"This … this is impossible! Is everything I know an illusion? "

June 23, 2024

This is a … huge cave-like environment.
Lin, many eyeball-shaped miniature arms are floating here.
In this cave, you can see many red pulps moving in neat rows.
They are neatly arranged to make them look like a red river flowing slowly to the depths of the cave.
This place is the ancient mud corpse … somewhere underground.
Lin came here not long ago and made a detailed investigation of these creatures.
Although Red Slurry said that this place is forbidden for other creatures to approach … but Lin still approached here, of course, which made them unable to detect the way.
At first, there was nothing special about these creatures from the outside.
But Lin let the micro-arms float to the surface and found some interesting characteristics after studying them carefully
These creatures … their lives don’t seem to be very different from those of common personality creatures.
Their ancient mud bodies built many huge red mud buildings in their cities and moved.
Most of their architectural shapes are like red rocks, while most of their creations … such as transportation, are also similar to stone shapes.
So their city is also like a rocky woodland.
Red pulp people shuttle through these stones and seem to be busy with their work like other sexual creatures.
However, the actual mud has no concept of money. They seem to be busy … in fact, they are enjoying a leisurely life.
Those red pulps crawling around the surface didn’t do any work, just wandered around or prepared to go for entertainment.
Of course, this is the surface situation, and you can see these neatly on the surface, like lining up red pulp, and their team finally … that is, the end of their lives
The red pulp on the ground is mainly fed by the red pulp on the ground.
This is also the interesting part of this article.
That is, all the creations here, including all kinds of buildings and vehicles, are actually … red pulp bodies.
To be precise, they changed into themselves
This is mainly from their ecology.
When the red mud fought against the ancient mud that had been controlling them and won, they found a small problem, that is, they could not reproduce.
Although it is said that normal ancient mud can grow into mud lords and lords can split small mud … but these red mud have no splitting ability at all.
They can produce offspring, and Lin now sees so many red pulps, which are all separated by ancient mud and some organs that are still alive.
Many of these organs here can be said to be an’ automatic’ splitting tool.
It needs to be given enough nutrients to split into a steady stream of red pulp.
Now there is an organ where this huge team starts.
Organs constantly split out of this red pulp team … mainly to make tools.
Because red pulp is a creature … they can’t assemble products.
But they have that ability to become thing.