Guo Xiaosi shipped the pure Yang Gong according to the words and then returned to the fourth floor.

May 31, 2024

The speed of progress in the past six months the old woman continued
Progress is much faster than before, Guo Xiaosi replied.
The old woman smiled and asked, Do you know what is the reason?
Don’t tell this black jade iron broom that Guo Xiaosi has doubts in his heart?
The old woman nodded with satisfaction, and it was smart. The natural cold of the black jade broom forced people to resist luck, while the natural dark background contained the door entry step of pure yang plough. When you take this step, the pure yang skill can be greatly improved, and then the power of the auxiliary door is even more powerful.
Guo Xiaosi was surprised to hear what the old woman said. She immediately understood that she was torturing herself, but she was helping herself. She immediately fell in love with her brother, Xie granduncle, who had previously misunderstood me. Granduncle still hoped that granduncle would forgive the younger generation.
The old woman waved her hand, but if you don’t thank me, you should thank me. Brother Li greeted me before escorting you. Once a person is sent to be punished by him, he should be given the pure sunshine footwork. I just did what Brother Li meant.
This sentence is so unexpected that Guo Xiaosi almost condescends to himself every day. Li Yuanye cursed him for dying and cursed him for being greedy and fatuous. Now it seems that he has taught himself by punishing himself like this.
I really want to teach myself why I don’t directly let myself enter the capital and become a younger brother.
The old woman seems to see through Guo Xiaosi’s mind. Brother Li takes a fancy to you because you dare to be opinionated and fearless. You are a tough man and you have a good talent. You can practice some martial arts when you enter the door, but it is inconvenient for many younger brothers to practice, but you don’t stay in the rudder and are directly taught by your brother.
Chapter 31 Try your hand
Farewell to the old woman Guo Xiaosi, I can’t bear to leave here. The backyard at the bottom of the stone is freezing cold, and the black jade broom is dark, and the background is exquisite. Everything here doesn’t make him want to stay.
However, if you want to say that you have to go to Li Yuanye before you fly your sword, you misunderstood him. Guo Xiaosi feels a little embarrassed to think of it.
Outside the laundry room of Xiaosi, the voice of Zhang Buer’s drake rang loudly. You finally came. Haha.
Guo Xiaosi looked across the street as if he were welcoming relatives and friends from his cell.
What is a good brother? Well, it’s true that the prison came to pick up Guo Xiaosi today. He walked over and gave him a hug and beat his back hard. Thank you for picking me up.
Why are you so polite to me? We are good brothers. Zhang Buer still walks back to the inn as straightforward as before. I’ve asked someone to prepare a table of good food and drinks. Let’s go for a drink.
It’s hard to drink and go to the five zang-organs temple in Guo Xiaosi these days. First, the laundry room has to have a good meal, but then he remembered something important and asked, by the way, Li Tangzhu hasn’t left in the past six months, has he?
No, Master Li didn’t leave. It’s said that the chief rudder wouldn’t let him retire, and the four incense lords didn’t pick up the experience. Therefore, Master Li couldn’t leave for three years. Hehe, that Zhang Shi’s nose was crooked with anger. He is the successor of the master.
Bah, Guo Xiaosi quenched, because of his virtue, he is also worthy of taking the post of hall master. No, this bastard, let’s hurry up and finish the meal. I have to go to the hall master.
Zhang Bu-er, one leng, he’s going to find Li Yuanye’s bad luck. He urged Xiao Si that you must never go to the hall master. You’ve been punished for hard labor for half a year and you don’t know what kind of punishment you’ll get if you offend the hall master again.
Guo Xiaosi laughed. Who said I offended the master? I have to thank him.
Zhang Buer is confused about what he said, scratching his head puzzled, and saying thank you for what?
Guo Xiaosi will tell the reasons one by one, clap your hands after listening to Zhang Bubu, and then Lu Gang will not be your opponent.
Of course it’s not a problem for Lu Gang to deal with him.
Zhang Buer said bitterly that this bastard came to the inn every now and then to find us unlucky, saying that you beat him by despicable means, so he would teach us a lesson. None of us are his opponents, so he often bullied us.
It’s a shame for Guo Xiaosi to pick this Lu Gang’s eyebrows. It’s despicable, but he blames others for often bumping into him badly. I have to give him some color to see if he meets his brother in the inn.
Is the hall master in the rudder at this time? Guo Xiaosi threw Lu Gang aside and asked about Li Yuanye. When he came to the south rudder hall, the hall master Li Yuanye didn’t always stay in the rudder, but he came back in the rudder gap all the year round, and it was a dragon without a tail.
It doesn’t seem that I haven’t heard about the hall master for a long time. Zhang Buer wanted to think and guessed
Whether he is waiting for food and wine or not, it is best to look for it right there, but if he is not, there is nothing important to do after waiting patiently.
When they returned to Laifu Inn, a group of Guo Xiaosi’s familiar brothers came to see him. Guo Xiaosi didn’t tell these people about the laundry room. Before practicing things, he also told Zhang Buer not to say anything. Zhang Buer didn’t feel anything wrong with saying it, but he decided not to say it as a favor to his good friend.
Zhang Buer called a man to ask about it, and then happily told Guo Xiaosi that it was great. The master has been in the rudder these days, and we can go to his old man’s house after eating.
Guo Xiaosi nodded well. Before we finished eating, we went to his old man’s house. I misunderstood him, and he was greedy and fatuous. I didn’t expect him to be. I was really ashamed to think of it.
I would have misunderstood him if I were ashamed. He didn’t make it clear at that time. Zhang Buer laughed
Guo Xiaosi shook his head. If he had made it clear that he wanted to stay and didn’t break the first promotion, nearly one thousand people would have to fight for it.
The two men talked and ate Guo Xiaosi, and they also took the opportunity to learn about the situation of the southern rudder in the past six months. Xu Yong and other three people were promoted to the headquarters in Beijing. It was reported that the location of the four incense masters of Li Yuanye Hall has not changed. Today, the murder case of Xiang Liu’s master has not been solved. Several brothers of Zhang Yishou often come to the inn to make trouble. Although the inn owner Huang Xiangshou has looked for Zhang Weishi several times and taught Lu Gang and other people a bunch of things, these people are increasingly afraid to come and pick fights when they hear that Huang Xiangshu is not here.
Today, Huangxiang Lord can suddenly ask in Guo Xiaosi.
Lord Huang Xiang couldn’t come back until late after patrolling the dock today. Zhang Buer shook his head suddenly. Bai Guo Xiaosi meant to clap his thigh and cried, Yes, these puppies will definitely come to trouble today, and they also know that you will come back today.
Before he finished his speech, he heard people outside the door laughing. Your novel is right, and you’ve been bothering me for a long time today.