Let it not only stop, but also fly to the bus

July 1, 2024

It seems that it was caught by the bus.
Then Lynn saw a lot of cracks on the surface of the pyramid … cracks. A large number of luminous objects in these cracks flew over here.
Finally, the bus surface caused a huge explosion.
But it didn’t work. Lynn found that these explosions were not very strong either.
Then the pyramid and its ring quickly crashed into the ground and crashed into a pile of debris.
It seems that the pain bus likes this way to’ capture’ some targets.
And it seems to treat these targets in the same way, that is, to make the creatures inside feel pain.
In this way, Lin can easily detect what is in this pyramid.
Although it looks like it’s all broken
Chapter two thousand nine hundred bombardment
This headquarters …
It’s broken, but it remains intact
Lin can find a lot of interesting information in it.
And some interesting creatures.
Although these creatures now feel … pain.
Not long ago, the pain bus crashed a pyramid to the surface.
There seems to be no response to the floating things around this situation
Suolin studied it first and fell to the ground.
Although it was broken, it was able to study and get a lot of detailed information.
This pyramid-shaped thing … its shell is a very strong metal structure.
While the Ministry has a complicated structure, a big’ engine’ and other mechanical devices.
These are mainly to keep this thing floating stably. Besides, Lin can see other weapons hidden here.
These weapons are light weapons and missiles, and they don’t seem to be very powerful
But what’s interesting is that these devices and weapons actually occupy a part of the pyramid.
What’s left is almost a lot of … gear-like tiny objects.
These gears are all about a millimeter, and they are so numerous that they occupy most of the pyramid
And these gears … Lynn learned from the consciousness of the remnant hunters that they actually collect all kinds of documents.
Lin also asked from it how to interpret these materials.
The documents are mainly hidden in gears, some of which are hidden in a single gear, and some are hidden in several gears.
After learning about the analysis method, Lin went to analyze these documents …
Lin first detected a kind of’ drifting’ literature, and their main activity mode was drifting in the virtual middle.
And the reason for their extinction is that they hit a very big object in the virtual space, and all the tools of the whole population were destroyed in the impact.
But before they were destroyed, they launched an aircraft to continue their knowledge … as a result, they were captured by the remnant hunters.
Then Lin looked at the other essays.
This article is an interesting … it can be called a’ plant type’ article.
They can be said to be a drifting essay.
After the former drifting text hit a virtual giant object, all the races perished … and then a creature grew up in this place.
They grow as fast as plants, crashing drifting papers and devouring all kinds of debris and debris.
Lin found that this creature is actually something similar to a micro-machine, but when they grow together, they become like plants.
And they can analyze what they break down … data.
After they decompose the drifting text, they have the drifting text information, which is very thinking
Then these things that grow like plants feel like a piece of paper and decide to grow and develop quickly.