Guan Hong secretly rejoiced when this happened, because he never took the initiative and wanted to fight, so he could get the huge benefits he wanted.

July 3, 2024

The emperor pointed to Lu Xiang and said angrily, "Liu Ba is your man, Yang Chang, and you recommended that the two of them take two thousand elites, but you can’t keep Li Chao. You are to blame!"
Lu phase nervously said, "when they come back, I will do it! Strictly do it! I am also willing to take all the responsibility. "
The emperor said to the new Dali Temple, "Find out which sects are in the Jianghu at once, and then send troops to raze all those sects. I won’t believe in treating these bold and reckless people!"
Dali temple Qing was busy receiving orders
Guan Hongdao said, "The Western Regions are bound to join hands with Tubo to commit crimes. Please give me another 100,000 troops, as well as the army, grain and grass, so that I can arrange to resist the strong enemy …"
Guan Hong took the opportunity to mouth the emperor lion.
At this time, a eunuch reported that the Tang Dynasty’s adult Han had something urgent to face.
The emperor let the Tang dynasty come in.
After a while, the Tang dynasty came in.
Han’s adult’s face lit up with excitement. He saluted the emperor first, and then he got up and said, "As soon as the imperial officials received the urgent report, they quickly entered the palace to report to the emperor …"
Said Han’s adult respectfully presented an urgent report.
When the emperor saw the urgent report, he was furious, and his face suddenly became unexpected and pleasant, such as covering the sun and haze.
Then the emperor rejoiced, "God bless me! God bless me! Ha ha … "
Looking at the emperor turned furious and rejoiced, Lu Xiang was deeply puzzled by several people.
The emperor said to a few people who were falling in the clouds, "King Tu Fan was stabbed and killed! Now the people’s hearts and minds of the Tubo people are in chaos, and the army of the Tubo people is slowly retreating at the border. It is reported that several kings of the Tubo people have negotiated with me to make peace with this … You said that God bless us! "
Lu Xiang was shocked and then ecstatic when he heard the news.
This really makes them have no wow.
The situation is changing rapidly, and suddenly they feel like a dream.
Guan Hong was suddenly disappointed.
He can’t fight in vain.
Lu Xiang said excitedly, "Emperor Tubo’s withdrawal has my intention to negotiate with the West Xia, even if he tore up the contract, he dare not make a move. I am worried about it! These are all emperors, auspicious people, heaven bless the emperor! God bless me! "
Guan Hong, Dali Temple Qing and the Ministry of War are still a few people, and they are also eager to please the emperor.
The emperor took the urgent report and expressed his joy in words.
At this time, the nighthawk guard Qinghong came in.
Qing Hong still holds a small box in his hand.
Qinghong first went to Tengbin, a gold-faced bodyguard, and told him something. Then Tengbin went to the emperor and said something to him.
The emperor paused first, and then he asked Lu Xiang to retire first.
Lu Xiang several people will retreat first.
Tengbin, Qinghong and Hehuang were left in the hall.
The emperor said to Qing Hongdao, "Go ahead."
Qing Hong held the box and said, "Huang Linyi sent me a box from the client so that I could personally present it to the emperor."
Emperor Dao "hits"
Qinghong will play and lift the most satin in the box, so a broken finger will be presented in front of three people.
Broken finger and a blue gem ring.
Lin Yi actually sent a truncated finger to the emperor!
Is this a threat to the emperor?
Qing Hong was dumbfounded and his face changed.
Teng bin’s face has also changed.
The emperor’s face is stiff with joy!
Green macro to react hurriedly knelt down and his scared voice changed. He said, "I really don’t know if I broke my finger and didn’t check it. It’s a sin to say this plainly …"
The emperor stared at the severed finger and found that there was still a letter on it.
Tengbin also found out.
Teng bin picked up the severed finger and took out the letter to check a difference and presented it to the emperor.
The emperor wrote in the letter that the eldest brother and younger brother had left without saying goodbye and always felt guilty. My younger brother also knew that the national worry now came from Tufan newspaper, and his elder brother, Endi, assassinated Tufan King. Now Tufan King will be killed by one finger, and it is also my brother’s hope that the eldest brother will not take it out on others and assassinate Tufan King and frame Xixia. This matter is not easy for Zhang Dage. My heart is enough. I hope that the eldest brother will take care of his younger brother Lin Yibai.
When the emperor read Lin Yi’s letter, it was a surge of emotion, an indescribable relief and emotion, such as warm spring water flooding his body and mind.
What is it that Bai Linyi wants him to do?
This thing is big enough!
This incident has also completely resolved the danger of falling between people.
Let him rest easy from now on.
The emperor said to himself emotionally, "Second brother … Second brother! You are my good brother. Your gift brother received me … I … am so satisfied! Too satisfied … "
The eyes of the emotional emperor are also moist.