This kind of sound is not for banning brothels, but the words are highly unified.

June 26, 2024

They all agree that brothels exploit and oppress women and advocate that brothels in a big country should not be liberated by revolution.
However, the real problem is how to resettle those tourists after the nationwide ban on brothels.
Many of the tour practitioners are killed and prosecuted, but few of them are clean, and it is not difficult to deal with them easily. The main problem is the body of those tour practitioners.
There’s nothing wrong with these employees except taking money from men’s pockets. He just ruined their jobs. Although it’s definitely a good thing, you can’t let them starve to death like that, can you?
It’s easy for girls to say that they have lost their livelihood, but these brothel girls are still alive and unemployed. Does the court pay for them?
Su Yonglin has some ideas about this.
So he chose several cities with a relatively large number of brothels, including Hangzhou in the pilot project.
Fuxing members dragged the pimp and girls inside to the labor reform base to hold special classes for them.
In the afternoon, I learned about my mistakes in this industry by studying revolutionary knowledge and theory, and told the disadvantages of this matter from many aspects such as law and morality, which awakened some women who had no sense of shame.
This course should also take out some famous examples of pre-history or simply write some articles about girls’ stories in brothels.
Su Yonglin personally wrote a story about Du Shiniang. The tragedy of Du Shiniang awakened the sadness and shame of these prostitutes.
These sensible and emotional education models have really played a good role.
After the afternoon study, skills training classes will be held to help them learn skills such as textile skills, sewing skills and medical skills that are convenient for finding jobs to support themselves.
These are very practical skills. If you learn these skills, you can recruit more people in the workshops around big cities. If you learn these skills, you can arrange them to work in the workshops and have a place to earn their own wages to support themselves, but you don’t expect others.
By the twelfth year of Hongwu, this group of pimps and brothel girls have realized the 100% transformation from study classes to social workers, and have partially realized that they have joined the workshop and become regular workers, and they have begun to earn their living by working.
Obviously, the problem of their marriage is also a big problem, but quite a few of them have resigned themselves from the beginning to know this life.
As for the proposal that Fuxing members tried to match them and said they were married, most of them chose to refuse.
What they mean is that when you get old, you will die of old age, but now there is a second way to go, and you can live on the benefits of the factory. In the future, there are retirement benefits that are different from the second life.
Therefore, they decided that the sisters should support each other, build a big family to help each other, turn over a new leaf, and then hold a group to warm themselves up and send each other goodbye.
Marry in marriage, then leave it to fate and never force the world’s heroes to be many, but few belong to them, so don’t bother to worry about the revival meeting.
The revival members stopped and focused on arranging their work and stopped interfering in their private affairs.
This wave of pilot projects is a success.
By the twelfth year of Hongwu junior high school, brothels in six cities, namely, capital, Chang ‘an, Luoyang, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiangyang, were banned by the Ministry, and all employees went to jail to work.
At this moment, even if Su Yonglin doesn’t take this action, the brothel business will continue to decline from a national perspective, and the decline rate is also very fast.
The reason is simple.
Except for a few special cases, most of the historical prostitutes were born in poor families, sold by their families, or had to fall into the dust to eat bad karma women.
The main reason for their falling into a brothel is the family factor, and oppression and exploitation are the root causes, which are absolutely unavoidable.
After the old ruling class was wiped out, the people’s suffering was greatly alleviated by overthrowing exploitation and oppression, and the economic construction in the country continued to broaden the ways for girls to reduce their difficulties in life.
Sports farms and handicraft workshop were opened on a large scale, and the interests of the bottom people were guaranteed at the same time.
Moreover, the law of giving citizens [citizens] status by humble origin has been abolished, and the law of equality for all prohibits trafficking in human beings. There are very strict regulations to deal with this, and we can’t see any drama in which family members force their daughters to sell their bodies.
Everyone has money, land and food, so they can’t survive by selling their children and daughters, and naturally they won’t make this taboo.
In this case, it is unsustainable for brothels to simply obtain fresh blood through the so-called legal channels in the past dynasties, and no one will sell their daughters to brothels.
The maximum access is gone, what other way is there?
Of course, the brothel operators are also very anxious, and some pimps are really anxious to jump around looking for resources and even secretly go to the countryside to negotiate with rural families.
However, sports farms and grass-roots organizations of the Renaissance Association are all over the grass-roots. Nowadays, some pimps are equal to death.
In the tenth year of Hongwu, a brothel madam in Xiangyang was very anxious because she didn’t have fresh "resources" for several months, so she secretly went to the cupboard farm outside Xiangyang to discuss selling her daughter.
This incident caused an uproar in Xiangyang and Zhongdu at that time.
Chapter 1563 When did these mud legs have more money in their hands?
In the past, most of the resources of Xiangyang brothel came from the surrounding rural areas.
These pimps are secretly associated with some landlords and gentry in the surrounding farms.
Under normal circumstances, there will be no shortage of resources in brothels, and officials and petty officials will naturally serve as natural helpers for the pimp to make money, while "helping" the pimp to ruin many farmhouses, and the pimp can obtain resources quite cheaply.
But in case something goes wrong, I occasionally meet some blue sky men who have a conscience and will take the initiative to restrain officials and collectors from engaging in farmers. In those years, brothels will lack resources
When the pimps lack resources, they will take the initiative to attack and cooperate with the local landlords and gentry to run the bankruptcy of the farmers who are interested in "high-quality resources", thus forcing good prostitutes.
After obtaining the "resources", the brothel will give some benefits to the landlords and gentry who help them, and the landlords and gentry will also get some land, and everyone will get what they need.
The only thing that can save farmers in this process is the government.
However, it is a pity that for most of the past history, the government’s duty was not to save farmers, but to play the most vicious role in persecuting farmers. Landlords and brothels had to shout a master before them.
Even if one or two masters persecute farmers occasionally, they will not take the initiative to save farmers.
Generally, the masters of the sky don’t get into trouble with these landlords and gentry. The place where the masters of the sky are in trouble is the running water, the county magistrate, the iron fist and the gentry. Although they don’t like what they can do, the things they can do are very limited
In general, it is not necessary for the masters of the sky to have a group of mud legs that have nothing to do with themselves in the past three or four years, making themselves and the place stiff.
Maintaining a better place can also actively cooperate with the masters of the sky to engage in water conservancy projects as a political achievement and spread a reputation in the category of "Official People’s Pleasure"
When Master Qingtian leaves, they can also buy a group of water troops and pretend that they can’t bear to pull his car and not let him go to give Master Qingtian a practical gift.
So the sky’m a cycle is complete and wait for a promotion.
What did you study hard at the cold window?
Is it justice for mud legs?
For the sake of the future, personal morality is not bad, and the sky’s master can turn a blind eye, or he will go too far to make everyone educated and educated, and he will pretend that nothing happened.
It’s too normal for one or two farmers to go bankrupt, and it’s too normal for one or two farmers to die with their doors closed. The gentry will also take the initiative to control the situation and won’t let these things affect the achievements of Master Qing Tian.
Everyone maintains a subtle tacit understanding.
After three years and four years, Master Qingtian patted his ass and left. Everything remains the same. Everyone continues to bully farmers. Hello, I am good, everyone is good.
The official who asked the real people to protect mud legs could be like Harry.
How did the people plead for the pen holder?
He ran away from a place where the rich were frightened and swearing, and the mud legs straightened up and cursed the powerful men.
Two-phase comparison is high
But times changed after Hongwu years.
China’s strong intervention in the south of the Yangtze River and the unprecedented land revolution in Xiangyang area
The revival members waved flags and shouted to take the lead in charging, and the mud legs embraced the tsunami and hanged the local tyrants and gentry.
For the mighty gentry, this is not the sky, this is the living ancestor.
After the tyrannical gentry were hanged, the Renaissance Association organized a series of villages, ended the old production mode, established a physical farm and started a physical economy. The agricultural production situation was excellent.
Because people’s living conditions are getting higher and higher, and the country’s population legal system is very strict, it is forbidden to buy and sell people, so many illegal industries have gone bankrupt.
At the beginning, many brothels found that people such as gentlemen had been killed, so it was difficult to continue to sell at high prices, so they reduced their prices and ushered in a group of new guests.
But the pimps soon discovered the seriousness of the problem-they had no fresh blood to supplement their brothels.
The original girls in the brothel are getting old day by day and losing their competitiveness and attractiveness in the industry. Brothel urgently needs fresh blood to strengthen its physical strength.
But there is really no one to sell their daughters or sell themselves anymore.
Workers in the brothel industry went out to investigate and were surprised to find that farmers who were poor in the past began to become rich and full, which made them feel wrong.
When did these mud legs have more money in their hands?