Xuanxing ignored Huo Xu’s gloomy face and once again launched the Excalibur to kill several purple swords, which swept away to Huo Xu again. Naihuo Xu could also instigate the God-eating gun to attack Xuanxing, and then directly launched the removal operation. Although the defense effect of God-eating gun is also good, Xuanxing’s attack is too strange. That kind of purple energy can directly enter his own body, and Huo Xu dare not attack Xuanxing by relying on the defense of God-eating gun.

July 5, 2024

Xuanxing has almost never met a close opponent since he ascended to the celestial world, and Huo Xu is definitely the strongest opponent Xuanxing has ever met. Xuanxing is not tired of attacking Huo Xu, but it is very difficult to meet such an opponent. It is also good for him to practice. In the process of Huo Xu’s fight, Xuanxing’s attack methods have become more and more smooth and natural.
And Huo Xu is depressed and constantly dodging Xuanxing’s attack. From time to time, he eats the magic gun and’ scares’ Xuanxing. At the same time, Xuanxing also does what harm to himself. Huo Xu is unable to figure out what Xuanxing wants to consume with himself.
Exactly three hours later, the planet where XuanXing originally lived had already been destroyed by their attack, and even several nearby planets were reduced to ashes. At this time, XuanXing had moved the battlefield to another planet.
"Drink!" Huo Xu was completely angry with Xuanxing, so it was obvious that he was full and supported by Huo Xu, who once again played his strongest attack. At this time, he seemed that Xuanxing’s attack was so much.
"Boom … boom …" Xuanxing just moved away, and the mountain where he had originally lived was immediately razed to the ground, and for a moment Xuanxing appeared on a hill not far from Huoxu’s right. See Xuanxing smiling and looking at Huoxu.
It’s a pity that Huo Xu’s knowledge can’t directly check the other person’s body like Xuanxing’s, otherwise Huo Xu will surely find that there is no baby in Xuanxing’s body! He is just an incarnation of XuanXing …
Just after the attack, Huo Xu still doesn’t seem to vent his anger at the bottom of my heart, so he once again urged the god-eating gun to attack Xuanxing mercilessly! Although Huo Xu knows that his attack method has done harm to Xuanxing, he still can’t swallow his anger.
But things are going a little beyond Huo Xu’s expectation. At this time, his god-eating gun has already reached the front of Xuanxing, but he has not yet launched the removal operation! But there are cracks around the god-eating gun. At this time, Xuanxing can’t come even if he wants to launch the removal operation.
"Poof …" I was wondering that Huo Xu suddenly felt that his soul beads were beating violently and that his soul cultivation was falling at a horrible speed! And for a moment, another scene of Huo Xu’s more shock appeared. Seeing that he was bitten by a god gun and close to Xuanxing, his figure suddenly disappeared!
Suddenly Huo Xu felt a little bad. At this time, he already knew what was going on. Just now, that Xuanxing was an incarnation outside the body, so that he could see the crack and be directly recovered by Xuanxing!
"Bang!" Although Huo Xu is not stupid, he is a little late. At this time, Xuanxing Zun has appeared behind him, slapping his hands to his back. Xuanxing’s left hand is full of purple, while his hand is burning with purple! After a short time, Xuanxing almost injected the body into Huo Xu’s body. Not only that, but even most of his own body burned fire and crossed into Huo Xu’s body
After all this, Xuanxing directly moved dozens of miles away to control the real elements of Liuhuo virtual body and set fire to let them destroy Huoxu virtual body wantonly!
It’s not too slow to react to Huo Xu’s reaction. He can directly launch the removal operation when he realizes that something is wrong, so that Xuanxing’s palms will hit him in the back, but Xuanxing’s soul attack is quite scary! Huo Xugen responded when he did the right thing. At this time, Huo Xu kept moving around like a madman, and occasionally smashed himself into the earth’s surface. Huo Xu was so upset that several planets directly blew themselves up. Fortunately, there was no man of God living here, otherwise Xuanxing’s sins would be great.
At this time, Huo Xu not only suffered from the purple truth from the painful body deep in the soul frequency, but it didn’t make Huo Xu so’ crazy’. The most terrible thing was that his body was burning with a purple divine fire. At this time, his body’s tendons were almost burned out by the Ministry, and even his own divine baby was depressed a lot! And the purple shenhuo still burns fiercely …
When Huo Xu’s powerful body crashed into dozens of planets, he finally fell over a planet, while his body was curled up and trembled violently, and he circled around him as if he were loyal to protecting his master.
After about half an hour, Huo Xu’s body finally gradually dissipated and eventually became empty …
"Finally dead" XuanXing long hiss XuanXing convinced that Huo Xu has daylights out at this time, from now on there will be no Huo Xu in the celestial world.
Put away your own fire, Xuanxing, and hit a few more ways. God will definitely imprison the God-eating gun and lose its owner. The natural law resistance of God-eating gun is easily put away by Xuanxing. After killing Huo Xu, Xuanxing directly found Aolan God and then gave him the God-eating gun.
"Xuanxing, you deserve it." Aolan Shenjun handed Xuanxing a ring, and there were hundreds of extremely artifacts and hundreds of crystal gods. At this time, Aolan Shenjun couldn’t believe that Xuanxing would have the king artifact Huoxu to kill …
"From now on, I should quit the killer’s hall." Xuanxing smiled and spoke. At the same time, he had lifted the golden mark on his arm and Aolan Shenjun would have no problem with this. After Xuanxing talked, he moved away directly. He wanted to give the magic gun to the three leaders as soon as possible, and Xuanxing also hurried to the gourd planet.
"You old bastard, don’t want to break the chess. Look, you’re in big trouble." Xuanxing just left a purple-haired man and a white-haired old man to appear at the scene of Huo Xuanxing’s fight.
"Hurry up and clean up the traces, don’t dawdle." The old man was a little wronged, and he kept hitting a series of gods to clean up the traces. At the same time, the old man muttered in his mouth that the purple-haired man didn’t say anything more. The old man waved his hands together and hit a series of gods.
When Huo Xu’s daylights out, a young man in a red robe was quietly crossing his legs. Suddenly, a golden blood shot from his mouth five meters away! If you look carefully, there is a group of golden blood that has already dried up one meter and three meters away in front of him …
Chapter 474 Realize God Killing Array again!
Spit out a stream of blood arrow red man immediately turned white, but he still cross his legs and stood still. If XuanXing said this, he would be shocked by the red man’s appearance, so people Zhou Qing and Huo Xu are exactly the same as the king of Zhong Sun! He is one of the six deities … Zhong Xu deity!
After a long time, Zhong Xu God slowly opened his eyes and two sharp red lights went straight into the sky! "Shout …" Zhong Xu God’s elder hissed and looked embarrassed. He looked at the three beaches in front of him. The blood on the ground was sprayed from his mouth. Every time he sprayed a blood arrow, his mind and soul would be hit hard! And just now, his soul Yuan Ying suffered a third blow.
After a split second, the deity of Zhongxu has appeared. Just now, Xuanxing Huoxu’s battle scene released the deity of Zhongxu, searching for all suspicious traces.
Gradually, the secondary virtual deity frowned tightly. Just now, Huo Xu’s breath disappeared from here, but there was no residual breath of the man of God in hundreds of nearby star fields. Naturally, the secondary virtual deity also learned who Huo Xu was killed by.
Take a deep breath, Zhong Xu Shen Zun slowly closes his eyes, and the induction eats the magic gun, which is what Zhong Xu Shen Zun’s artifact is. He eats the magic gun all the time. After only a few breaths, Zhong Xu Shen Wang Meng opens his eyes. "Poof …" At this time, Zhong Xu Shen Zun’s mouth is spouting a blood arrow. At this time, he is seriously injured. If he doesn’t take good care of it, I’m afraid his soul will dissipate.
"Hum!" Secondary virtual deity sullenly looked to the right virtual … there is the tu god domain blink secondary virtual deity has moved away.
However, Zhong Xu deity did not go to the butcher’s shrine for trouble, but returned to his former detention center. At this time, he must heal his wounds as soon as possible. He can wait for the future. Suddenly, a bright green jade bottle appeared in Zhong Xu deity’s hand, and he poured out an ordinary elixir from it. This elixir has no fragrance or luster, but Zhong Xu deity will directly put it into his mouth and gradually Zhong Xu deity will enter a deep-seated state. Just now, Zhong Xu deity’s elixir is not an ordinary creature. That is to say, Zhong Dan Wang! King artifacts are things of the same level.
"How did this Zhong Xu get back to life? His spiritual cultivation seems to have … fallen?" A gray-haired old man in a hall muttered in his mouth that he had been observing the battlefield cleaned by himself just now and he found something fishy.
"Yes, at present, when his soul is in a prosperous state, 20%" mused the purple-haired man. He really couldn’t imagine that a deity soul Yuan Ying would be so badly hit.
"Zhong Xu’s bastard really doesn’t know what he’s doing," the old man shook his head and said to himself. "He shouldn’t be looking for Xuanxing, should he?"
"I can’t hide it for a while, but he will have another opponent in the future." The purple-haired man mused, "Anyway, this matter can’t be separated from you. If that fool is in trouble, you can come forward. I don’t care about this matter." If this old bastard hadn’t dragged his own chess, he wouldn’t have allowed Xuanxing to kill Huo Xu. At this time, the old man was leaning against the back of the chair with his eyes closed. I don’t know if he heard what the purple-haired man just said ..
At this time, Xuanxing has returned to the gourd planet, but he is constantly thinking about the mysterious god king’s warning to himself that it is not acceptable to eat the god gun. Xuanxing really wants to stop Aolan from letting him throw away the god gun and get into a lot of trouble. After all, Aolan has always taken good care of Xuanxing for himself and doesn’t want him to have any accidents, but Aolan is just obeying orders. The three leaders must be afraid that they will not listen to their dissuasion and may misinterpret their own meaning.
Think about XuanXing or throw it behind you. Anyway, the three leaders are not vegetarians. After all, they have killed three gods and kings. The strength of the three leaders should be enough to cope with the trouble caused by the god-eating gun.
Xuanxing felt relaxed at this moment, and Huoxu always made him feel a little uneasy. At this time, he had been killed by himself. Xuanxing finally put a big stone on his heart. Because Xuanxing was only a divine monarch at this time, he was unable to find three big schools of trouble. What Xuanxing could do was to meditate and practice to break through the realm of the divine king.
After hundreds of years, Xuanxing often explained his own cultivation experience to Xue Ting and Luo Suo, or helped them forge some stable realms. Xuanxing, the great god Dan, took care of Xue Ting and other dozens of people’s practices, and all of them had been practicing the Great God in the early or middle stage.
But there are two exceptions. Now Luo Suoxiu is still stagnant. Perhaps this is his lazy temperament. After all, he has something to do. He often walks around the celestial world and rarely meditates to practice. But Xuanxing has no opinion on this. Although Luo Suo is a lazy man, his happy-go-lucky nature seems to coincide with the practice of Taoism. Xuanxing still envies Luo Suo at heart because his goal in life is very simple.
In addition to Luo Suo’s training speed is amazing, Mo Qing’s training speed is also unexpected. One thousand years ago, Mo Qing was only in the middle of the Great God, and at this time, he actually cultivated the early stage of the Lord God at such a speed that it was no less than that of Xuanxing.
Today, a dull explosion suddenly sounded in a mountain range of Hulu planet. Seeing Xuanxing standing in the middle, he looked calmly at a pit with a diameter of several kilometers. Just now, he was refining an artifact, but unfortunately, the refining failed.
The success rate of Xuanxing’s refining is as high as 90%, but even so, Xuanxing still feels a little sorry because he feels that he has encountered a bottleneck. In recent hundreds of years, neither his refining level nor the level of alchemy has improved significantly. Whenever he refines more than a dozen pole artifacts, he is bound to fail once.
"Xuanxing" arrived at Xuanxing’s side at this moment. "Don’t lose heart. Your refining level is already very good. I’m afraid those three refining masters can compare with you."
Xuanxing smiled and shook his head, and said yes. If it’s an artifact and an alchemist, I’m afraid there is no one in the whole celestial world who can compare themselves. But those so-called masters are not stable in their’ foundation’. I’m afraid it’s hard to improve the level of refining and alchemy. Xuanxing doesn’t want to be such a so-called master.
"Here, take it." Xuanxing threw a ring to Oboro Gravel. Every once in a while, he’ paid’ some extremely wonderful artifacts to Oboro Gravel.
Oboro Li suddenly felt disappointed when he put God’s knowledge into the ring. "Why are there so many Xuanxing?" Oboro-gravel was a little wronged. At the beginning, Xuanxing gave himself a large number of Chinese and Western artifacts, but when he was able to refine polar artifacts, he gave himself more than a dozen pieces at a time, which made Oboro-gravel depressed. He was counting on these polar artifacts and gods to upgrade his dragon status.
"Extremely artifacts, elixir of God are already very precious in the celestial world. If we sell them in large quantities, it is likely to upset the balance. If the celestial world is full of extremely artifacts, I’m afraid you won’t be able to earn a few pieces of crystal." Xuanxing criticised, "Oboro gravel can really raise your dragon status when you have an amazing fortune, but for us practitioners, self-cultivation is king. You should tell them this truth. When I want to close for a while, Xuanxing will move away directly."
After XuanXing left, he sat back and thought about what XuanXing had just said. His heart hesitated whether he wanted a second plant of anti-blood grass …
At this time, Xuanxing is cross-legged in a valley, and his mind has already sunk into his mind to understand the array law. The promotion of his refining level should be due to his lack of accomplishments in array law. Xuanxing is ready to understand the array law.
Suddenly Xuanxing remembered the natural array that had been hidden in his mind-the array of killing gods! At the beginning, he didn’t master the arrangement principle of the God-killing array by the level God Array, and at this time, Xuanxing almost mastered all levels of the God Array.
Soon XuanXing found a golden light spot the size of a grain of rice in his mind. XuanXing didn’t hesitate to directly sink his mind into the blink of an eye. XuanXing has appeared in the vast star. At this time, XuanXing’s mind is in the virtual image of the god-killing array. The whole god-killing array is arranged by thousands of star fields. XuanXing can clearly feel the running track of every planet around him. "3,600 star fields" XuanXing was surprised that the god-killing array was composed of so many star fields.
Xuanxing carefully observed the number of planets around him, and gradually Xuanxing discovered a high-level god array composed of six planets, which made Xuanxing feel a little excited, because he knew what god array was hidden in the array of killing gods.
With the passage of time, Xuanxing discovered more and more advanced arrays of gods, and dozens of advanced arrays were hidden in his star field alone! The God Killing Array is composed of 3,600 star fields. It is hard to imagine how many advanced God Killing Arrays are made up of. However, without much thought, Xuanxing still kept a calm mood and slowly realized that every advanced God Killing Array in the God Killing Array Department realized their layout principle, …