Just after flying for a few minutes, Li Xiangkun was suddenly disturbed by a wake-up call.

June 25, 2024

High risk? I have Lieutenant General Lu and Mr. Ye around me. If this is risky, isn’t it terrible?
"Xiang Lian, you didn’t think wrong, but you have taken them into account. However, this time the difficulty is far higher than you think. Good luck!"
At this moment, Yawenyin’s original gentle voice appeared in his mind, which now sounded as horrible as death knell.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven Psychedelic powder
Just then, Li Xiangkun immediately called his friend address book and sent the same message to all his friends, inviting them to join him.
Several people replied to him in just three minutes.
How can anyone not be interested in such an interesting thing?
This group of people can’t stand loneliness. The more challenging they are, the more they will grow.
At present, Yan Huang and Yao Shun are also known to be able to add Yan Feng Ai, Xue Hu and Xi Yu.
To him, several people have their own busy things. Lin Mo is naturally his own business owner. Now he should be busy installing shops. The head of things is still gray and black.
And Liu Yao and Gu Shu are the gold medal pharmaceutical masters and mining masters who will become legions by studying more vice industry skills.
Bewitching eyes and Li Jin’s head are both gray and black, and it is estimated that they all have their own busy things.
"Everyone immediately took the train from the northern base to the novice base, and it should be returned now."
After sending the last sentence, Li Xiang-kang closed his face and calmly looked out the window at a gray scene.
"It’s getting late today. Let’s get to the front station for a while and have a rest. Only by saving our strength can we play better."
Lu will be a little tired and rubbed his forehead. Maybe there are too many things bothering him today. He feels that his body is too much for him.
"Well, when we get to the front station, let Mr. Liu have a good rest and relax. Let’s take some action."
Mr. Ye also agrees with Lieutenant General Lu that he consumes a lot of his brain power today and needs a long sleep to replenish his energy.
Boss Liu also knew that he had nothing to add to other people except to drag them down, so he agreed to the idea.
"good! Xiaohei locked the destination front station! "
Li Xiangkun nodded and patted the elf sitting on his shoulder and laughed
"ok! Xiaohe has received instructions from the supercar to correct the route and set off at the front station! "
Xiaohe flew around the car excitedly, and then a black light shone on his body. The navigation route gradually revised the new route.
The setting sun finally completed its mission of the day and slowly sank into the mountains, replacing it with the bright moon.
One after another, the mountains are shrouded in dusk, and from time to time, they roar with terror and wake up. Birds are hiding crises everywhere.
A dazzling light is very dazzling in the darkness.
In the black sports car, Mr. Liu has comfortably fallen asleep in the back seat. Although Lu Zhong is a little sleepy, he has been trying to open his eyes to prove that he doesn’t want to sleep
Mr. Ye quietly leaned his head against the window and looked at the marginal darkness without some sighs.
"I don’t know when darkness became synonymous with danger"
Li Xiangkun is a little strange about this sudden Tathagata, but after all, it’s not surprising that he came out of the mouth of Mr. Ye, a little magic stick, and then he was mysterious.
"Darkness, as its name implies, and light are the opposite of all things in this world that no one has discovered."
"Is this world dark or terrible?"
Mr. Ye turned his head and looked at Li Xiangkun seriously, which was one of the few things he showed dignified look.
"Mr. Ye doesn’t know why you are so emotional today?"
Li Xiangkun was embarrassed to change the subject because he couldn’t answer his words.
"It’s nothing but borrowing scenery to express emotion, and you can understand that I am sick."
Once again, the gas fell silent, and the car was silent except for a faint breath.
As the minutes passed, the black sports car landed on the ground with a sense of weightlessness.
Suddenly, a dazzling light shone towards the vehicle, which directly woke up a few people who were still asleep.
"I’ll go! I woke up when I fell asleep. Let me know who had to pull out his skin! "
Lieutenant general Lu roared angrily, it is better to add to the mental state of middle-aged people, and they are about to enter old age, so they have a hard time sleeping and can’t sleep well.
Saying is also a blank face, but dare not lose his temper like Lieutenant General Lu. After all, the identity gap between two people is not as big as usual.
"car! Car! We have to check! "
Outside the window, a group of deputy armed soldiers rudely surrounded the sports car, and a row of guns were closely aimed at the car.
Li Xiangkun took the lead in hitting the car door, but who ever thought that his feet were dragged directly from the car before landing?
The other three people were not lucky, and they all received the same treatment.
Lieutenant general Lu just wanted to reveal his identity, but Mr. Ye turned him back with a wink.
Let’s just call it a private visit.
After the soldiers controlled four people, they sent several people to search the car, but nothing was turned over.
"Report captain! There is nothing suspicious about the car! "
That a few search soldiers trotted to the captain saluted and reported.
"Didn’t? No way! These people are acting strangely, and there must be secrets that no one knows. Let me personally investigate. "