Peng Pei-ao was also tormented by the indelible pain, so his attack on Xu Ren was even more fierce.

June 17, 2024

For Peng Pei ‘ao, although I don’t know where Xu Ren came from, I know from Li that Xu Ren has always been the new emperor of Xingmang Dynasty. Since they are the emperors of Xingmang Dynasty, they must also be the people of Xingmang Dynasty.
When Haori dynasty hated Xingmang dynasty, people had a strange feeling that Haori dynasty was the most powerful of the three dynasties, but Xingmang dynasty was the weakest of the three dynasties. No one should hate Xingmang dynasty, but the reality was not the case. It was Xingmang dynasty that they hated most.
And Xu Ren’s opponent Peng Pei ‘ao is even more hostile to the Star Mang Dynasty. Maybe he can’t even tell himself clearly that the reason for hatred is pure hatred.
In fact, this kind of hatred is the most difficult to resolve, because you don’t know what the reason is. It is impossible for Xingmang Dynasty to bully Haori Dynasty. In a short time, Xingmang Dynasty can’t compete with Haori Dynasty alone, but they just hate Xingmang Dynasty.
In the face of Peng Pei-ao’s attack on Xu Ren, he did not give in. It seems that everyone who stops him from getting the Dragon Pearl is an enemy, and he never shows mercy in the face of the enemy.
As Xu Ren shot, a series of loud noises also appeared.
Peng Pei-ao became more and more frightened, mainly because Xu Ren was not only strong but also fast. When Xu Ren attacked, he had to resist the root, so there was not much breathing room for a long time. It is estimated that even he would not last long.
Of course, Peng Pei-ao didn’t despair because he still had hope. For example, he came here together and there were ten people at the peak of his month dynasty.
But when Peng Peiao stole a look, he found that it seemed unrealistic for him to expect those people to help him.
Wang Zhongren, the fourth kuangdao in the list of ten people at the peak of the month dynasty, is almost the same as Peng Pei ‘ao’s strength. Today, the strongest helper is that Wang Zhongren, the kuangdao, is entangled in the small demon leopard Molin, so he has no leisure to help him.
Not only did Wang Zhongren, the mad knife, have no time to help him, but Ding Kun, the cross spline, was also pestered by the dumpling demon dragonfly to help him, but what made Peng Pei ‘ao feel incredible most was Fang Fang, the embroidered mother at the center of the top ten list of Haori Dynasty.
At this time, Fang Fang was being pestered by Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian from the Moon Dynasty.
Peng Pei-ao, even if he is arrogant, he still knows ten people at the peak of the Moon Dynasty, even if Zhong Li-rui and Cao Dian-yue Dynasty rank lower among the top ten people.
It was because Peng Pei-ao knew Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian that he found it more difficult to accept.
Peng Pei ao’s cognition of Zhong Li Rui and Cao Dian’s fighting power root is not enough to see, let alone wicked heart’s ugly embroidered mother Fang Fang. Compared with the peak of Haori Dynasty, ten fighters in the same ranking are a big gap. Even if two people add up, they can’t be the rivals of beautiful embroidered mother Fang Fang. However, the situation is that Zhong Li Rui Cao Dian teamed up to suppress the beautiful embroidered mother Fang Fang.
Yu Peng Pei Ao brought his fighters, which is even more idle because there are also three great master fighters, Bei Gong and Simon, in Xu Ren.
Bei Gong Hui and Simon Du have the strength of Lingbao fighters as good as Zhong Li Rui and Cao Dian. Where are the fighters who entered the top ten list of Haori Dynasty and got a chance?
The remaining three great masters fighters are not weak now, and there are signs that they have broken the shackles and become golden fighters. There is no hope that they will ambush this mountain.
Generally speaking, Peng Pei-ao is isolated now, and no one can come and help him.
Nai Peng Pei ao can also hold on by himself.
But Xu Ren’s attack is not that simple. Even though Peng Pei’s physical strength is not weak, it is not easy to pick up Xu Ren’s attack. However, when he was scented, Peng Pei’s ao had been forced by Xu Ren to turn the mountain several times.
Peng Pei-ao was very wronged. He had never encountered such a passive situation since he became famous. This situation really made him unacceptable.
This situation also makes Peng Pei-ao more and more impatient. If this development continues, his situation will be terrible.
Thought of here Peng Pei ao seems to be finally determined to directly swallow a Dan medicine into the belly.
After swallowing a Dan medicine, Peng Pei’s ao Shen’s momentum has also skyrocketed, and he has once again shot harder than before, and there is a faint trend of being able to split Xu Ren evenly
Xu Ren also felt some exceptions to this result. He didn’t care much about Li’s Dan medicine. Now it seems that Li Dan medicine is not simple. That Dan medicine is not a simple increase in strength. It should be that the stronger its own strength, the greater the increase in strength.
Of course, Xu Ren also knows that Li’s Dan medicine also has shortcomings, that is, power collision will cause huge consumption
Because of this discovery, Xu Ren will no longer blindly avoid whenever Peng Pei ‘ao attacks, he will be hard-wired with the magic sword in his hand.
Although such a collision is a big consumption for Xu Ren, it is even bigger for Peng Pei ‘ao.
After several collisions, Peng Pei-ao couldn’t stand it anymore, because he felt that his strength was rapidly losing, and it was obvious that the efficacy of the Dan medicine was about to disappear.
Faced with such a situation, Peng Pei ‘ao can bite the bullet and swallow a Dan medicine again.
After this second pill was swallowed, Peng Pei ‘ao’s eyes turned red, and the veins stood out in his temples were exposed, showing signs of runaway.
After another Dan medicine, the speed of Peng Pei ‘ao became faster. He attacked more and more tightly. He wanted this kind of reckless offensive to crush Xu Ren.
Xu Ren has long predicted Peng Pei-ao’s situation. Although some aspects may estimate the shortage, it is controllable as a whole.
Swish swish-
In the face of Peng Pei-ao’s attack, Xu Ren still had no choice but to retreat, and his speed and strength also increased
At present, Peng Pei ao is very strong. After two pills, his strength is stronger. He has reached the peak at the beginning of the mountain. This strength is a threat to Xu Ren. Even when Xu Ren recklessly, he feels that his body has been shaken to a certain extent.
Of course, the shock of Peng Pei ‘ao must be more serious. His abdomen is swollen and his mouth is overflowing with blood.
"I don’t believe you can’t be so strong."
Peng Pei-ao gave a roar, and now he felt that all his pride had been rubbed by the ground. He absolutely could not accept such a thing.
At the same time, Peng Pei ‘ao bought another Dan medicine.
Xu Ren also nai usually proud people are paranoid. He thinks that he is better than others, and others can’t be better than him, otherwise he will become crazy if he can’t accept it. This Peng Pei ‘ao is a proud and paranoid person. To deal with such people, he can’t say anything and completely crush his proud heart.
Thought of here Xu Ren also seriously.
Feeling Xu Ren’s mood change, the magic sword in his hand also uttered a light song.
Now this magic sword has been obedient to Xu Ren, because it can’t be pushed around by Xu Ren to resist and suffer. It is better to listen to everything, and Xu Ren may even swallow some of his suitable Lingbao to raise his rank.
Xu Ren’s long sword Peng Pei ao’s spear collided with each other again, once again making a shocking noise, and then a shock wave like substance quickly expanded to all directions.
Xu Ren’s figure quickly retreated and the martial arts "unloading" tactic unloaded that powerful impact.
However, even if Xu Ren removed that powerful impact, his body still went backwards for several feet.
Of course, the situation of Peng Pei-ao is even worse. He has forced three pills in succession to increase his strength, which is a trick to hurt the enemy by one thousand. Now the situation of Xu Ren collision and heavy blow is naturally even worse.
"What a terrible power. If you have such terrible power, you can’t let you live. Even if I die, I must kill you."
Peng Pei ao’s eyes flashed a bit decisively, and then he took out a Dan medicine from his body and forcibly swallowed it.
"ah! ……”
After swallowing a Dan medicine again, this Peng Pei ao seems to have reached the limit, which can be said to be beyond the limit and let out a loud cry.