When this statement came out, everyone was surprised.

June 29, 2024

Those who want to speak for Li Xuandao are speechless and can’t find a reason to refute them.
Killing the sect elders is a great capital crime.
But Zhao Han Hagen didn’t give Li Xuandao a breathing space, so he once again buckled a certain magic spy hat and wanted to kill Li Xuandao!
I’m dead!
Everyone shook their heads and sighed.
Slaughter the sect elders. This is Taibai Jianzong’s method to endure sins. Even if Li Xuandao wins the first place in the Tongtian list, he is likely to become a disciple. There is no place to add a magic spy charge, and there is no room for turning over.
Li Xuandao is dead this time!
"Li Xuandao, what’s your explanation?"
Wen Song elder bash elbows set eyes staring at Li Xuandao figure mouth gave me a grimace of a grin.
"Elder Wensong, this matter remains to be investigated."
Taibai Town Master hurriedly wanted to take off Li Xuandao in the previous step.
However, Elder Wen Song drinks with one hand, and Gu Jian is pointing to Su Wuzhen’s way, "Shut up! Li Xuandao killed Elder broken arrow. What else is there to check? On the contrary, you, the Lord of Taibai Town, have helped Li Xuandao get rid of it three times and four times … Have you taken refuge in the magic road and are you with Li Xuandao? "
"I …"
Taibai town claims that the mouth has been unable to make a sound.
It’s even more strict for traitor sects to forbear Taibai Jianzong, the first sect in South Manchuria.
The slightest suspicion will be suppressed and investigated.
Besides, anyone who comes into contact with each other will be guilty!
Su Wuzhen deeply understands that the consequence of this incident is that he dare not plead with Li Xuandao on charges of treason.
"And do you want to rebel like Li Xuandao?"
Elder Wensong saw that the Lord of Taibai Town dared not speak, and his momentum soared and his expression was excited, such as Lin Tianchen and others.
In an instant, more than a dozen law enforcement brothers turned pale.
It’s another trumped-up charge and it’s been severely detained.
Even the owners of Taibai Town dare not be charged. These ordinary brothers are even more unbearable!
"Ha ha ha Li Xuandao, do you know the crime?"
The elders of Wensong pushed back Su Wuzhen and Lin Tianchen in a row, and they were so high-spirited and arrogant.
He turned and looked at Li Xuandao coldly, just like looking at an ant that can be easily crushed, with playful eyes flashing.
"Kill him!"
"Li Xuandao should die for breaking the rules!"
"What young enemy? He’s a spy in Magic Road!"
Those strange-faced brothers pointed to Li Xuandao and clamored in succession.
Zhao Hanhai even drew a long sword and pointed it at Li Xuandao suddenly and shouted, "Li Xuandao, die! Today, I will take revenge on you, Tianhan and Chen Shanhe!"
"Li Xuandao is dead!"
Zhou Qian Shan, who was abolished by Li Xuandao, suddenly went up into the sky.
And Liu Zhihua, who destroyed the pole multiplier, also didn’t want to give up this opportunity to fly to wait for an opportunity at any time.
"Li Xuandao will die quickly!"
"Revenge for Tianhan and Chen Shanhe!"
One by one, the younger brothers flew from the crowd and surrounded Li Xuandao.
A road full of murder sounds is like overwhelming waves.
In an instant, people are angry and blame the blame.
Li Xuandao seems to have become a sinner through the ages, and everyone has to be punished for his sins.
"Li Xuandao, why don’t you give up now?"
Elder Wen Song quietly clenched Wen Song. Gu Jian looked at Li Xuandao who was surrounded by all the people. He was full of victory.
Li Xuandao scanned the shadowy figure around him as if he were scared, and he was trembling all over.
That’s right!
Li Xuandao is trembling!
But this is not because of fear, but because the coming war excites him.
"Blood lotus teaches the old to wait for so long that you finally come."
Li Xuandao stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, and his eyes flashed scarlet.
He could feel the murder surge in his chest, and he could feel the blood boiling all over.
Those who offend dignity will be killed.
Those who provoke prestige will be killed.
Those who slander the emperor will be killed.
Whoever breaks the bottom line will be killed.