I smoothed my sleeves and said, "Don’t be a senior special police officer. I’m afraid you die. None of them are soft persimmons."? It depends on your strength. "

June 19, 2024

Yu Qingyang twisted his wrist, squatted, leg press and other warm-up exercises. He finally twisted his neck. "Five strokes, if you don’t lie down, I will hit the wall."
"Men spit at a nail" I stared at Yu Qingyang, although I was not arrogant enough to finish the abuse of the swat captain and didn’t want to be invincible, but it was really easy to stick to the five strokes. After all, Lao Jiang and Ning Shuying were able to stick to the seventh stroke before they "hung up".
"Now!" Yu Qingyang moved.
He pre-empted me with a straight punch, and I edged my head slightly to avoid my right hand and made a fist attack on his left rib.
Yu Qingyang’s consciousness is quite good. He dropped his arm and grabbed my arm, and his knees arched towards my plate. I grabbed him and bounced up. At the same time, I borrowed my foot to step on it. I slammed my head and slammed into his nose. Yu Qingyang was a little flustered. After all, he was experienced and he quickly withdrew his knees to do a backward posture.
Mom, this fight almost made us accidentally kiss!
When I was good, I closed it and hurried to him. I deliberately despised and said, "There are still three tricks left!"
"Difficult as a dog skin plaster, it seems that you can’t get close." Yu Qingyang took a step to buffer and swept out a high whip leg
Twinkling legs, the wind sweeping my hair, I wanted to bend over, but I didn’t just flash my elbow to block his calf, so I was still forced to retreat three steps.
Seeing the effect in Qingyang, he made three steps together. He tried and tried again, and another autumn wind swept away the leaves.
During the whole fight, I didn’t attack at all, but I was able to defend myself dangerously. This shows that the force value of the special police captain is not blowing in the Qing dynasty, and it is not gorgeous. Take four words to sum up "simple and strange!" However, it is extremely lethal. I blocked his high whip earlier, and his elbow was numb. I think it was swollen.
The autumn wind sweeping leaves in front of me belongs to the purpose of bedding, but it seems fierce, but it wants to drive me to death. Therefore, I dare not jump. Although I am fully sure that I can avoid this fourth move, according to my ability to celebrate, he can definitely take my feet off the ground and take advantage of me to "kill"!
I’m in a passive position. How can I get well … Hugh Gangjiang.
Jiang Tianci and Ning Shuying rehearsed in my mind. I remember one time Ning Shuying seemed to have done a similar trick. He taught me to hide for one second. My brain cells were crazy. Finally, when Qingyang’s legs approached, my feet bounced sideways and saved accurately and wrongly to the other person’s body!
Put Yu Qingyang throw himself on my body, twist my hands flexibly, and hold his neck, knees and armpits. "Fuck! What about the fifth move! Take something out! "
The dead man’s face was flushed, and he struggled to breathe. "I lost the ward tonight. Remember to keep it a secret."
I let go and got up to sort out the clothes. "I’m lucky to admit it." Hey, hey, I won. Be humble and want to talk about something. Don’t turn the subject over. I turned my back and said, "What about hitting the wall?" !”
"You are malicious"
Yu Qingyang put his hands on the wall and his head slammed into several walls. He was a little dizzy and said, "Get out of here before I start mad dog mode."
"Boss Pei asked your special police to bring me a silent sniper rifle as soon as possible." I said that I turned and walked towards the door. There was a saying in the South Police that the mad dog mode was that he became angry from embarrassment and inspired the second personality to surge in force and feel tired like being crazy. I’m the only one who dares to move forward like a mad dog even if there is a cannon in front of him, but the mad dog mode is sometimes limited and he can’t independently stimulate this state. It is only when he has certain conditions. It is said that once a swat team was executed in Qingyang, it was best to be killed. The mad dog mode was started. He took off his bulletproof vest and rushed to the enemy’s latent point with two submachine guns to force the enemy to lift his head. When he was ready to play, he had already entered the enemy circle, caught a man who blocked the shooting and took the dagger, and all the advantages were gained. He put out nine fanatics who had not
Mad dog mode can hardly be measured by human thinking. It is said that Yu Qingyang was badly abused as a child, so I’d better run away.
I heard a loud noise behind me a few steps away from the ward, and the door of the ward trembled suddenly. It was him who actually hit the door with his fist from the inside, so why don’t you directly? One punch after another slammed the door, and soon as he slammed the door forward, it slammed into the wall and jumped out. He cocked his neck and looked at me with scarlet eyes to eat people’s eyes!
I’m running in pursuit of Qingyang, and I dare not take the stairs. In case a mad dog comes in in Qingyang, I don’t even have a bone left. I thought about fainting with fencing, but he fainted, and we couldn’t silence it for a short time. So we ran to the top floor in tandem and then ran to the bottom floor through the stairs on the other side. We didn’t find Pei Xizhen and Lao Jiang as if they had gone to dinner! After half an hour’s repetition, I almost collapsed. I gasped violently but I was full of energy. I hid in the toilet. The toilet baffle was made of wood. I took down three rows of toilet boards with my feet kicked. He hem and haw. He took a crack in his hands and pumped it all over the toilet board. I collapsed and avoided the gap. I fled here immediately. It seems that I really won’t die!
In a brainwave, I ran to the floor of Lin Muxia’s house and passed by her ward. I smashed it and shouted, "Ning Erhuo asks for help …"
Chapter one hundred and ten Embroidered shoes
Yu Qingyang, where can I stop? He continued to chase us across the ward five meters away when Ning Shuying pushed the door. He wondered, "Do you exercise?"
"He is a mad dog now and wants to eat people! Stop him quickly! " I whined and shouted and turned into the stairs, followed by Qingyang, and I prayed that Ning Shuying could understand, but thinking that he was mainly guarding Lin Muxia, so I would not leave the ward, so I used my last strength to take Yu Qingyang to the other side of the stairs and returned to this floor. Ning Erhuo really stood in front of the corridor.
I felt weak in my legs when the stone fell in my heart. I whizzed behind him and collapsed, so tired that I was dehydrated. I leaned against the wall and stared at the situation before me.
Ning Shu-ying punched the mad dog in Qingyang by half a meter with his hands.
Yu Qingyang growled and got up, and my hate value was obviously taken away by Ning Erhuo. I was completely relieved. I started as a bystander. See the fine rules of Qing Yang and attacked Ning Shuying to see me dazzled, and then Ning Erhuo was afraid to intercept it.
It didn’t take long for Ning Shuying to adapt to this offensive and defensive rhythm and fight back, gradually falling into the wind and hitting his chest with one punch!
Yu Qingyang fell to the ground and didn’t get up again. His eyes recovered and he said "srry".
"Hurry to implement the silencing!" I realized that something was wrong and urged
Yu Qingyang picked up his mobile phone, pressed a string of numbers and was quiet for a few seconds. He ordered, "Take a sniper rifle with good silencing effect and send it to the hospital quickly."
I haven’t hung up yet. I’m physically and mentally overdrawn. My eyelids turn crazy for a second, and the dog dies. I’m in a deep coma.
I was responsible for dragging Yu Qingyang into his ward.
After half an hour, the swat team sent me the silencing sniper rifle. I was exhausted. After checking, there was nothing unusual. At this time, Jiang Tianci and Pei Xizhen also came back. They were both confused and looked at my clothes. Pei Xizhen asked, "Ling Yu, what’s wrong with you?" Like being kicked out by a dog. "
"Cough … bet against Qingyang that he will hit the wall if I can’t beat him with five strokes." I was depressed and explained, "As a result, I won the mad dog mode and lost my pursuit of the building, otherwise I would be suspicious."
"Mad dog mode is the third fighting capacity of the police station in Qingyang, second only to Ning Shuying and Jiang Tianci, and there is no room for compromise." Pei Xizhen sighed, "It’s a miracle that Xiaoyu didn’t lose a few pieces of meat."
I’m going to add some energy, tear up a piece of chocolate sealing paper and put it in my mouth while chewing and eating. "Now that you have the silencer, get ready to act."
Jiang Tianci left the hospital with a smile on his face.
"Smiling Death" Pei Xizhen shuddered and ordered "Xiaoyu, let’s go to the corridor outside Ximenwangdong ward and prepare to meet at any time"
I dragged my body side by side with the old fox to the target position and took out a cigarette. Pei Xizhen entered the ward symbolically with a cigarette, and asked a sentence, so he got Simon looking east coldly and he happily returned to the corridor.
At the same time, I sent a short message to Jiang Tianci, "Have you chosen a sniper position?"
"Well," he replied briefly.
Pei Xizhen called the hospital and said hello to the nearby police station. He motioned for me to say, "Let him act now." I sent a message again, expecting to keep my ears open and silence. Although it has the word silencing, it is not so terrible to reduce the sound to a certain extent.
After three seconds, there will be "poof!" Due to the small power of this sniper rifle, the glass was shattered and scattered all over the floor
"ah! Help! " In the ward, Simon Wang Dongda called for help and sounded his fall to the ground.
Pei Xizhen calmly is not in a hurry.
"poof!" Jiang Tianci fired the second shot.
Simon looked east and seemed to feel that his life was threatened. He panicked and shouted, "Help! die! Come quickly! "
Pei Xizhen and I still didn’t move as if we hadn’t heard it.
"poof!" When Jiang Tianci fired the third shot, we broke into the ward every second after the incident of preventing stray bullets happened again, pulled his head into the bed, pulled Simon out and carried him into the corridor. His pants were wet and he was really scared.
I gloated, "Simon looks east. It’s really lucky that you didn’t get killed by a stray bullet this time."
Everything is under Jiang Tianci’s control. He is already familiar with all the arrangements of the ward in advance, and the possible direction of the stray bullet has been calculated. Simon Wang Dong can’t hang up and ask for a number.
"You are quick to change a ward for me without windows!" Simon looked east fear uneasy way
Pei Xizhen said, "I don’t know if there is a kind of thermal imager?"
"I don’t want to die and take me to an safe place." Simon looked east and put his posture very low.
"Why? Now you and the one who wants to kill you don’t deal with it and don’t honestly cooperate with our police. "Pei Xizhen pulled out a piece of the other person’s hair and he sneered." Why do you protect your safety when you are caught in a basket case? "
Simon looked east and bit his lip. He hesitated for a few seconds. "I will cooperate with you!" "
"It’s not over as early as this!" I held my breath. He was ashamed to pee.
Simon Wang Dong dead pig is not afraid of scalding water and says, "But I have a bottom line! If not, let others be killed. "
"oh? Still want conditions? " Pei Xizhen thought for a few seconds and he said solemnly, "Tell me about it."
"I don’t want to know who he is in the purgatory, that’s all." Simon looked east with a particularly serious eye. "You can ask anything about it!"
"There is no negotiable …"
Pei Xizhen shook her head and agreed, "Don’t go back on your word!"
Simon looked east and heaved a sigh of relief. He said with relief, "Just don’t force me because of this."
That night, the three of us secretly transferred Ximen Wangdong to die, picked a clean room and put him in a proper place. Lin Wanwan was in charge of the injury. At noon the next day, we woke up and went to Dongjie to fill our stomachs and returned to the department for trial.
Summer is really boring without Lin Mu, and everyone feels uncomfortable without die. We seem to be one.
Carelessly finishing the interrogation materials, Pei Xizhen and I came to the "temporary ward" with camera equipment. Ximen looked east and still slept. I yelled at him. He woke up and shrank in the corner to make sure there was no danger. Then he said with confidence, "Can’t you wake people up?"
"If you are a woman, I think I will." Pei Xizhen, like an elegant gentleman, opened the video and sat in the chair. "Simon looks east. Are you a double evil in purgatory?"
"I am," said Simon, looking east. "Didn’t I ask again yesterday?"
"This time it’s official." Pei Xizhen looked at each other’s wounds. He picked up the evidence bag and pointed to two pairs of embroidered shoes inside. "What does it mean to find them at the scene of Mei Sizhen’s death? And last night, you said that even fifty pairs of embroidered shoes can’t make up for this permanent loss. If the so-called embroidered shoes are treasures, they will be abandoned at the crime scene? "
"Embroidered shoes … are a medium to summon the Yin spirit".
Pei Xizhen glared at him. "We have now guaranteed your safety by speaking human words, and you are still full of nonsense."
"Embroidered shoes with long eyes all know that they are not worn," Simon Wangdong explained. "We put the embroidered shoes in purgatory with two evil spirits. There is a one-way two-line eavesdropping device hidden in the soles of the embroidered shoes. In other words, now we say that both Benbo Baer and Yemeng Sinava can hear them." He winked at us. Pei Xizhen and I did press the four embroidered soles, and there were small pieces of hard objects respectively. We hurriedly left the embroidered shoes evidence bag outside the window.