"What? Five years! I don’t agree with you to lose the seeds quickly. "

July 11, 2024

Lin Qing threw him a supercilious look. "I lost my seed just after I left the gate of the Three Ridges and Floating Peaks. Do you think I have lived too long?"
Thought of here, Lin Qing took out a jade slip and put it on her forehead. The information of fog, fog and blue was presented in her brain one by one.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, you’ll be shocked if you look at it. You’ll only be rewarded with a rejuvenation pill.
The positive plants of monocotyledonous Gramineae, which belong to the main spiritual vegetation, germinate for half a year, smoke for two years, smoke for four years and spend five years … Then I don’t know who summed up the 1000 points that should be paid attention to when planting Celadon.
After reading the information simply, Lin Qing said deeply, who made the memo? Not only did it kill her when it was a disaster, but she introduced it according to the jade slips. Every day, every morning, every morning, every noon, and every night, she poured water to bask in the sun. If she didn’t bask in the sun again, she would avoid the sun again. According to the instructions of the jade slips, she wouldn’t do anything else. Every day, she revolved around this spiritual plant.
What should we do?
She was lost in thought. She thought that it was estimated that Elder Yan and others had never planted it. Seeing that her elixir was good, she gave her one at random, and it should not kill her if she finally screwed up.
If you really take care of her so carefully, you will really stop practicing, not for a year or two, but for five years!
Thought of here, she is going to break the jar and break the fall, or take an hour or two every day to plant spirits as before, and then come to practice with Elder Yu Yan as much as she likes.
Is Lin Qing pull a long face suddenly auspicious clouds knot Xiaohua peak direction generate debut color light potential is very huge.
Is this someone who is going to marry Dan? !
Chapter 159 You just listen to me
Lin Qing stares at the sky, dusk and sunset, and the aura of heaven and earth rushes to Xiaohua Peak crazily. In the fog and golden light, it’s like a few golden carp swimming around, and the golden streamer mountain is dancing like fireworks.
The younger brothers were alarmed in succession.
"Look at what happened at Xiaohua Peak?" A low-ranking brother who practices gas looks up at the sky.
"What are you still doing? This is someone’s knot!" A younger brother hurried past him and ran in the direction of Xiaohua.
"Dan? !” The low-ranking brother’s mouth opened wide, and suddenly he came to his senses and ran with him. "I want to see it, too."
I haven’t seen Jiedan Lin Qing, and my brothers went to Xiaohua Peak to join in the fun. The team became more and more spectacular, and it didn’t take long for almost all my brothers to flock to the foot of Xiaohua Mountain.
Lin Qing saw Zhuge Rou and Zhuge Rou crowded around her and asked, "Who is this?"
"I don’t know, it must be an elite brother." Lin Qing looked at the knot Dan astronomical phenomena and continued to knot golden light. The clouds in the sun were dyed golden, but the whole evening was as bright as day.
Taihua, the head of Taihua, and several other real people have also flown to Xiaohua.
Master Xuanyun Zhenjun looked at the celestial phenomena from afar. "Brother Xuanyin, is this a human knot?"
In the previous step of Xuanyin Zhenjun, "The head brother is Qin Qian."
"It turned out to be Qin Qian." Xuanyun Zhenjun gave me a smile. "Among these young players, Qin Qian is the most concerned and should be the first to bear the burden."
Smell speech all eyes to the outside again.
At this time, the foot of Xiaohua Mountain has been surrounded.
"Look!" A younger brother’s eyes are bigger than two bells. "This golden pattern is a bit like a dragon."
Everyone looked at the sky, which had been illuminated by flashes of light, and a little golden floating. Sure enough, a golden dragon was looming with a dazzling momentum.
"Really, really a dragon!"
"Ah, I know!" There is a female brother screaming eyes emit green light cheeks tuo red with excitement "must be Qin shishu! I have seen Shi Shu’s sword meaning during the construction period. "
"I’ve seen it, too. It must be Uncle Qin!" Another female xiu also screamed as if she were happier than Dan herself.
"That’s no wonder. There are also four arrogant and double-married Dan who will be so magnificent."
Lin Qing recalled that he had seen Qin Qian’s sword in the blue turbid land, and he couldn’t help thinking, "Don’t meet Qin Qian again. It’s either a real person or a grandmaster who is short and short."
Zhuge Rou’s eyes are as bright as stars. "I wonder what it will be like when Uncle Song is married to Dan?"
Lin Qing secretly told Zhuge Judo, "Elder Martial Sister, you think it’s too early. Uncle Song is only at the early stage of building a foundation."
Zhuge gave her a soft stare, but then he didn’t know what to steal. After a while, he said, "It’s also Song Shishu, you wait for me."
Lin Qing "…" Self-affection really needs to be cured.
The next day, Elder Yan Yuan acted vigorously and quickly sent someone over to announce the new work arrangement.
Arrange No.199 medicine garden to stop planting thousands of lavender in one season, and set aside a piece of land separately, and Lin Qing will be responsible for cage fog and tung orchid.
At this point, first of all, Lin Qing was glad that she didn’t leave the medicine garden, but the people in the medicine garden looked at her with extremely sympathetic eyes and Li Ze’s heart-shaped modeling made her want to find a place to grind her teeth.
Arrange the second elder to send a small handyman to cooperate with her work.
Lin Qing looked at the elder who had been to the "special person" and heaved a sigh of relief. This little boy looks dignified and strong, and his round eyes are practicing. On the second floor, he is about eleven or twelve years old and calls himself Xiaoding, which reminds her of the Fu ‘ao village tiger.
After watching this kid take the initiative to get busy, she felt a big headache and was deeply trapped in the struggle whether to exploit child labor or not
Last night, she studied more than 1000 points for attention in the planting cage, and finally she decided to throw the jade slip into the toilet.
In the future, if she wants to plant the cage fog paulownia in her own way, whether she can live or not depends on her luck.
However, this Xiaoding was obviously deeply brainwashed by those attention points, and she always followed her with tearful advice. "Do we need to water, sister?"
"Is it time for the elder sister to loosen the soil?"
"Sister, the sun is too strong. Should we cover it?"
"Elder martial sister, you have to come to the medicine garden at noon."
"The teacher elder sister …"
For three days, Lin Qing was tortured and said to him, "Xiaoding, since Elder Yan Yuan asked me to be in charge of planting, I have to do it my way. Some people should have done it, so did they succeed?"
Xiaoding suddenly shook his head.
"It’s all right," Lin Qing continued to be persuasive. "After that, you can do what I told you. Let’s report to the elders every three months. I will explain to him, and don’t worry about what’s wrong. I will carry you and cooperate with me."
Xiaoding nodded obediently after hesitation.
Seeing him compromise, Lin Qing made a decision, "Well, we’ll work in two shifts from now on."
"What two shifts?" Xiaodingmeng
"Naturally, there is an early shift and a noon shift."
"Ah, what about that night?" Xiaoding is in a hurry.
Lin Qing gave him an oblique look. Is this sincere child really going to watch this spiritual plant day and night?
She said in a sanctimonious way, "You don’t understand this. During the day, Lingzhi does photosynthetic life and thrives. At night, the vegetation needs to breathe. We can’t just feed them aura again. It’s always late for Lingzhi to rest. Just listen to me."
Xiaoding "@ # RMB% @" Although she is prepared from the bottom of her heart to perfunctory Elder Yan over the past few years, if she doesn’t do superficial kung fu, she will soon have no good results. In the past three days, she has worked patiently and ruthlessly. According to her own experience in planting extremely spiritual plants, she went to the collection and found many key points of spiritual plants in the same subject, and described the particularity of cage fog tung orchid in combination with wanmu’s detailed identification, and made a unique one-two Lin’s cage fog tung orchid planting method.