Close to its eyes at that moment, the original dark and turbid sphere suddenly became transparent. Through the eyes, you can see the distant dragon … and everything around it became a little strange.

June 28, 2024

Every dragon figure becomes hazy. If you look at the sky, you can see many strange light and shadow floating in the sky.
It seems that the world has completely changed, but if you move the sphere, everything will return to normal.
"What a pity."
The stall owner finally said, "There are so many strange things that none of them can roll."
….. After that, the stall continued.
Because this kind of business looks weird and has no value, the last one has not been sold.
And the stall owner didn’t want to sell it. He watched the lively dragons around him through the sphere … until the next day and night.
On the second day, when the sun shines on the earth, the stall owner restores his position.
Great changes have taken place around it, because the welcoming party for the voyage is over, and the lively square has become cold and cheerless again. After the celebration, all the dragons have lived a busy life again … Few people have time to come to this square.
All the vendors in the square are still here … staring at the swinging square.
The vendor once again picked up his eyes and looked at the deserted square.
Seeing the scenery through the eyeball … is different from the real scenery.
The original cold and cheerless square is more lively than a large number of jadeite dragon gathering squares cheering.
Although their shapes are vague, they can still be seen in general … They cheer and celebrate.
Just like yesterday’s scene … almost exactly the same.
"The past scenes have emerged."
The stall owner looked at the things in his eyes and said softly, "It’s a pity that there is no sound or it would be more perfect."
"What’s the key?" The vendor suddenly said to himself, "I wish I could see the scenery."
"Don’t sound!" "No sound!" "But it feels strange that there is no sound!"
As he spoke, the vendor cleared up the table and left this place …
This kind of eyeball does have some effects. It can see some … special things.
Moreover, these things are discovered by law through the detection of general senses, which is very interesting for Lin.
These eyeballs …
It’s all "imitation" made by Lin after testing the eyes of the corpse craftsman. Some places near the ball of wool were found … similar to the eyes of the corpse craftsman … raw materials.
Then make some and have a look … So thinking about Lynn makes a lot.
This is not exactly the same, because Veronica cells alone can’t detect many details inside.
In many places, Lin is synthesized by calculation and speculation.
When it was finished, Lin gave these balls to … Maya and the imam for testing.
First, they tested the brainiac as usual, but the effect was not very satisfactory.
Later, it was found that personality creatures can play a very good role in many places, so they brought the sphere to the Emerald Dragon City.
The Emerald Dragon City is really effective. It can see a lot of scenery.
Sometimes you can see light and shadow floating everywhere, and the wonderful scenery is like a dream world.
And sometimes … you can see’ historical events’
Things that have happened can be shown in the eyes, but there is a front for seeing’ historical events’
Is that you have to experience this event, and you can’t see it without experiencing it.
Generally speaking, you can’t see things by looking directly at the eyeball, but you can see them through dream energy.
Just connect the dream energy to the eyeball and then to the … display screen, such as the stall owner’s eyes.