"I know something. My father is an expert in fishing. He has participated in some competitions and achieved good results." Carmen typed on her notebook and didn’t notice that Wu Xin was texting quickly.

July 4, 2024

"Dowa, be careful!" Wu Xin shouted a voice, and Dowa looked back at her. Two players suddenly spilled lime, and then two boatswain and a gunner came running to talk with her. After all, these three people were arrogant and even the equipment was not top-notch, but it was not five seconds before they reimbursed the Russian. Then the gunner grabbed a treasure and called "Ga can be touched and despicable!"
Mom, a bunch of idiots who don’t learn math can’t even learn how to make people take the fall. If you can’t, just speak dialect and hometown dialect. What will it look like in a few days?
Although Wu Xin is not satisfied with the language, these three people do things so neatly that Wu Xin feels hurt. This is an old beach gang assassination drama. Wu Xin believes that he will be in great trouble if he is suddenly attacked like this. No wonder everyone doesn’t like assassins walking in the dark like professionals.
"Ah, is there OK?" Wu Xin and Carmen asked Dova very much.
"…" Dorva patted her forehead with one hand and shook her head with the other, which was very nai and incredible.
Things like lime will disappear one minute after they leave the bag, and soon after one minute, Dowa will type "too suddenly"
Carmen asked, "Who attacked you?" Previously, she also suspected that she had a relationship with Wu Xin, but then she thought that Wu Xingen didn’t know what the trader looked like and didn’t see him talk. The news couldn’t be that Wu Xin went out, so it was meaningless for her to ask questions, but it was a problem after all.
"Japanese? Korean? I don’t know! " Dova sighed and typed, "I hate this damn island. Treasure plots, assassinations and lies can appear."
Carmen nodded. "In this case, let’s get out of here."
Wu Xin agreed, "How about going to Vanuatu in another country?" Golden island is too eye-catching. More and more people are landing on the island, and some guilds are also preparing to occupy some land in golden island. You know, if the guild forces get involved, the treasure will be dug away by running water. It is likely that the game of guilds or guilds will most likely lead to PK flooding and few of the money will be really distributed to ordinary players. The game makes players suddenly rich.
"Good!" Carmen said, "I have something to do temporarily today. Help yourself."
What do you want in the middle of the night? Wu Xin almost asked out, but it’s normal to think that it’s three o’clock in the morning here and about three o’clock in the afternoon there.
The rest of Carmen Line, Wu Xin and Dawa each have a note, but they are staring at each other in a daze. The Chinese-Russian translation software is a rare thing. The comprehensive reason is to start from the failure of the Soviet Cold War, otherwise the primary school students are likely to learn Russian. So Dawa and Dawa are very men patting Dawa on the face of Wu Xin to have fun.
Wu Xin called "it’s convenient now"
The black cat asked, "What? Don’t you want to show your dark side to your girlfriend? "
"I was wrong to stop her from being too kind and affecting me. I didn’t feel anything wrong," Wu Xin added. "By the way, she is not my girlfriend."
"Ask you if you are a part-time worker and say yes or no directly." Black cat sighs "Why do you say so much? Don’t your boss sincerely ask about your private life? "
"You …" Although Wu Xin is angry, it is undeniable that the black cat said that it is quite reasonable. Wu Xin was also a boss. For example, when an employee’s relative died, Wu Xin would routinely greet a few words on the first day of the leave class. But if you have common sense, you all know that Wu Xin is not interested in listening to the glorious past of this dead man and its profound influence on the soul of his employees. Without Wu Xin, you want to show that you still have some humanity and that this employee has a certain position in his own mind. This is just a means to control the employees.
The black cat said, "There is a woman in pink on the coordinate wall …"
"Playing with feelings again?"
"It’s so unoriginal." Wu Xin despised it.
"I think so, too. This play is about you stepping on two boats and being found by the original match and slapping you in the face and then jumping into the sea to commit suicide. You chase and pull together and are submerged by the sea."
"… I think the earliest one is better."
"I don’t think so," said the black cat. "You can participate in the discussion but decide me."
Wu Xin gritted his teeth. "Then it must be you to slap me?"
"… someone has to do some dirty work." The black cat’s tone is very nai.
So the soap opera Wu Xin and a woman cuddled the wall and blew the wind … Wu Xin didn’t understand why he always wanted to have a couple come out and ask the black cat if he didn’t fall in love and wouldn’t live. The black cat asked Wu Xin, will you accompany your friend to blow the wall? Will your friends slap you for making friends? The black cat finally summed up a lot of incredible things, and love was perfect to explain it.
Two people are talking face to face, and the black cat is murderous. According to the play, the black cat will first call Wu Xin’s fake name and then beg Wu Xin, for example, if he doesn’t eat, drink or sleep, Wu Xin’s mistress will slip away in fear, and then the black cat will get more angry and slap Wu Xin with tears and commit suicide by throwing himself into the sea. At this time, Wu Xin’s conscience found that he quickly chased two people to fight in the sea for a long time, and the boat reached the end of the treasure transaction.