In the VIP box, a thin middle-aged man with a sly look suddenly flashed greedy eyes when he saw the earth’s guarding ability.

June 2, 2024

"Too much is too much. If I had this armor, gee, wouldn’t those treasures be in and out by me? And even if I find it, I won’t run for my life like before. Who can kill me with this baby? " The middle-aged man muttered to himself
His brain turned sharply and he was anxious to think, "No, no, I have to get this thing. Now my faith adds up to 40 million drops of this armor. I want to have 20 million drops and I can easily shoot it. Well, that’s it. This time, I will shoot it even if I spend the old part. Where can I go with this baby? When the time comes, we will find a few more treasures to sell things here. Isn’t that faith rolling in? "
Thought of here, his heart suddenly had confidence.
"Even if a celestial artifact has 30 million beliefs, here it is at the boundary root. There is not so much faith, and the demand is not as strong as that of the celestial world. The price will definitely be much lower, but this armor skill is too abnormal. This time, the price will definitely be around 20 million … Alas, there is no way to sharpen the knife. I can also go to those dangerous treasure houses before the woodcutter has this earth guardian."
The middle-aged man has made up his mind to auction this armor today.
"All right, let’s start with the pricing. The first thing we want to auction is’ fireworks’. The starting price is 5 million faiths, and the price is increased by 500,000 faiths every time. Now we bid."
People in the "million" auction immediately came from the crowd, and the price immediately increased from the starting price of five million to one million.
Those who don’t have enough financial resources have a sigh in their hearts when they see such a fierce price increase. They feel that the rich are really fierce, and the 3 million faith has gone up directly with their mouths open.
"1.5 million", a stingy person added another 500 thousand.
"Nine million" has just reached one million, and then the price increases, and the growth point of 500,000 will slowly rise.
"12 million. The guest just offered 12 million. Has anyone offered a high price?" The auctioneer looked at the face with anticipation at NTU, because they can make a profit, and the higher the price, the more they will earn.
The "12 million first time" auctioneer will set the price when no one bids.
"God mainly doesn’t raise cards?" Rhine Haas back to ask Qin Chu.
Qin Chu is also a little hesitant to raise a card, but it is a good move, but I don’t know if anyone will buy it later. If no one else buys it after raising a card, wouldn’t it be in his own hands?
Just as Qin Chu hesitated, there was another bid outside.
"Fifteen million" came out of the box.
The uproar felt incredible, even if I just bid 12 million, I felt a little surprised.
But this is just a box, and the rest of the boxes are no longer silent after people bid.
"20 million"
Once again, there was an uproar, especially when the air-conditioning sound was so obvious. People in the box were very silent at first, but I didn’t expect it to be until now. It was too hard to add money this time, and the price was directly 5 million
"Twenty-two million" and a long sound in the box.
"Rhine Haas brand thirty million" Qin Chu looked up a face of sinister Rhine Haas slightly dumbfounded, but he did not violate Qin Chu’s meaning and directly raised the card.
"30 million, a guest bids 30 million." The auctioneer is crazy about 30 million faith. If he draws it according to the calculation of 3%, he will have 300 thousand faith.
In other rooms, those people couldn’t help frowning when they heard the high price of 30 million yuan quoted by Qin Chu. They didn’t expect to auction a world-class artifact at such a high price. Although the people behind them urged them to auction it, this price increase method was really unacceptable. Because people didn’t expect this price to rise to such a high level, they could not adjust their faith in the end.
"Is there anyone who has increased the price?" The auctioneer looked around "no? Thirty million at a time. "
"Thirty-two thousand times"
The auctioneer doesn’t regret looking around. Oh, is the price increase only 30 million? He’s going to take the third pricing when he lifts the hammer.
"Thirty million …"
Qin Chu, however, did not move for a long time. "The Silver Eagle Auction should also be sold." He directly raised the price to 30 million because he had just bid in the box. He guessed what the boss behind the Silver Eagle Auction was sure to auction this artifact.
check and balance
Since the Daodao Business Alliance is a powerful force in the celestial world, it is necessary to have control over everything. If such a powerful weapon as the artifact is not controlled, it will definitely have a great impact on the stability of the Daodao Business Alliance.
The Daoist Business Alliance will never let this happen. This is also the reason why Qin Chu is sure that the Silver Eagle Auction House will definitely take this photo by itself in the end. But Qin Chu can’t figure out why the Silver Eagle Auction House will spare no effort to show these two artifacts when auctioning. Don’t they know that this will make them lose more?
"40 million" box to a price increase again.
The auctioneer was overjoyed. He never thought that someone would continue to increase the price at this time.
"Someone has increased the price by 40 million. Is there anyone else?" The auctioneer is a bit outspoken, and the excited look is like a roadside vendor, losing his composure just now.
This is not to blame him, because the auction of 40 million yuan has not only brought him benefits, but also benefits. It is a famous person who presided over an auction of 40 million yuan, which made him famous.
"Does God want to add more?" Rhine Haas asked.
"Forget it." Qin Chu shook his head. He decided that he still didn’t want to increase the price. It was better for him to understand the situation, but he must not be in a dilemma. If he really shouted the price, he couldn’t say for sure. In the end, he was really prostrate.
"50 million" just when Qin Chu decided not to increase the price, there was a sudden increase in the price outside.
"What" Qin Chu and Rheinhas froze for a single "fireworks" that directly increased the price to fifty million?
Rhine Haas said before that the auction price of two celestial artifacts in the celestial world is generally only 50 million, but now this single’ fireworks’ is directly auctioned for 50 million.
If you don’t shock Qin Chu … More is ecstasy, of course.
In the private room, the woman who was shrouded in white fog faced the mirror. When the middle-aged man heard that the insured price reached 50 million outside, he said lightly, "Forget it. If we don’t increase the price, the extreme business alliance has already made moves. We don’t need to fight for them. But it is unrealistic to buy a world-class artifact at a price of more than 50 million. Even if we buy it, it will offend the extreme business alliance. Let’s give up."
"God is a guardian of the earth?" Female light road
"Waiting for an opportunity, that earth guardian is not an offensive extreme. The business alliance may not buy it at such a high price again. Well, this’ earth guardian’ has great advantages for me. You can buy it at a price of 50 million."
"God or … check who is the auctioneer? Then … "
"Don’t make a rash move. The master of the big world is crazy, and I can’t be offended," the middle-aged man said coldly. "You just have to do your thing well. Don’t do anything to complicate matters, okay?"
Women are sweating and "handmaiden knows"
Chapter 24
Chapter 24
In another VIP room, the same thing is playing a climax novel and a handwritten novel.
"Why didn’t the teacher take that’ fireworks’? If we have this’ fireworks’, our strength will increase greatly and it will also be a deterrent to other forces, right? " The unattractive young man in the room was puzzled. He was very optimistic about the fireworks and wanted to shoot it, but his teacher refused to let him auction it, which made him feel puzzled.
Young teachers are a mass of shadows, and they can’t see their true faces.
"That’ fireworks’ is too powerful. Who do you think can easily motivate it? And if you want to play the power of this artifact, the best power attribute is the fire attribute. We haven’t bought the power attribute here, but it’s just a wave. "
The vicissitudes of life have a different charm.
"And if we have this’ fireworks’, although it will deter other forces, it will certainly make those people have greater resistance to us. We should not build a strong enemy now and wait until we finish what we have to do before we can do that, but what we need to do before that is to bury ourselves deeply."
"It’s a teacher." Ordinary young people nodded.