Xiao Wenxuan sold her mother without extra trouble.

July 2, 2024

"Oh, you little guy, I can see that you have faded all day. If you don’t talk, you will be the worst in our house."
Ding Qiunan poked his forehead with a finger.
Xiaowenxuan giggled and hugged his father’s neck tightly.
"Okay, okay, stop that now, wife. You change your clothes first and I’ll take a bath for them."
Li Chu walked into the living room with two children in her arms.
"I’m telling you, Li Chu Wenxuan should have a good clean-up of the decay," Ding Qiunan said indignantly behind him.
Wenxuan turned his head and put Li Chu’s shoulder at his mother and vomitted to stick out his tongue.
In this scene, Ding Qiunan was dumbfounded. Why did his darling disappear? This change is a bit too big.
She stopped teasing the children until everyone was hungry, but she had written this down and prepared to let him taste the power of being a mother when he was ready to go to bed at night.
Ding Qiunan didn’t want to move when she was lying on the sofa. Two little guys sat in the living room with blankets and played with their toys, and three dogs lay beside them.
Li Chu is going to the kitchen with dishes. "Wife, I have an envelope in my backpack. You take out the money, you put it in the drawer."
Then he went to the kitchen.
Ding Qiunan got up from the sofa with a grunt, and she was most interested in money, tickets and anything, just like a small money addict.
I often take out the small box containing money in the cupboard and count it if I have nothing to do. Every time I count the money, I will smile like a fox.
Li Chu sometimes can’t figure out why her family loves money so much.
I picked up two cents on the way back from work that day. What did it look like? Although it was handed over to the police station later, it didn’t affect her excitement at finding the money at all.
And Ding Qiunan is definitely the first one to go to the finance office when he gets his salary every month.
Today is the last day of the class, and there is no point in stopping snowing. It seems that this year will be spent in snow.
Get up early in the morning and move the ladder to the roof to sweep the snow. The roof is covered with tiles and snow, which is easy to cause problems if it is not cleaned up.
After sweeping the roof and the courtyard, I went out to clean the snow in the alley with a shovel.
When I went out to chat with the hutong neighborhood, I realized that a house in the north hutong was collapsed last night.
A family of seven was crushed to the end.
Okay, no dead, two injured.
This also makes everyone on high alert, and people get up in the middle of the night to check their houses.
Li Chu, they are not clear about what happened last night because of what happened in the west.
It’s almost time to clear the snow on the road in the alley. Li Chu hurried to the roadside restaurant outside to buy some and come back early.
By the time he got home, the girl was already up.
"Li Chu, I just heard the noise outside. What happened?"
Eating meat package Ding Qiunan ambiguous asked
Hearing that a house in the back had collapsed scared her to look up at her roof.
"Don’t look at our house as a new house. It was strong when it was built."
"Mom, what are you looking at?" Xiaowenhui saw that her mother kept looking up at the side and asked.
"It’s okay. You can eat quickly. Wen Hui’s mother has a look around."
"Sister and mother are looking to see if the roof will fall off."
"ah? Will it fall? " Xiaowenhui grew up in surprise, and her mouth fell out even when she just bit the bag.
"Hey, why doesn’t this little guy say something nice?"
Ding Qiunan looked down at his son.
How did this little guy become vicious since yesterday?
"Mom, what is nice?"
"Uh …" This was puzzled by her son, and she didn’t know how to answer it.
"Hey, hey …" Li Chu couldn’t help laughing. "It’s nice to hear, for example, if you open your eyes and see your mother, you will say," Mom, you are so beautiful. Your mother must be very happy to hear your words. This is a good word. "
His big call made the two little guys even more confused. They looked at each other and turned to look at their parents.
"Snow … what are you talking nonsense about? How can you teach children?" Ding Qiunan took a white look at her husband.
"Ignore your father. He talks nonsense. Come back late for dinner. Mom will teach you how to put in a good word."
After dinner, a family of four went out to work and went outside to meet Lou Xiaoe’s mother.
"Mrs Lou, did you go shopping?"
Li Chu didn’t expect to see Mrs. Lou wearing ordinary clothes and carrying a basket to buy food.
"Hello, Dr. Li and Qiu Nan. Hey, these two children look so cute."
Lou Ma smiled and said, "Just call me Aunt Lou after Dr. Li doesn’t abandon her words. I dare not call you Mrs. Lou again."
I’ll call you aunt Lou when I’m done.
It can be seen that the Lou family has changed a lot since they donated their property and moved here in November.
Anyway, I have some faint pride before.
Now, unfamiliar people can’t see the Lou family. The old couple used to be the business people of the 49 cities.
Random talk Li Chu and Ding Qiunan left.
Sitting in the consulting room drinking tea and watching today is just waiting for the shift.
He has almost recited the science at hand, but there are no eggs, except kidneys, hearts, lungs, stomachs and intestines, which he still dares not look at.
Mainly because of experience and no systematic study, he doesn’t even know those common western medicines.
Close again thought of just met LouMa.
Last year, the donation was a rock-breaking event. Five businessmen from 49 cities and two heads of Wu in Jiajin city were present.
The commander-in-chief also praised these patriotic businessmen in the newspaper.
The next day, it was all over the headlines of various newspapers.
The commander-in-chief publicly praised Wu’s presence in person, which completely relieved these businessmen.
At the same time, it also makes those who did not participate regret it.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Eat melons
Li Chu, look, it’s still early for lunch. I braved the heavy snow and ran to my sister’s office.
"Why did you come to me now?" See the door flapping snow brother Li Qin walked to the door.
"The hospital has nothing to do, so I will come to visit you. Remember that you all come here, and call your brother-in-law and your sixth brother."
"No problem. We’ll go there at noon. Is there anything missing?"
"Nothing is lacking, as long as people come over." Li Chu walked into the office and got himself a glass of water.