Yun Nie soon found this place in the database of his mind.

June 21, 2024

The purple vulture star is located in the empire, 23 standard cosmic miles away from the broken star domain, and the Star Hotel is one of the ten nine-star hotels in the empire.
"The Pirate King’s adult has the financial resources and confidence to casually take out 500 million yuan as a gift, and he can also package the stars. The top floor of the hotel is definitely the top aristocratic power of the empire." Flint’s eyes are dignified
Flint, the local strongman, knows the weight of this invitation.
Star hotel, which is a noble hotel, has no certain social status. You can’t even book a bag. It’s still on the top floor.
"I’m afraid the other party received the news that we defeated the two emperors head-on. This is to get along with you … or the forces behind you …
And this power is likely to be and two emperors don’t deal with … "
"Enemies are friends?" NieYun nodded and agreed with Flint’s judgment.
He showed enough power to influence the situation of the empire, and naturally he was involved in the whirlpool of imperial disputes
But this is not a bad thing for NieYun.
Then next to the messiah suddenly frown way
"Speaking of this, our intelligence system found that after you defeated the two emperors’ fleet, the strength of the four emperors and the emperor’s knot seemed to be scared."
"Obviously, after the other party wanted to catch cicadas and yellowbirds, they didn’t expect mantis to be eaten by cicadas …" Yun Nie was not surprised and immediately thought of something.
"You mean they sent this gift?"
"Don’t rule out this possibility," the Messiah nodded.
"The pirate Wang Daren these two forces are uneasy, and a good mind is probably also a vector engine!
If you don’t want to get involved in the game of imperial high-level power, I suggest that adults had better not go. "Flint frowned.
"Although we have offended the Second Emperor, this time you have shown enough strength and behind-the-scenes power to make the other side get the boat and ask us not to take the initiative to provoke the other side, and we may not continue to be right with us.
If we do it well, we may still be able to make a profit from it.
But once we go, it will be difficult for the second emperor to recognize that we have joined the political opponents, and then it will be really immortal. "
That’s a struggle for profit, and the risk of envy is equally great
Flint, a little pirate head, said that pressure can make stability.
"Don’t go? Why not go? " Yun Nie is smiled.
The other side wants to kill someone with a knife. I don’t want to fight with the snipe? But each takes what he needs.
And this doubt is a good opportunity to cut into the core of the empire.
Don’t forget that he still has two S-level hells.
One is to find Iresen’s lost treasure, and the other is Dagong Li asking him to investigate the historical truth.
What if the empire doesn’t mess with Yun Nie and fish in troubled waters?
Now it’s not that the Second Emperor wants to trouble him, but that he wants to trouble the whole imperial family …
"Flint gold teeth and Messiah, you have done a good job recently. You are still in charge of the alliance here.
You don’t have to worry about my flagship being invaded by external forces.
Your main goal is to shrink the forces, manage the broken star domain and strengthen the alliance.
I demand that our base plate be managed in a monolithic way! "
"well! It is really necessary to not stimulate the empire too much and keep a low profile. "
Flynn nodded and immediately looked at Yun Nie. "So you are going to the meeting?"
Yun Nie turned to look at the distant star, which is the direction of the imperial city …
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained?"