao Meng resist them for a while
He can’t lose Xiao Bai, a little guy. He’s not sure what will happen after he leaves.
Lin Yue, who quickly took off the manipulator and exoskeleton, examined his own injury.
At last, he found that there seemed to be a little bruise near the right calf, and there was not even a bruise or cut anywhere else.
However, tinnitus continues all the time, and there are also bouts of numbness near the right shoulder.
The spray power is very strong, and none of his weapons can match it at very close range.
But the disadvantage is that the sound is too loud and the recoil is too strong
"It’s not enough to have such a surface killing weapon."
There aren’t many killing things on the bottom of Lin Yue’s hand.
A crossbow is counted as half.
The number of crossbows is needed before it can be regarded as a face-to-face killing. The enemy base is large enough and dense enough.
in addition
Intercontinental missile launch vehicle can also be counted as one.
To tell the truth, if there is no limit on the number of times, then he won’t worry about the arrival of any strong enemy
Look for the target and press the button, and the sky will suddenly fall. Alas!
He took out a bed and laid himself down.
Listening to the sound like hail hitting the glass outside, Lin Yue is lying on his side and looking at the side. There is still not much change, Xiaobai.
He touched the little white head again, not hot.