Although its threat is still judged by law, there was a wormhole raid before, and then there was an unknown giant biological weapon on Karastar. A bit of a mind, a binary officer can think that this must be a well-planned joint action!

July 6, 2024

Therefore, three frigates asked the flagship whether they would attack each other immediately, and soon they received a reply from Gustav.
"Stand by. This is a cosmic rare species. The military is evaluating its value to the culture and making a plan to capture it alive. No one is allowed to fire without my order!"
Although I vaguely felt that something was wrong, the three frigates strictly followed the orders and watched Karastar’s giant creatures take advantage of their "leg length" to climb the height …
3 km … 1 km … 2 km …
Half an hour has passed.
Although this guy shouldn’t be able to fly, but look at this posture … I’m afraid he really wants it. Oh, my God. !
Do Kara people want to build a "long" planet low-orbit fortress to compete for "control"?
Seeing that this giant creature was almost completely exposed, especially when more and more ferocious turrets were revealed, the foreheads of the three frigate captains were sweating.
However … The attack instruction still hasn’t arrived …
Chapter four hundred and twelve White fireworks
In Andersen’s fairy tales, there is a pea that can grow to be a magic pea. If you want it, you can really do something like magic peas.
Its roots are almost hundreds of kilometers each, and the longest can reach more than 5 kilometers. It is more than enough to rely on them to support the immortal, but it is "long" to nearly 100 kilometers.
However, supporting such a huge and heavy body to "grow" to the sky consumes an amazing amount of energy. If the former immortal energy body reaches such a high base, it will also "run out of fuel"
However, this height is not enough for the immortal to really enter the orbit around Kara Star. According to the gravitational model of Kara Star Ball, 2 kilometers is the lowest height to maintain the normal operation of objects around the planet.
Therefore, it is not enough to let the immortal really enter by relying on the "long legs" of the immortal.
But when the height of the immortal was close to 1 km, it finally lifted another secret card of its own again!
Seeing that the roots of the other side suddenly sprayed a large number of blue grains, the huge propulsion immediately made the original slow-down speed soar again!
"oh! This ….. This is the propeller! The other biological weapon has installed a large number of propeller groups! " Double star people immediately surprised.
This is not a low fortress, but a biological warship!
The root of the immortal was surrounded by a large number of black roots, and no one could see the situation inside. No one found dozens of high-power propellers installed there.
It was not until they ignited that this was observed by the double star monitoring equipment.
"We can’t wait any longer and immediately ask Gustav Pavilion if there is a fire. We should at least remove each other’s threat of force before catching the plan." The frigate officers reached a consensus one after another.
A fortress that can "grow" Kara’s firepower and wander around is absolutely incomparable to the threat of binary stars.
The former can be a target while the latter … may be transformed into a great white shark at any time!
It has obviously exceeded the warning range that binary stars can tolerate!
However, when three frigate captains applied to Gustav for an attack order at the same time …
See the flagship that heavy ray gun suddenly flashing charged light.
Three captains couldn’t help rejoicing when they saw this scene.
Gustav Pavilion is finally determined to attack?
However, in a moment, their surprise completely turned into panic …
"Boom!" A thick blue light suddenly flashed!
However, the flagship heavy force field ray gun was not aimed at the giant biological weapon of Kara people, but actually blasted the stern of a frigate in front!
The three frigates were originally Cheng-shaped flagship guards, but they have not yet entered the combat state, and the shields have not started the maximum power at all.
The double-star frigate was suddenly attacked, and its shield was immediately broken. The powerful force field rays stayed and penetrated the whole warship. The mechanical components were torn and deformed by the huge force field, leaving a huge penetrating wound.
It didn’t take long for the two captains to see this frigate crashing into a dazzling fireball with a huge explosion.
"This ….." Two captains completely stupid.
Just now, your flagship seems to have … killed one of its frigates? !
Missed? !
Can it be any more ridiculous? This has already given you ballistics, right?
And … Where’s the IFF system?
"quick! Maximum power of shield! "
The strange situation made the remaining two captains hysterical and frightened at the same time!
However, things continue to develop towards the worst they expected …
"whoosh!" After the main gun, more than a dozen sub-guns of the flagship were also fired at the missile nest for a moment, and a large number of missiles were fired at one of the remaining two frigates at the same time.
This kind of close range even the auxiliary gun can accurately hit the target, and the melee combat missile can also play a good role.
In the face of a sudden attack, the frigate didn’t show much performance, and it was drowned by several gunfire without making evasive actions.
"Boom!" The second frigate that was attacked was teetering in the explosion.
After less than half a minute, its force field shield also declared the fall, and the remaining artillery fire and missile hull blasted out craters of different shapes!
After a round of attacks, although the warship still retains most of its main structure, most of its functional modules have been hit hard, and smoke has been emitted everywhere, which obviously has completely lost its combat effectiveness.
At this time, fortunately, the captain of the frigate has turned pale and cruel, so that he can no longer take chances!
The intention from the flagship attack has been quite obvious.
Although I can’t understand why my flagship attacked my escort fleet like crazy, the positions of the two sides have undergone a 1 subversive change, which has been the most direct evidence of the wreckage of two friendly ships!
However, even if I realize this, I still can’t change the fact that this lucky frigate is in a desperate situation.
Fortunately, the captain is not only familiar with his warships, but also with the performance of his flagship, which can be described as knowing yourself and yourself.
A frigate-class warship facing a destroyer’s flagship is no less than a lightweight against a heavyweight.
Tonnage, attack, defense and other indicators were crushed by the Ministry, even if it went into combat and risked a military court to disarm the identification system and fight back, but the battle result was obvious!
After seeing the flagship slightly adjust its posture, it slowly aimed the muzzle of the main gun at itself and sent out an obvious attack intention. After that, the captain braved the cold sweat on his forehead and made an amazing decision!
He quickly turned over the control panel of the warship and finally pressed a white button.
"whoosh!" Three shiny shells were fired from the frigate and flashed across a distance with extremely dazzling light. The warship exploded!
Three white balls of light suddenly appeared, and everyone’s vision shook, making people’s eyes hurt.
White firework bomb-this is a kind of signal bomb with special meaning in the cosmic war of binary stars.
Its meaning is simple, and it can be compared with the earth language … Raise the white flag!
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Amulet
"Actually surrendered?" Yun Nie stared at the three white balls and looked slightly odd.