Chu Yi didn’t have a mouth, but Yang Jian immediately shouted at the soldier who stood in the way in the previous step, "The supervisor is a new officer in charge of the ice well. Have you eaten the bear heart leopard yet?"

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A member of the imperial city department is not a guard of the imperial city department yamen, but they are very well informed.
The imperial city department is an intelligence agency, and the ice well supervisor is almost the second-in-command and third-in-command of the imperial city department. Suddenly, the news was first received by the imperial city department, not by the officials.
Yu Chu-yi’s life is not a secret place. It’s not surprising that the Imperial City Division has just got the news, but he never thought that the two of them would just stop Chu-yi.
"Big prison pardon small eyes don’t know big prison truth!"
For potential ChuYi already look down, see through, if it’s not fate plus imperial city company have intelligence, ChuYi might just resign.
Chu Yi, who nodded slightly, stopped Yang Jian from passing the two men and said faintly, "A certain duty will not punish you for this!"
Speak ChuYi figure has entered the imperial city department of government leave two foot soldiers a face of gratitude at ChuYi figure.
Officialdom hierarchical KuangChuYi gap with them is too big, even ChuYi want to punish them that is just a word.
It can be said that even if Chu Yi doesn’t punish them, it needs to show a little bit of meaning. Some people are rushing to curry favor with Chu Yi and punish them, but with Chu Yi’s words, no one will bother them
Chu Yi here is no matter how grateful the two foot soldiers are, their eyes fell on several figures in the mansion’s official compound.
A person standing in the middle of a suit often looks like an ordinary person, but a few people standing around him are of good temperament, either elegant as a monarch, violent as an expert in the army or free and easy as a knight in the Jianghu 2.
"Zhou Wei!"
Chu Yi flashed a name in his heart, which was to come to Huangchengsi Road. Yang Jian told him that now Huangchengsi is famous all over the world, and Zhou Dong is the first person in the world.
It is no stranger to Zhou Dong and Chu Yi. In the official history, Zhou Dong’s name may not be obvious, but there are various records. In unofficial history, Zhou Dong had a big name in the Song Dynasty.
On whether famous figures such as Lin Chong, Lu Junyi and Wu Song in the Water Margin all came from Zhou Dongmen, or that famous figures such as Yue Zhong and Yue Fei also came from Zhou Dongmen.
Chapter seven hundred and six Chu Yi for advice
For such a Chu Yi, I can’t underestimate it at all. Seeing that Zhou Dong is leading the imperial city company at the moment, Hou Chu Yi turned his mind and strode to Zhou Tong and said, "A Chu Yi has seen Zhou Ju!"
Chu Yi came from a big country, but the ice well supervisor was appointed by heaven. I really want to talk about it. Although Chu Yi is the second in command of the imperial city department, no one dares to underestimate Chu Yi. After all, Chu Yi is behind today.
Today, when I came to lead the country, it was really vigorous and a large number of old-school officials fell off the horse, which really gave a hard bite of the grievances accumulated over the years.
That’s how the former ice well officer was taken by heaven. Who let the former be the confidant of the former high queen mother?
In the past few years, although the great supervisor changed his ways, although he said that he did not do what he did, he also removed many officials that God hated.
As the saying goes, when a cunning rabbit dies and a running dog cooks his body, he will be dissatisfied with that person. Without profit value, it will be a will. Although there is no such thing as being stupid, he can see each other. This is a loss of faith.
And Chu Yi is obviously a close confidant, otherwise it will definitely not be sent to take over the ice well department. This represents that the eyes and ears of the day are important, not close, and how can they sit in this position?
Zhou Dong Chu-yi stepped out into inches in an instant and crossed a few feet. He reached out and brushed his hand lightly to hold Chu-yi’s hands.
"The supervisor of Chu can’t be the supervisor, but the representative of the angel of heaven and the official Zhou Dong dare to suffer!"
Zhou Dong, the official in charge of the Imperial City Department, is the only one with a higher status than Chu Yi. At the moment, others are praying to Chu Yi and saying, "We have seen Chu Da Jian!"
Chu Yi nodded slightly at the crowd and said, "You don’t have to stand on ceremony!"
Accompanied by Zhou Dong, a group of high-level officials of the Imperial City Company, Chu Yi turned the whole Imperial City Company yamen, especially Zhou Dong’s introduction made Chu Yi have a very profound understanding of the whole Imperial City Company.
The imperial city is very powerful, not shouldering the responsibility of monitoring the sky, but also being responsible for the palace guards. According to common sense, the imperial army is generally responsible for the security of the palace, but this is not the case in Dasong.
The problem of emperor’s safety is that the imperial city department is responsible for the selection of elite soldiers as personal guards on the basis of the imperial army in the Song Dynasty. It is said that the number of pro-officials is as many as thousands, and these pro-officials belong to the imperial city department
The number of troops mastered by the imperial city company is amazing. Perhaps compared with the later Royal Guards, there is no interrogation of prisoners, but it is not much difference.
He sent Chu Yi, an official of the Imperial City Department who accompanied him, and Zhou Dong sat down with a big tree.
Chu Yi looked at Zhou Dong’s breath in Chu Yi’s eyes. He felt the slightest breath fluctuation from Zhou Dong’s body. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary person.
But anyone who regards Zhou Dong, who is famous all over the world, as an ordinary person is really crazy.
Chu Yi’s searching eyes, Zhou Dong, seemed very calm and indifferent, sitting there without Chu Yi’s influence.
However, when Zhou Dong put the teacup in his hand, he looked up at Chu Yi and said, "If a family is not mistaken, you should practice the secret method of sunflower treasure Dian."
Chu Yi smiled and looked at Zhou Dong and said, "I never thought that Zhou Ju even knew the name of the sunflower collection."
Zhou Dong stroked Bamei Beard with a slight smile. "A great master has a heritage, but the sunflower line is the best among them, almost comparable to that of the royal family. How can Zhou not know the name of sunflower?"
Chu Yi eyebrows a pick listen to Zhou Dong’s meaning. The palace is not only a sunflower collection, but also the royal family itself.
Speaking of the royal inheritance, Chu Yi is really curious about what kind of inheritance can people like Zhou Dong praise the royal family so much.
Zhou Dong, it seems that Chu Yi’s understanding from the big to the big is far more than what he did. He ordered a little more carefully, but he didn’t say much, but he didn’t know that he knew Chu Yi. However, Chu Yi didn’t know anything, which made Chu Yi’s heart feel like a little hand scratching.
At Zhou Dong, Chu Yi smiled and said, "Compared with Zhou Ju’s name, the world admires sunflower, but a few people know it."
Zhou Dong chuckled and looked at Chu Yi with a positive color. "Zhou dares to assert that the name of the sunflower collection will be famous in the future. At that time, perhaps the name of the sunflower collection will far exceed Zhou’s name."
Perhaps Zhou Dong didn’t know that the name of the sunflower collection in later generations was much bigger than his, but of course it was hard to say in this world.
It is said that Zhou Dong has set foot in the realm of heaven and man, and it is hard to say that he is already powerful in the realm of heaven and man at this moment.
In this way, one person can suppress an era, just like an era. Zhao Kuangyin, the great emperor of Song Taizu, is the strongest person in suppressing an era.
Taizu Changquan is still respected by practitioners in the world today.
In the past, Emperor Mao really laid the foundation of the Great Song Dynasty by virtue of a vigorous set of long punches by Mao, and only then did he deter a group of Qiang Bing experts from easily seizing the country from Chai’s orphans and widows.
However, Zhao Kuangyin, such a strong man who set foot in the realm of heaven and man, was a hard-to-find opponent by force alone, but eventually he fell into the hands of his brother Zhao Guangyi.
Zhou Dong is like Zhao Kuangyin, the former Emperor Mao. It is more difficult to find an opponent to suppress the present world.
As a great master, Chu Yi even couldn’t help asking Zhou Dong for advice if he wasn’t afraid of revealing any flaws in his actions.
But who let Chu Yi be the grandparent of Sunflower? The grandparent of Sunflower is much older than Zhou Dong.
Zhou Dong is not only amazing, but more importantly, Zhou Dong is a good teacher. Looking at the younger brothers taught by Zhou Dong, we can see that few people can teach his younger brothers.