So is Lin’s mind.

June 24, 2024

The vast imaginary number of rubble floats slowly. Although this is the case here, it is a little … different now.
These stones are even smaller than before … They used to be hundreds of meters in diameter, but now they have become fragments with a size of more than ten meters or several meters.
And those who were more than ten meters small turned into fine grains of sand flying around those larger pieces.
These crumbs all say one thing … There was an extremely fierce war here, and Lin saw it not long ago.
Because this is Lin’s initiative after all.
When a large number of attack stones shot at the micro-machine fog, the micro-machine also quickly took a counterattack.
At first, its reaction was relatively … mild. Every time it attacked, it countered a few attack stones.
Therefore, Lin seized this opportunity to bomb the micro-machinery crazily, so that all kinds of attacks could strike at this black fog.
In the process of striking, the micro-mechanical counterattack is becoming more and more fierce, from the initial counterattack of several targets to more than a dozen targets, and then dozens of targets and hundreds of targets …
The frequency of each counterattack is getting faster and faster.
It didn’t fight back until Lynn hit it, and then it kept fighting back even though Lynn didn’t attack it.
At that time, the micro-machine didn’t look like a black fog, but it looked more like a tumbling machine that was about to burst.
Like lava, the light is surging, and the tiny particles are flowing, and they will burst out at any time and anywhere and hit those distant attack stones.
No matter how many stones are hidden behind the attack stone, the micro-machine will continue to attack it and blow off all the floating rocks in the way until it hits the target.
It is so crazy to counterattack that Lin has little chance to attack behind some attack stones, but many attack stones can still attack while hiding.
Micro-machinery doesn’t intercept Lin’s attacks, such as missiles or meteorites that hit it. It accepts these things directly, unless it happens to be hit by micro-machinery counterattack light during flight, otherwise the base can hit it.
However, micromechanics are quite dissatisfied with those targets that are hiding in the distance and constantly attacking, and the main counterattack is also aimed at these targets.
Amazingly, Lynn was not attacked by the hidden base again. All the attacks came from the central fog.
Isn’t micromachining going to attack the outside base after being discovered by gel creatures? Or another reason?
Anyway, Lynn thinks the most unlikely reason is that it has that base.
Its crazy counterattack created this debris floating scene. Of course, this scene is that Lin attacked most floating rocks around the stone house, but it has not changed.
After all, Lin attacked more than one thousand stones and didn’t occupy much space.
However, the damage caused by these more than 1000 stones is not small.
Among them, there are all kinds of weapons, most of them are former ambassadors, and some are new ones, which were only put into use in this battle
Some weapons … and’ delayed delivery’ are available. This is a brain-enabled technology. Lin tested one here.
Now the micromechanical fog is very different from the original one.
On the whole, it looks a little smaller than before, and it is not as complete as before. On the surface, it looks like a cloud with many bites.
In normal times, the micromechanical fog seems to expand greatly, but it is actually very small. If they are all closely gathered together, it will be much smaller than the original. They are still in a fluffy state and the number is not enough to supplement the original part. It seems that many pieces are missing.
Seeing what they have become, Lin is also convinced that the micromechanics have indeed suffered considerable damage.
At the same time, there is a message from the mayor that they are really in a very injured state.
In the repair of damage and loss, the repair material is insufficient and the repair part is insufficient. This area cannot be repaired. This area must be repaired to restore the target function …’
Now its information base is all like this, but Lin also found some special information,’ Destroy the target, damn it, the target is dead, all the targets must be destroyed, and the target must be judged to be destroyed.’
This information also gives Lin a special feeling, as if they are some kind of … intelligent machinery that connects the world and controls the memory collector.
Is there some connection between micromechanics and intelligent machinery?
However, although Lin calls them all machines, they are still very different in body, and intelligent machines have no fear energy
But in this case, Lin thinks we should pay attention to an intelligent machine, but they are nothing special now
In the information, it seems that micromechanics really have a problem with Lin’s attack stone. After all, it’s too much damage to them, but Lin’s original plan is that it has less left, mainly because it counterattacked too strongly.
And Lynn noticed some wonderful parts.
That some attacks … didn’t work.
Lin paid attention to how many targets were killed by each light beam and each missile. Generally speaking, explosive attacks can kill more micromechanics.
But … Lin also noticed that sometimes the attack would fail, that is, the bomb flew in and did not explode, but it hit the target beam and did not kill the micro-machine.
These attacks seem to have been melted.
Some of the attacks were solved in this way. Lin thought it was a similar delivery effect … Lin is observing these records and will soon know what is going on.
At the same time, the micro-mechanical fog area is also the law, which is actually the law to control the nerve system to detect that area
It is a kind of’ blocking delivery’ method, but it works for some delivery methods and others can still afford it.
At present, there is nothing special about micromechanics, because they think they have successfully destroyed Lin’s army, which is in the process of repair.
However, they are still in a certain state of alert, which is very obvious. This can test one.
There are still some attack stones that have not been destroyed. They have successfully hidden themselves, relying on some hidden method. They may make the micro-machine think that they have been blown up, but this is only temporary.
Thinking about Lin, let an attack stone move a little.
When it moves, the light from the mechanical fog will completely destroy the whole stone.
They still pay attention to Lin’s movements. This time, they didn’t wait for Lin to attack before fighting back, but they destroyed the target as soon as they detected that instant.
If Lin’s troops move a little, they will immediately notice the attack stone and destroy it, even if it is far away.
If you don’t move, you won’t find it, and its detection ability is not very strong. Lin has decided to show almost … a round of attacks.
But what if that’s the case?
Then Lynn was ready to move another attack stone.
But before it moves, Lin pays attention to an object that flies slowly from a distance. It’s a gel creature’ soft rubber battleship’
Let’s call it that for the time being. This 700-meter-diameter rubber block Lin flew far away when she attacked in front, as if to avoid the war.
But now that it’s finished, it flies back again, feeling like it’s coming to test the battlefield situation.
Lin wanted to see it before, but she didn’t find a chance because it ran away, and now she has a chance.
Because it is slowly approaching Lynn, an attack stone …
When it approached the attack stone, the attack stone suddenly flew out and flew behind the soft rubber warship.
At this moment, Lin noticed that the black fog of the micro-machine lit up, but the light soon went out.