He slowly raised his head, and his little body was picked too high and too high. He couldn’t see the child’s face and clear eyes for an hour or two. How long was it to be picked at the tip of your gun?

June 1, 2024

The kid who called him his brother, the kid who pulled him to play games, the kid who told him that he was hugging each other in the dark to keep warm, he looked at the kid with his head back and looked at him stupidly. He had called him many brothers, but he never called him a younger brother.
He looked at the blood setting sun and helped his little body shake at the tip of the gun. It hurt, didn’t it? When he gently reached out and pressed his chest and was killed, did his little brother know what it was? Did he ever cry for his father to save his mother and call for his new little brother?
He clenched his fist very hard, and the woman who died with a smile died so gently. Why didn’t she hate him, blame him and scold him? At last, she still cared for him and reminded him.
Then a pair of arms hugged him behind him and a voice said in his ear, don’t cry, don’t cry. The man is strong without tears.
The sound is broken and choked, as if it would enlarge and cry.
He looked at Fang with dry eyes. He wanted to say that Uncle Yu didn’t cry. I won’t cry.
He has seen too much blood death, and his eyes are so numb and dry that he forgets how to cry.
He wants to turn around and hug the trembling woman with his little arms. He wants to say the same thing to that person, don’t cry, don’t cry, man, be strong without tears.
However, he still didn’t do anything, so he was taken to Beijing.
Unlike the palace, he kept turning his head and looking at the figure of Chengtou gun.
He knew that he would always remember this scene, and he knew that this death would be a nightmare for his whole life.
Even then, he has to force himself to remember and force himself to face it.
He finally remembered his father’s words.
He’s my goose, too. He wants to see all this with his own eyes. He wants to know what kind of blood feud he bears.
Suddenly he realized that this sentence made him unable to get rid of all the painful disasters that followed.
He was six years old in the past year when he left home from Beijing and his relatives.
Before the age of six, he passed away, all his relatives passed away, and his family passed away after the age of six. He was warm and comforted, and his last bit of innocence passed away.
In a few days, this once naive child Kenai grew up, and since then he has passed away, crying, petting and asking for help. Since then, he has never had an innocent smile, and he has really changed. He has a road that has changed from blood and fire to despair but has to face.
Faced with so much blood shed by him, he never had a second choice.
Before the age of six, he escaped from the palace. After the age of six, he escaped from the imperial city. Fate robbed him of everything he could have, but he was not going to let him go. More hope, more killing and more cruelty were waiting for him.
Leaving the imperial city doesn’t mean that Ann has no security, no dependence and no luck in those chaotic times, and disasters will fall from the sky at any time and anywhere.
Just in Beijing, they met the rebels all the way, but the other party didn’t find out their identity. Maybe it was because they were in a bad mood and wanted to kill people. Maybe it was because there were so many men in their party that they made the rebels have a strong heart. When they wanted to send some gold and silver with a smiling face, the rebels were surrounded by swords and guns, and then there was a bitter scuffle.
For fear of disturbing the troops in the city to join forces to encircle them, they did not hesitate to sacrifice and beg to rush to their side in the shortest time. One by one, they poured them down. He was firmly protected in his chest and arms, and the bodyguard led Zheng Yuanhua, who was shot seven times with an arrow in his body, did not fail until he finally rushed through the encirclement.
After that, they disappeared, they took the path and turned over the mountains, they were hungry, they often killed able-bodied men when they saw them, and they forced the disorderly army to fight. They also camped out in the wilderness, and the cold wind hit them for three times a night. They often just found a place to rest, and they were about to start at once without catching their breath.
He was well protected. He walked without moving his feet. The Ministry of Food and Water left him to stay up late and didn’t dare to light a fire for fear of being found. Several adults protected him from the wind and rain.
He magically became a little adult, no matter how tired and bitter he was, he was not woken up in the middle of the night, and he didn’t say a word of objection. Every time the adults pretended to be full, they put water into his hand. He never dared to increase the amount, eat more and drink more, pretending to be naive, pestering Uncle Yu and other people to eat a little, and then he saw the adults’ happy expression. Seeing that the five big and three thick men were moved and turned to wipe their tears, he said that the sand had entered his eyes. It was a cliche.
Uncle Yu said that they wouldn’t wave for long. Although the rebels have invaded the capital, all localities are still loyal. They want everyone to escape to the land that is still under the control of the wild goose army. It’s okay to call Tianyi Division to send troops to wipe out the rebels.
Everyone is hopeful, and everyone is looking forward to the future war in the battlefield, but the greater the hope, the more sad the disappointment becomes.
In that wandering life, he saw all loyalty, betrayal, nobility and meanness.
Very not easy to escape to have not been all kinds of rebel forces Boqing, and they visited Gu Tai Manor, a famous official of Zhishi, at night.
Mrs. Gu’s family reception was very respectful and suffered a lot. They could finally have a full meal and finally feel at ease to sleep in a soft bed.
Everyone is relaxed, and people are slightly relieved. They have gone through too long and hardships. They need rest too much. Yu Boping can’t feel at ease and secretly send people to watch the family’s movements.
Everyone said that he was so worried that he fell asleep and was awakened in his sleep.
In a daze, he was held in the room and saw the figure falling in the dark and the cold light shining. I don’t know how many people were sneaking around with weapons.