In my dream, Ishikawa Hui is like a passer-by, a bystander … but it doesn’t seem to be over. The experimental table in front of him seems to be him and he is ready to never be occupied by anyone, and no one will touch the experimental table.

July 10, 2024

There is another thing that can convince Shi Chuanhui that this experimental platform is his "exclusive"-if he picks up or touches his experimental platform, he will have this "exclusive" experimental platform, which is that he can interfere with his experimental platform, just like those figures, but he can’t touch it.
A few times before entering this dream, Ishikawa Hui will look around like a curious child, but now he has become adept and directly picked up the table and flipped through a note.
Note is a kind of writing that he has never heard of, but it is amazing that Ishikawa could read this kind of writing in his dream, but when he woke up from his dream and tried to paraphrase this kind of writing, he couldn’t write it … only the note remained in his mind.
"Sure enough … turns out to be such a solution … but also like this …"
Shi Chuanhui sighed repeatedly while reading-every time he entered the dream note, there would be more and more, which could just solve the difficulties he encountered in his "experiment"
Shi Chuanhui eagerly read the notes repeatedly for several times, and then practiced them on the experimental platform-he skillfully cut a mouse’s abdominal cavity to remove the dirt, then fished out the biological tissue soaked in another glass jar and stuffed it into those missing positions, and then connected the nerves and blood vessels … He was clever and accurate, and he could operate several scalpels, scissors and tweezers with ten fingers at the same time, not like a linguistics professor, but more like a senior surgeon who had been immersed in clinic for decades.
The original body has gradually cooled, and the mouse suddenly moved, and then its limbs paddled slowly-Shi Chuanhui "filled" it in, and those tissues seemed to give the dead mouse a new life, which made the body miraculously move.
"It’s true … to be able to cultivate’ species’ … human beings can live forever … this theory can be applied to the human body … those materials … those materials can be replaced by the ark …"
Shi Chuanhui looked at the table with some excitement, and the mouse said incoherently-just then the dream suddenly woke up.
He jumped out of bed with a carp, grabbed a pen and paper that he had prepared for the bed and quickly recorded it.
But Shi Chuanhui didn’t notice that there was an extra person sitting quietly in the shadow watching him in the corner of this room.
The friction between the pen tip and the paper "swish swish" came to an abrupt end. Shi Chuanhui suddenly turned his head and looked at the line of sight. He thrust the paper into his mouth, rolled over and jumped to the other side of the bed, staring at each other warily and asked, "Who are you? What are you going to do? "
The other party took a deep look at Shi Chuanhui and said, "I am … the same kind of person as you."
"What do you mean by the same kind of people?" Shi Chuanhui frowned, and his heart had decided that if the other party made a slight move, he would immediately swallow the paper ball in his mouth.
"You often dream those dreams, and I will dream them … Those dreams have given me knowledge that does not belong to human beings and asked me to change human beings." The other party said slowly.
The chapter "The Immortal Society"
"How do you know my dream? !” Ishikawa Hui suddenly surprised consciousness stretched out his hand and touched his personal pocket but touched one.
"Are you looking for this?" The man took out Ishikawa Hui as a treasure and asked the little box.
"Give it back to me!" Ishikawa Hui shouted
"Good" The man didn’t have a hard time. Shi Chuanhui threw the small box to him very quickly. After Shi Chuanhui caught it, he immediately checked that the contents were more than a dozen fingernail-sized cards. None of them were missing, but the traces left by each card by Shi Chuanhui were destroyed. Obviously, the other party has already seen these dozens of cards.
After the initial panic, Shi Chuanhui has gradually calmed down-he put away his small box and looked at each other-this is a young man who looks like he is in his early twenties. He is wearing a pullover sweater that is very common in the street, and white canvas shoes is full of colorful graffiti … This dress is a bit like a hip-hop youth wandering the streets. If you add a bag to your waist and put a few bottles of spray paint cans in your bag, it will be even more like that.
"You just said … you have also entered … similar dreams?" Shi Chuanhui tentatively asked.
"Yes, but the dream is a little different from yours." The young man nodded. "Your dream is mainly about studying, like cultivating living tissue that can replace biological organs. This living tissue contains vitality hundreds of times that of earth creatures. Even if mice die more than half an hour after being implanted in this living tissue, they can miraculously come back to life … even the permanent irreversible trauma caused by lack of oxygen in the brain can be repaired … If this technology is leaked, it will inevitably cause academic shock … To be honest, I’m a little curious why you don’t choose to contribute this technology.
"This technology is incomplete, and the key difficulty has not been overcome." Shi Chuanhui said that he can be sure that the other party has glanced at his card without reading it carefully. "The theory and formula in the dream are accurate. In reality, I have done experiments and it works … but I will try to crack this black box by experimenting with a’ black box’ method, and I will always try to reproduce it in the real world."
"What black box? Tell me about it. "The young man’s face shows a trace of curiosity." Maybe I can help you. "
The term "black box" was originally used in the computer field, which means that a certain program is regarded as a black box, and all tests and operations must go to the "black box", but in this process, the "black box" is regarded as a complete and inseparable individual, and the outer part of the black box can be observed and modified, and the east and west parts of the black box can not be moved.
"A kind of material called’ divine blood’" Shi Chuanhui truthfully said, "The composition and origin of this material are not even clear about what it plays in experiments, but it happened that every experiment would be carried out without it."
"God’s blood …" The young man chewed the word carefully. "It seems that the article that teaches us knowledge is full of religious flavor … it’s really interesting to believe in God when the level of science and technology is so much stronger than that of human literature."
"What did you say … what gave us knowledge?" Ishikawa Hui doubt way
"haven’t you thought about that origin of these dream?" The youth asks.
"I thought about it, but I didn’t come to a conclusion …" Shi Chuanhui sighed. "If this world is really a myth, I’m afraid it can be attributed to God’s revelation."
"God doesn’t have time to play such a chat trick …" The young man gave a quick laugh. "Don’t you think this form of dream is very similar to the" dream-holding "in the old era storytelling?"
"Dream …? Now that you mention it, it seems really a little … "
"You know what? The real ark technology has been a dream. Last month, Dream Technology officially launched Dream Customization, which has been sought after by those who are rich and like to pursue excitement for two years. "
"Dream customization?" Ishikawa Hui leng a he has never heard of this-although he is rich, but the amount can be regarded as the ark "middle class" from those who are really rich and expensive, there is still a huge gap.
"They stimulate the human brain through micro-flow and magnetic field, and the combination of hypnosis technology can make customers enter customized dreams … It is said that the success rate is 75% … Don’t you think our experience is very similar to this dream customization industry?"
"Is like … but that requires a lot of instruments and equipment to complete? I don’t think I can unconsciously let me fall into a customized dream, can I? And every time this dream will appear, I will feel very palpitation … I will specially check the surrounding environment before entering the dream base to ensure that my dream has not been disturbed by the outside world and that I can enter the dream in this small hotel. Does this make sense? "