I haven’t seen the achievements of Chelin. There are a large group of people around the huge gantry crane here in Qianjin Shipyard. Roughly speaking, there are at least three or four hundred people.

May 30, 2024

Shipyard gantry crane and port gantry crane are absolutely different. Port dock gantry crane is used to hoist boxes or tons of packages, while shipyard gantry crane is used to hoist large ships. The water size is different and the lifting weight is very different.
As soon as the taxi stopped, Xu hit the door. Ishikawa and Lin Cheng followed Xu to the front of this group.
There are five or six hundred people around here, and Lin Cheng’s previous estimate of three or four hundred people is because people are around people, so it is wrong to see clearly.
Zhang Qiren’s two assistants waited for Xu to come behind the crowd.
Although these two assistants are nominally assistants, they are retired armed police and bodyguards, but they are still called assistants in name.
When the two assistants saw Xu coming, they immediately pulled Xu to squeeze a way through the crowd, and Lin Cheng and Ishikawa followed him in.
Zhang Qi-ren looked at Xu and leaned slightly. "Master, you’re here."
Xu nodded, Zhang Jiren and Zhang Zong pulled Xu aside and whispered to Xu.
Lin Cheng squeezed into the crowd, and there were several Chinese in Tang suits in the center. These people looked Chinese at first sight, but they were obviously different from the Chinese. I can’t say where they were Chinese.
These Chinese people are very stylish, but they are obviously a little taller than their heads, but their eyes are always looking at them, which means they look down on others.
Around these Chinese, there are several South Asians who are black and strong. At first glance, several South Asians have practiced fighting skills. Their knuckles are wide and their fists are calluses. At first glance, they are good at hard work.
Another old man’s eyes flashed off from time to time, but he didn’t practice hard work like several South Asians. The old man kept his eyes on Lin Cheng and Ishikawa after Xu He came in. Obviously, he still couldn’t see through Xu depth in his mind.
It is no wonder that he can’t see clearly the depth of Xu Xu’s skill. Is it that ordinary people can see through Lin Cheng’s first sight? It was at the seaside. Lin Cheng also looked around several times and didn’t see the depth. He almost left his eyes.
Xu Kung Fu has reached the virtual realm of returning to nature, and the slight movement of arms and hands can lead opponents to the introduction of the fall. By micro-movement, it can be very prejudiced. Xu Boxing is not based on Lin Cheng’s big fight, but on a micro-frame. It may take a big circle with a diameter of one meter to really play the introduction of the fall, while Xu Gen’s consciousness is the main consciousness to control the body and draw a small circle of one or two centimeters to play the same role as Lin Cheng’s introduction of the fall.
Lin Cheng made a fist trip, which was a flash of footprints all over the courtyard, but Xu made a fist trip, in which the base of the foot never moved, and the arm did not move, and the circle was drawn in the mind, which can be said to have reached the realm of boxing.
Boxing with intention runs through the whole family. In particular, Tai Ji Chuan’s demand for meaning is the most wonderful, and he has no ability to complete his intention and guide his boxing with poor intention, which is the true meaning of Tai Chi.
329 merger and reorganization
? Lin Cheng could faintly hear Zhang Qi’s words whispering to Xu Fa. "These are all Nanyang Rongshi Shipping’s coming here to discuss the acquisition of Qianjin Shipyard. Actually, it’s not a negotiation, but people have successfully acquired 51 shares of Qianjin Shipyard. This time they actually came to accept Qianjin Shipyard."
"What about these workers?"
"This is the reason why this group of workers made trouble. The Rongshi Group will reorganize the Qianjin Shipyard, lay off employees aged 45 in advance in three phases, and then conduct post competition and elimination. Finally, it will make a big change in the middle and senior management. Of course, it is now announced that it is the first resolution to lay off employees aged 45 in advance, and the remaining two resolutions have not been announced yet. I learned through the workers’ friends of the municipal party committee and municipal government that this group of workers is going to temporarily gather shipyard employees according to their age."
"We all pay attention to being a man, leaving a chance to meet each other in the future. I think this Rong family leaves no room for manoeuvre. This is to push this group of workers to a dead end. Forty-five to fifty years old is just the time for children to go to college in high school and college entrance examination, and it is the time for their families to need money. It is really amazing for Rong family to lay off employees casually. Can the government let Rong family buy Qianjin Shipyard?" Before Xu Fa, he devoted himself to practicing martial arts and never came out in the Spring and Autumn Period. Since he became a master of port sitting, he has often wandered to the port, knowing the port and Qianjin Shipyard very well and having deep feelings for the two brothers.
Xu Fa certainly knows the shipyard boss Wu Wang and the port boss Zhang Qiren.
Wu Wang and Zhang Qiren crossed the country together. Later, Zhang Qiren became the boss of the port and Wu Wang became the boss of the shipyard. However, although the port is a giant state-owned enterprise, the shipyard is not small, but it has suffered losses in the international shipping industry for years. The shipbuilding industry is not the same as the port, but the port is not dry. The country imports iron ore, raw sugar and grain from Brazil and Africa through the port. This is the national procurement, and the price is not low, and the drought and flood ensure a bumper harvest, plus passengers and the ro-ro ship industry. Although the international shipping is sluggish, the ticket price is doubled and doubled
However, the shipyard is different. It only accepts foreign orders, and the international shipping industry is sluggish. Many foreign orders are 12 million deposits, and the original order for cargo ships and cruise ships is cancelled. However, the shipyard has no fewer employees than the port and is also a human-intensive enterprise. This has caused the shipyard to move forward. Now the shipyard has maintained a loan from the bank year after year. Because there are so many employees who need to support Wu Wang, it is also very clear about shipbuilding Wu Wang. However, Wu Wang does not know what else to do except the shipyard. Wu Wang is 50 years old and looks like he is ten years old.
The government doesn’t want to have such a heavy burden, so it has been communicating everywhere to see if there are any enterprises willing to accept this shipyard. Wu Wang certainly has feelings for the shipyard, but his arm can’t twist his thigh. You are against it alone, regardless of the fact that the municipal party Committee and municipal government dropped Wu Wang to the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce to support the elderly, and Wu Wang was also very ill, and the shipyard had the former vice president to temporarily lead the bureau. In fact, at this time, the city had already contacted the Singapore Rongshi group and had a preliminary purchase intention.
Just five days ago, during the New Year’s holiday, the Rongshi Group sent Rong Fugui, the head of the Rongshi Group, and Rong Shaoqiang, the third son, to Qingdao Municipal Committee to sign the merger and acquisition contract.
In fact, the contract is a form, and the main terms are basically discussed. After fulfilling the form, Rong Shaoqiang led people to take over the Qianjin Shipyard.
Then there is the formulation of a layoff strategy. This kind of thing is that it is strictly forbidden for the government to stop taking over factories. That is to say, layoffs are not conducive to social stability, and pushing so many unemployed people into society will cause great social instability. However, the government can tolerate that once tens of thousands of shipyards fail to survive, the wages of these 20 thousand people will be 60 million a month, which is still the minimum guaranteed wage. If the salary is 100 million a month, it will be more than one billion a year. Which bank is willing to pay more than one billion a year without any output value? Even if there is a government guarantee, that won’t do.
Qianjin shipyard is caught in such a difficult situation.
Everyone knows that the equipment and site value of such a large shipyard is far more than 10 billion yuan, and it takes 300 million yuan to repay the interest on bank loans for so many years. However, the government also has the conditions, that is, it is necessary to keep the employees here, but the Rongshi Group is also very firm in agreeing to keep most of the employees, and it is necessary to lay off some redundant idle people who take money and do not work.
Later, the government was really unable to acquiesce in this kind of business even if the burden was too heavy.
Rong Shaoqiang came to the shipyard array, but Rong Shaoqiang brought four assistants, a special assistant to the chairman and a bodyguard driver. All the people came by family Bombardier private jet, together with Rong Shao’s newly bought Bugatti Veyron, which was also transported by ship.
Whether Bugatti Veyron hangs or Singapore license plate spectrum is not small.
Rong Shaoqiang also brought many family masters, including Wing Chun masters and Thai boxing bodyguards. In fact, this is also a part of the Rongshi group in Singapore.
Rong Ke, the founder of Singapore Rongshi Shipping Group, has another title in the world: World Ship King.
Since it can be called the world, the power must be extraordinary.
Lin Chenggang just pegged the thin old man as a Wing Chun expert of Rong’s regiment, and the other Nanyang people are representatives of Southeast Asian martial arts.
Southerners are thinner than northerners, but they walk hard in kung fu, while Nanyang people are thinner than southerners, but their fists are tougher. This may be what the world says: make up for what is missing.
Southerners are thinner than northerners, but they hope to be stronger than northerners, while northerners may feel that they have just lost some femininity and made a soft Tai Ji Chuan.