"Don’t be afraid, I won’t do anything to you."

May 29, 2024

Say that finish MuHai took a Yang Haohu, which made his body not bounce.
"Elder brother, this bad old man should teach him a lesson" said Ying Xueqing.
When I heard this, Mu Hai couldn’t help but nod. "It’s so sunny. What do you think of it?"
Just Yang Haohu showed a look of fear.
He couldn’t help secretly relieved when he heard Muhai’s words.
A child teaches himself a lesson? Can you beat yourself? Anyway, I have reached the foundation.
See Yang Haohu look MuHai can’t help but show a poor look.
In the dark, the captain of the armed police screamed and sent the highest-level distress signal …
Chapter 29 Nobody came.
In front of the visitor building of Longcheng Baihua Garden
This place has been surrounded by armed police.
They pointed all kinds of long guns at the hall and made the speakers shout, "Listen, please don’t hurt the hostages."
"You … you can’t go in …" An armed police stopped reporters from entering the Baihua Garden.
"I’m a reporter from the No.1 column of Dragon TV. We have special news."
Say that finish female remember to take out a certificate to the armed police.
The armed police couldn’t help frowning at the sight, and he quickly called the commander.
"You can go in, but you have to listen to our command." The commander returned the certificate to the female reporter and said.
"good sir"
After that, the female reporter walked in. When she reached the reception building, she stopped to let the cameraman shoot.
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it’s 13 o’clock in Longcheng. This time, there has been another kidnapping of the Awakener, and the kidnapping object turned out to be the chairman of Yang’s group-the Yang Haolong family."
"According to the understanding, none of the armed police came out before the robbers were extremely fierce. Now the chief of the armed police is taking the initiative to negotiate with the robbers, and the robbers have not responded."
"It is the first angle of news to report back, and we will continue to follow up and report as soon as there is news."
Hear the sound outside MuHai also smiled.
What if the armed police come?
Don’t say you didn’t do anything. It’s not up to the armed police to do something.
The identity of the body agent in Dragon Net is not qualified to know his own identity than that of the distinguished armed police.
Muhai looked at the ground and wailed miserably. Yang Haohu couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling.
See Yang Haohu has been beaten black and blue by Ying Xueqing.
The face is blue and swollen like a pig’s head.
If it weren’t for Xue Qing’s hand, he was afraid of being killed.
"Bad old man, do you still dare to deal with my brother?"
Should snow shine patted his hand pride and said
Hearing this, Yang Haohu’s face was so ugly that he shook his head again and again. "No, I dare not!"
I didn’t expect such a little girl to have such terrible power.
Just now, he was proud of the little girl’s method and hurt himself. When he sensed the little girl’s first punch, he regretted it
This is not a little girl. This is ten thousand times fiercer than a woman.
Until now, I can scream in my mouth, and I can’t move even when I turn over.
"See what see? I’ll beat you up. "
Should snow shine on Yang Guiyang Yang fist said
As soon as Yang Gui saw it, he bowed his head and showed his face more than fear, and his body trembled slightly.
Although Yang Haolong Sun Sujie showed a calm look, her trembling hands had betrayed them.
Although the two men stared at Muhai, their eyes were blurred and they dared not face it.
"Muhai is my fault and I shouldn’t call the police." Yang Haolong had to be soft
"Ha ha nothing!" Muhai smiled and sat there motionless.
Just now, another group of armed police came in, but Muhai made a move. After a few seconds, they fell to the ground and kept whining like the former armed police.
Muhai also doesn’t have heavy hands, which makes them lose their mobility and their body is more painful.
"Xiaohai, I’m here to apologize to you. What do you think of Xiao Wen’s decision that we will no longer blend in?" Sun Sujie said
"Ha ha nothing you didn’t interfere" MuHai smile said.
"You …"
Yang Haolong Sun Sujie turned black and looked at Muhai with resentment.
Two people magic thoughts rolling in.
"I should call you an uncle and aunt, but your practice is too disappointing."
"If it weren’t for Yang Wen, would you be sitting here safely?" Muhai smiled and said
Hearing this, two people look even more ugly.
"What should I do when the Dragon Nets come to see you?" Yang Haolong hate thinking.
Seeing Yang Haolong’s look, Muhai smiled. "Yang Haolong, do you want to wait for Longwang people to come and let me look good?"
As soon as this was said, Yang Haolong’s frightened face showed an incredible look. He gritted his teeth. "Muhai, you are right. I advise you to stop now and run."
"Hehe" Muhai smiled and shook his head gently. "No one came today!"
"Mu Haixiu should be arrogant and wait for Longwang people to come and see how you die!"