But before that, Lin decided to learn about the situation here first and see if there will be any creatures living here. If she is afraid, will she run away?

June 30, 2024

It should have known that Lynn had arrived here and found out that it didn’t know whether the fear energy would escape or be here to prepare for it …
No matter what kind, Lin thinks there is no problem.
The explosion once again gave off a dazzling light. Lin’s fluffy ball is very close to the explosion site. If you go any further, you may be … hurt.
Therefore, Lin stopped the pompoms and continued to observe Lin’s recognition that no matter what purpose they launched the missiles, they could not always launch them.
There’s bound to be a stop …
It seems to have stopped
After more than 3 thousand seconds, the missile has not been launched. It seems that it is now in the safety stage, so Lin let the pompon continue to fly to the missile explosion area
You can see many glowing potholes here, but Lin thinks it’s better to call them’ Lake of Light’ because Lin found that the luminous substance in it is liquid, and some of them are like … Lava is obviously a kind of material with high temperature.
Missiles are all high school explosions that will not hit the surface, but the explosion will still affect these’ lakes of light’ on the surface.
Lin also found something … moving next to Guanghu Lake.
These things look like a kind of … crawling through pipes and their ground … and then sticking their heads into the lake and absorbing the luminous liquid in the lake.
The liquid flowing along the pipes makes them light up slowly. Lin also noticed that these pipes extend far away.
And they extend in the direction of two missile launching places … the mountain and the canyon. After Lin looked at these two places, Lin decided to let the fluffy ball fly to the mountain, and then let another fluffy ball fly to the canyon. These two places should be inhabited by some creatures, or this is made of fear energy.
"Boom …"
Just as Lin’s fluffy balls were moving, Lin saw the canyons and mountains firing those missiles again.
But this time, the missiles did not fly to the center of the plain before they collided, but flew in the other direction.
That direction … is where Lin took the bus to the factory.
This huge object of more than ten kilometers is lying on the ground. Lin is not sure what it will be sent here, although it is said that Lin found this position so quickly because of it.
And Lynn is now more puzzled about what it will be attacked.
Boom! ! !’ Several missiles have been launched, and together they hit the crystal-shining shell of the factory. In the violent roar, the shell of the factory suddenly fell apart, and several cracks spread wildly outside and inside the factory.
The factory explored pompoms everywhere, and the people saw such a sight.
Although the explosion did not destroy the whole factory, it was not an attack. Lin noticed that more missiles flew from those two places
And this factory body … has no defense ability. It can be here all the way to …
The explosion light then lit up in three places, and a large number of missiles kept flying. When the missile launch stopped slowly, the original huge factory had become fragments and debris.
And this piece of wreckage Lin, the arms-craken, is floating. It escaped from the explosion and looked at the places where missiles were fired in the distance.
Lynn want to know why they blew up that factory.
If the attack is aimed at Lin, it means that there may be no other biological missiles here, and everything is a fear of energy emission
Thinking that Lin craken flew to the mountain at high speed, and a large number of missiles were launched from the mountain and flew directly to craken during the flight.
Boom-!’ The missile exploded, but it was a ground explosion far from craken.
Because they don’t hit, the missiles don’t seem to fly all the time, but they will hit the ground and explode.
Although I don’t know anything, craken is close to the mountain at this time.
There are many mountains here, but the missiles all fly out of one mountain.
From the outside, this mountain is a pure rock structure, and its missile launching position is near the top of the mountain.
There are a lot of holes there, and missiles are shot out from here.
Look at Lynn makes craken close to these missile launch places.
Near that moment, Lynn suddenly noticed a spherical missile shooting from the mouth of the cave, and when the missile approached craken, craken disappeared.