The momentum alone will shock and rob people. They have never heard of it.

June 20, 2024

But everyone doesn’t know that Xiao Fan has been dealing with Jielei for many years, and even the thunder of five decays and nine layers of destruction can’t be chopped to death. Does he dare to take Jielei against Xiao Fan?
Wang Qin’s refining is five furnaces and one star barren elixir, while Xiao Fan’s refining is five furnaces and two stars barren elixir!
According to this model, the two continued to refine until all the materials were consumed and turned into a lot of Dan medicine, and then they were deeply out of breath.
The quality and order of these pills are all too high for Taigang Sect. Seeing these pills like never before, he has been so tired that he has been panting and smiling. He knows how great the value of these pills is, which means that Taigang Sect will not only recover soon, but also be stronger!
This time, the whole Taigang Zongdi has admired Xiao Fanbi and regarded him as an idol.
After a day’s rest, Xiao Fan was going to furnace again, and this time it turned out to be a magic weapon!
No one can imagine that Xiao Fan’s "double saints" are still "double saints!"
Xiao Fan Wang Qin’s husband and wife sang along with the heart, refining side by side again, and gave everyone a special reward for refining!
And the whole temple of refining method is also because of Xiao Fan’s unsparing performance this time, which makes them feel deeply and learn several things, and the overall strength will be further improved.
Ten days later, Xiao Fan said goodbye to Taizong.
While Mo has to explain some things, Xiao Fan agreed to meet at Xiao’s abandoned house in Xiao’s home city three months later.
Because Wang Qin usually has no fighting capacity, besides, in order to prevent her ancient demon blood from stirring again, she can temporarily act as the agent of Taigang Sect.
In an instant, Xiao Fan has reached the road to return to Hucheng …
Chapter 155 Tiger Town Danger
More than 200 years!
Xiao Fan has been away for more than two hundred years.
I really don’t know how much everything has changed in the past two hundred years.
After several days of continuous running, Xiao Fan finally came to the range of Tiger City.
Walking through the gate of Yue Quan Town, I saw that everything in it was still the same, but it had already changed hands and turned into a silk winery, cordate telosma winery. Xiao Fan’s heart moved slightly.
Passing through Zuoyan Town, the scenery was better than Zhangfu’s, and now it has become an abandoned house. There have been such murders here in those years, and no one dares to move in.
Xiao Fan did not enter before coming to the gate of Hucheng, but went straight to the garrison station of Hucheng along the edge of the city.
Xiao Fan looked dignified when he went outside the military camp in Hucheng.
Two ranks are patrolling in front of the pike camp at this time.
Two armored soldiers?
Xiao Fan’s footsteps gradually slowed down and his brow furrowed deeper.
It stands to reason that the lowest guard in front of the barracks should also be the level of armored soldiers, and these two armored soldiers give off a breath to give him a strange feeling!
Yes, this kind of weirdness is like a … beast!
Xiao Fan nose moved slightly more confirmed his intuition.
Maybe …
Xiao Fan’s heart flashed with an ominous premonition that his body moved and his golden armor stretched out from his skin.
"hmm? What battalion are you from? Why haven’t I seen you? " The guard looked at Xiao Fan and stopped him.
"Ba Ying Xiao Fan!" Xiao Fan took out a waist tag and threw it in the past.
"Is there a magic soldier named Xiao Fan in the camp?" The two guys looked at each other, suspicious.
"You tube have? Can this waist tag still be fake? " Xiao Fan face a heavy low drink a way
"This ….." Two guys hesitated.
"Let! I came back under military orders and delayed the military. Can you two afford it? " Xiao Fan’s heart didn’t come to an end, and an evil fire rushed back to the token and hit them. They walked straight towards the barracks.
Quiet …
The barracks are not as noisy as before. It’s quieter than this time.
Xiao Fan stepped into the "bully camp" directly, and all the tents everywhere were like this, and the whole "bully camp" turned a circle, and he didn’t even meet a single figure!
Xiao Fan heart more heavy up again to his two camps is exactly the same.
"What’s the matter? Where are people? " Xiao Fan facial expression, a change, hurriedly walked to the barracks door only to find that the two real magic gatekeepers had disappeared.
In such a strange situation, Xiao Fan hangs a cold wind in the barracks at this time, which makes him feel cold in the back!