That means those monkeys don’t know about the scroll either! However, the ancestors vaguely woke up and said that a demon was sealed in that scroll. The ancestors didn’t say that they wanted us to take out that scroll. Someone must find the door and we will get a great chance to dominate the whole psychic world! "

June 18, 2024

"ah? So awesome! No wonder our ancestors told us to find that scroll! " Niu er marvels at one!
"It’s a pity that we don’t know what the structure of Huaguoshan is. Otherwise, we would have been able to get through Huaguoshan over the years and there is no need to play the role of grandson all the time!
It is precisely because of this that our ancestors asked us to find a way to get to the center of Huaguoshan in the name of "cleaning up". Although I know this, I still can play the role of grandson safely! "
"The eldest brother you didn’t let the elders to the gang? But, big brother, aren’t you worried about what we should do if the scroll is captured by the enemy? If they don’t give it to us, we can’t take each other. Besides, if the other party can really capture Huaguoshan, then they will be stronger than us … "This is the cow’s second mind thinking delicately and thinking about problems everywhere in his own family.
"I know, but I really don’t want to wait! I don’t want to pretend to be a grandson anymore, you know? Two days ago, my child was insulted by a smelly toad, but I endured heartache and slapped my child. You know I love him the most, but I have to pretend to be a grandson in front of those guys … "Niu Qin, the head of the green cattle clan, was really angry this time, and he was also forced.
"Eldest brother, I don’t agree with your plan before you stop talking, but do you know what changed this attention later? It is because I found out that they have been treating us as human beings and servants, and they have not put us in the same position as them. It feels like we are born inferior to them. I decided to support your approach, but it will be dangerous in the end. Honestly, we can’t afford to offend both sides! "
The reality is so cruel that the psychic animals in Huaguoshan don’t receive them very much, but they also eat animals and don’t spit bones in the dark! This is also the biggest worry of Niu Er!
"Now you can take it one step at a time!" Niu Qin also sighed naively.
"Eldest brother, before they arranged a fine for us to come in, I also let people stare at him, but he didn’t know where to go while the square changed. Do you think we should find him …"
"No, now that he has disappeared from us, let’s not get involved with him again. Even if we see him, we have to pretend that we don’t know him. I have a feeling that this guy will soon be exposed. Where is Huaguoshan? Our ancestors tried their best to join here. He, he can blend in here so easily? And let him snoop around?
Hum, it’s not that I despise him. He doesn’t take Huaguoshan seriously. In the end, he will suffer, ranging from limb amputation to death, and his soul will be roasted by that human fire! "Niu Qin is also a white cow who knows this matter badly, which is also the way he gets along with all the animals in Huaguoshan.
Chapter 59 Close the net (3)
For a moment, the shadow of the beast in Huaguo Mountain became full of wind and cranes.
"Elder, are we making too much noise?" The ape asked the elder around him.
"It’s not that Shu Mao and I want to do this. Our original idea was to surround the Qingniu clan directly, but I didn’t know that our action was known by the snakes in Longdi Cave. They said it was a good time to set up the four holy places, or wait until the birth of the BM. If the BM was born, it would be fine to get that guy to be a psychic beast, but if he had ulterior motives to challenge our four holy places, our four holy places would be difficult then!
All those smelly snakes want the green cattle to bully! And whether it is the toads in Miaomushan or the slugs in the wet bone forest, they all agreed to this decision! Even Shu Mao had to obey this command. "
"Hey, but it’s true after hearing what you said. If that guy (who got the Beastmaster’s psychic beast) is an individual beast with a heart, then we will be in danger!" The ape-man soon understood that those guys had worked hard.
"Yes, I wanted to give the Qingniu family a face. After all, they lived with us for a long time, but I didn’t expect them to do such a thing. Ah, I feel terrible pain at my head! Shu Mao just said that sentence, which really hit my heart! " The elder is also very difficult now, mainly because he and the green cattle are really good.
"What did he say?"
"He said that betraying a friend and an enemy is never a chance to betray you! You said … "
"Oh ~!" The ape-man immediately thought of the elder and the lazy brothers Niu Qin and Niu Lan, and they had several topics to talk about.
"What did you say to make me go through such a painful thing? First the gray shadow appeared, and now I have to lead the team to deal with the betrayal of the green cattle family … "
It’s really hard for the elder, but the elder himself knows that in the face of all foreign wars, it is necessary to minimize the struggle! Only when there is unanimity can there be a possibility of winning, otherwise even if you win, I am afraid it will be a disastrous victory.
Although the animal shadow is moving, the Qingniu clan didn’t find the change of Huaguoshan at all, but Fox News seemed to see something.
"They won’t be to find green cattle family trouble? So I did get exposed? Yes, this is not the green cattle family who betrayed me. They even judged the betrayal of the Qingniu clan based on my identity. This is too bad. I just lost contact with the patriarch, and now the only way I can hope to get in touch with the outside world will disappear. This is too bad! "
After the transformation, Fox News looked at the branches of a tree halfway up Huaguo Mountain in the distance. He suspected that Qingniu had betrayed them and revealed the news of Huaguo Mountain. Fox News found that something was wrong. At the first moment, he didn’t go directly to Qingniu Mountain, but looked at it from a distance. At that time, he was able to make eye contact with the patriarch, but in an instant, he made eye contact with the patriarch.
So at this time, the Qingniu clan who is associated with the darkness is naturally a very good helper, so he is going to associate the darkness with the Qingniu clan, and then let the darkness help him to associate the family. This is why he wanted to escape to the depths of Huaguo Mountain and came to the periphery of Huaguo Mountain.
But when he came to the periphery, he saw a huge net facing the green cattle family, which made him feel a chill straight at the top of his head! Also let him know that the Qingniu clan didn’t betray him!
Because of his own suspicion, he lost an excellent opportunity to escape. Since this opportunity is gone, why don’t I make a scene in Huaguoshan? This way, even if you die, you will make money! Besides, maybe we can get some unexpected results.
Thought of here, Fox News took a look at the direction of Qingniu clan and jumped directly from the branches to and from the main peak of Huaguo Mountain.
Not long after the disappearance of Fox News, I have been tracking Fox News. Two meows have just been tracked here.
"The moon has arrived yet? Huh? No, it’s still a little hot here. This guy has just been here and hasn’t been gone long! " The emperor came to ask how long it would take to catch up, but he didn’t expect to catch up with Fox News so soon.
"But I haven’t seen that guy nearby and we haven’t met a zoo on our way. If I judge correctly, this guy went in that direction and the speed is not slow!"
"ah? Then he didn’t want to die? Lord Shumao is in that direction! " The emperor blinked.
"Well, he really wants to die, but he has a good idea. You see, we can just see the Qingniu clan in this direction. If I judge correctly, this guy is either monitoring the Qingniu clan or preparing to go to the Qingniu clan, but he suddenly found the big elders and they had to turn around to attract their attention and then let the Qingniu clan have an opportunity!"
"ah? Feelings. Isn’t he going to die? This is to make trouble? It’s such an obvious diversion that the elders will fall for it? Besides, Lord Shumao will have the chance to make trouble when he sits on the main peak? " The emperor show disdain for this guy’s actions!
"Use your head, ok? They three-eyed foxes can cross-dress. What if he becomes his psychic and makes trouble? For example, apes and demons or those smelly snakes are toads? Give it to me. Hurry up! Let’s go after him in this direction! Be sure to find him before he makes trouble! When he cross-dresses, he will definitely find a place where no one is there. We should pay attention to whether there is anything that can make him change clothes. "
"I know!" The emperor jumped directly and chased it sadly.
This is also the unique tracking ability of the two meows. When they act, the roots will not make a step or even a slight vibration.
As Moon thought, Fox News is really ready to find a place to change. This is a natural gift of their family, and there are also a few orcs or a few talents who can find what he has. Fox News is confident, which is also the dependence that he thinks he can break into Huaguo Mountain alone.
Soon he found a different place, where there was a cave that seemed to be deliberately cut out halfway up Huaguo Mountain, which puzzled Fox Xun, but now he had no choice but to go straight in …
Chapter 591 draw (4)
Fox News just stepped into this gloomy cave and felt a strange atmosphere, but he didn’t have a clue about what was wrong himself for a moment. He was just a few steps away from the cave entrance to prepare for transformation. Anyway, this time he was going to become an ape inferno, and he didn’t need any major size.
It seem to him that seeing that light at the mouth of the cave can give him a sense of security.
The emperor and the moon soon came to this place. Two meows looked up at the hole and finally didn’t go in.
"It should be said that he is lucky? Or is it unfortunate? How did he get into this place? " When the emperor saw the hole, he was in distress situation.
"all right! I also think this guy is really sad, urging him to transform in a place as big as Huaguoshan. Why should he transform in this hole? Even those monkeys don’t want to come to this place! I’m afraid only adults can come in and out of this place casually! " Moon is also very resistant. She really doesn’t want to go into this place. The two of them have been here once, but they vowed never to come again. But who would have thought that they could come here again …
Fox Xun’s transformation speed is still very fast, and he is going to go out directly, but suddenly he thinks it is a strange thing that there is such a cave in the main peak of Huaguoshan.
If it’s a monkey cave, it shouldn’t be so dark. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me. As far as those monkeys are concerned, it should at least be clean here! But what about here? There are a lot of broken stones. Who will make so many broken stones in their own house? Still not cleaning?
Thinking about thinking about fox news, I feel that this place is "extraordinary" more and more! Now Fox News is struggling to get in! After struggling for a long time, he thought he would go in and have a look. After all, the outside may be looking for him everywhere, and at least he can hide here for a while. Besides, even if he is found, he may not necessarily recognize that he is an ape-monster. Just say that he accidentally broke in and got lost, and so on!
Thought of here, Fox News strangely called and took it all the way in.
He didn’t know how shocked the emperor and the moon had been when they saw his back with their own eyes.
This cave is a straight road, but fox news thinks this road is spiral and slowly moving! He walked straight along the road and soon he came to the first room he met!
This room is full of corpses, yes, they are corpses, but it seems strange that these corpses are not ordinary psychic beasts, but those eroded psychic beasts, which means that these corpses are all dark beasts.
Fox News is thinking about when the Coalition forces can easily make so many dark beasts. I haven’t heard where the army of dark beasts has decreased. So where did these dark beasts come from?
Fox News soon found that there was nothing valuable here except the bodies. Even these bodies were worthless. After thinking about it, he still didn’t touch these bodies. Who knows if there was something wrong with these bodies? He followed the road and continued to go deeper.
Soon he came to the second room, which was dozens of steps away from the morgue just now, but when he got to this room, it was cold and gone. There were many machines here, each of which kept working, and some of them were constantly bubbling.
Fox News quickly judged that these machines were definitely not the monkeys in Huaguoshan, that is to say, those bodies outside were not collected by the monkeys. He even judged that these things were all made by that human (Shu Mao)!
There is a lot of water in these machines, and there are different animal organs and even embryos in them. Although Fox News doesn’t know these things, his intuition tells him that these things come from the bodies outside. Because when he checked just now, he found that the bodies are always missing some parts, and some bodies have strange wounds. Some heart positions and some other places always make judgments quickly based on these fox news.
But fox news didn’t touch the things here. Now that we know that these things are so different from that human, what if we touch one and trigger the machine and then attract that human?
So Fox News moved on, and then he came to the third room. There were all kinds of scrolls everywhere, and there were many scrolls on the ground. But when he stepped into this room, the door suddenly opened. This unexpected situation startled Fox News, but when he looked left and right and found nothing unusual, he calmed his heartbeat again.
"Hehe, I really scared myself. There is no one here!" Fox Xun laughed at himself.
The emperor and the moon have come to this place at this time in the monitoring room. They all laughed when they heard Fox News laugh at themselves.
"Don’t tease him, you two. I guess you’ve alarmed him!" A cold tone came from behind the two of them. After hearing this sound, the emperor’s hair stood on end and immediately turned his head and looked at the figure. It should not be said that it was a snake shadow!
"When will you come, Lord orochimaru?"
That’s right. This is the orochimaru base. It was built by Shu Mao to help him study some inconvenient things. If Yinren Village is too far away, another laboratory has been built here besides the one in the forest of death.
The previous research has been stopped, and now the main thing to study here is the dark beast. Since orochimaru was beaten to death by the dark beast, he vowed to study the dark beast thoroughly, and Shu Mao got all those dark breath data from here!
And this base is listed as forbidden area by the elders, and it is limited to the leaders of Shu Mao’s three generations and five generations, and this place is also protected by the four holy places, which can be said to be the holy places in the forbidden area, which is why they have the confidence to win.
He saw that orochimaru swam to the monitor’s hand and clicked a little. He immediately brought up the pictures of Fox News’s transformation, and his eyes flashed with excitement.
Seeing this light, the emperor and the moon directly mourned for Fox News. You are blessed!
Although Fox News says he is not worried, he has already pulled his vigilance to the highest level in his heart! According to his judgment, either he didn’t know the situation and triggered some kind of machine, or someone did something to get him up.