Although Lynn doesn’t know what all the devices in it are for, it’s easy to find the part that controls the take-off.

June 27, 2024

The same is true for reading diaries before. Lin found that virtual people hide all kinds of information in them like magnetic things, and when reading these diaries, they need to read the information in them through something that seems to be called a’ password’ if it is wrong.
However, it also shows that there is a correct way to read. Lin can choose to change the brain wave output so that the brain wave can enter the reading through the correct frequency. However, Lin prefers that the brain wave directly’ tears the target’. In the final analysis, it is just to send the brain wave to force the influence or change the password to set this part to make it disappear.
The time base of reading information is to send brain waves to make them react and automatically combine those symbols, and then look at the virtual people’s words.
It feels like invading a dream, but this is much simpler. After all, everything in it is fixed, and it will not resist or fight back. Those password obstacles are just some fixed flow reactions …
Let’s take a look at which part of the cave is controlled. Since they have made flying objects, they should also have made holes to let them fly out.
….. The controller in this flying object seems to be a flying object that can control all kinds of complicated things in the light. Here Lin found that there is also a’ dancing device’ that can constantly emit flashes and rhythmic sounds, and can also control a place to spray water …
Virtual people are always weird when they make things.
It seems that the flying object controller can’t control it. What about the controller outside? Thinking about Lynn, she let the stargazer fly out.
It seems that this main controller is not good either.
The controller in the star surveyor’s’ hair room’ investigated and found that it could control the outside cave.
It really is. Actually, when Lin worked on this controller, she didn’t find that it had the function of controlling the nearby alloy virtual people and producing the flow output around the device.
Lynn thinks it may be that they haven’t been built yet.
Building flying objects is the last instruction of the main controller, and it has not continued since then. In fact, they can’t continue because those alloy virtual bases are broken due to excessive wear and tear.
There were hundreds of them, but how many moved when Lynn arrived?
In the end, they didn’t even have a chance to build an export.
Lin went on to investigate a flying object controller and found that it had set the flying target to be a rollover called’ Dadada Dadada’, which means that a large number of names are long.
Accurately speaking, it is not a real tumbling person, but a stone with a diameter of about 100 kilometers.
However, it can also be called a small roller, which is located far away from here. The detailed location is not marked, but the flying surface has a recorded navigation route, which seems to be more than one billion kilometers
At the same time, the image of the tumbling man was recorded. It looked gray as a whole, as if the surface was lifeless.
I wonder what’s there. What do these imaginary people want to do there?
We won’t know until we get there.
At present, Lin wants to build a base here, repair a shell that Lin knocked down and install a new’ door’
At the same time, Lin wants to dig a hole here so that this flying object can fly out. When it arrives, just wait for it to fly
Now Leviathan has sent a lot of reinforcements, and they are flying this way.
Although we know all kinds of situations here, there is still a question: how did this poison gas come from?
In order to find the answer, the only star surveyor here is drilling into a dark depth.
From the inside of the controller, we can see that there is a place called the basement. This basement is closed, and the entrance is located in a corner of the hair room. The controller controls the entrance of the room and can also monitor the environment inside.
Now the door of the room in front of the star surveyor has been broken, and there are some fragments left in the door.
This door is different from the door like ice crystal that Lynn met when she came in. The door is made of alloy and is particularly hard.
There’s no light in it. It’s in the dark controller. Those surveillance things have long been damaged
As soon as Lin knows what’s inside, Lin will explore the environment inside!
Star surveyors immediately entered the basement entrance.
It is strange that the virtual door is round, but the back passage is almost square.
And stronger toxic gas can be felt in this passage. Obviously, the toxic gas is produced from here. Perhaps it is because these toxic gases live that the virtual people have to leave.
Walking in the dark passage for a while, the star surveyor saw something.
A skeleton
This is a virtual skeleton. It’s just lying in the passage. It’s the first time for Lin to see a complete virtual skeleton. This skeleton looks really like a six-legged creature like a flying dragon, but the bones are sealed, and there will be a strange feeling …
This skeleton has a layer of frost on its surface. When the star surveyor broke the ice, he found that its flesh had partially disappeared. It looked like a poisoned bone with no wound. This virtual citizen also had a skeleton of about three meters, which was quite intact. Lin could see that its limbs were all the same thickness, and so were its fingers.
Lin thinks that they may have two pairs of limbs moving in a gravitational environment so as to support their weight, but there is no gravitational environment here. Just one pair will do. This imaginary person can see that he tried desperately to climb out before he died, but failed …
There are many fungi on the skeleton frost and bone surface. Obviously, its meat is digested by fungi …
And behind it is a spacious room.
Lin can hear some sounds when she walks in here … just like the operation of an alloy device.
There are also some pipe houses around the walls, and there are many white square boards floating in the room.
The star surveyor grabbed a square board and looked at it with some imaginary characters written on it.
Lin grabbed the square around her again and found that this face was full of imaginary characters. How did they become such a slate-like way to remember information?
And face writing … seems to record the growth of a creature.
It records when a creature eats something, how big it grows, how it reacts when it injects something, what emotions it shows and so on.